SEWN: A Moneta LBD

It’s about darn time that I have something to show you that I’ve sewn! And also my new hair cause of course I changed it AGAIN. 🙂

full front

I started this dress in 2015…in the BEGINNING of 2015. Here we are in March…

I finished this dress sometime in January after working on it very sporadically over almost a year. And now with more free time and my cousin taking pictures for me, I can share it with all of you!! ( and all my awkward hand poses and faces yay!)

The pattern I used was the Moneta dress from Collete patterns, which my lovely friend Rachel at Sew RED-y inspired me to try! She’s literally made 6 of them and each one is more lovely than the last! It’s a knit dress pattern with a few different sleeve options, a boat neckline that scoops a little lower in the back, and even a free downloadable pack of collars to customize it even further! AND…AAAND it has pockets. HALLLELUEAAAHHH.

full front pocket

The fabric is a silky, soft bamboo jersey knit from Girl Charlee, but it seems they don’t sell it anymore! I also bought some of their combed cotton jersey and they are similar weight, stretch and feel, not sure how it sews up compared to the bamboo jersey though.
I’ve tried sewing with super soft, fine knits before and it was just a disaster haha! But the bamboo jersey, though it is lightweight, sewed up AMAZINGLY. The only thing I will say that isn’t my favorite is it’s a little see-through…so maybe I should have lined it or wear something underneath. But I didn’t for the photos…MEH.

full back

ANOTHER great thing about this pattern is that it has plus sizes up to 3x! I cut a size XL last year and then gained a few extra pounds…so it’s a little tight. I’m lucky the fabric is stretchy to accommodate my larger areas…*ahem boobs* and I think that’s why it’s a little see-through too…cause of how much the fabric is having to stretch. NEXT TIME I’m going to do the 1x size and it should be more comfy cause it won’t be as tight!

front close up back close up

This was my second time using a twin needle to finish all the hems for a knit project…BUT it’s the first SUCCESSFUL time so I’m super proud of that!!

This was the first time I’ve used clear elastic to gather knit fabric together and even though it was a little tricky to keep the gathering even, I totally love this technique! I love that the elastic is in the dress and keeps the waist were it needs to be. It’s very secure and it’s flattering I think!

Besides that, there’s not much I would change about it! I do think I want to experiment with changing up the neckline, because even though I like how the back scoops down and is super classy and vintage feeling…it also is annoying because my undergarments like to peek out. And usually I don’t like having to fidget and constantly worry that my under thangs are showin’.

And on that note…I’ll leave you with some of my awkward poses because this is just the best it’s gonna get hahahaah

derp awkward

You’re welcome ❤

What do you think of this dress?! I totally recommend you try this pattern if you’re wanting to try sewing knits! Everyone needs a good knit dress.

What have you sewn or crafted recently? post a link so I can see it!





from here on out…

Thank you so much for the kind words you said about my last post. You’re love and support is so appreciated! ❤
If you didn’t read the first part of this story then I recommend you go read it before you start with this part.


I found out that I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) about 3 months ago.

Like I said in my last post, the hardest part for me to handle was the fact that it can prevent you from having children.
My doctor told me that PCOS is treatable and that taking the medications and cutting out artificial sugar would help minimize the symptoms.

I did some of my own research about this and I have read that if I can get my insulin in check and eat a specific and controlled diet, and lose a little weight, that my body will have an easier time regulating the hormones itself. And if I can regulate my hormones then I can have a regular period again which would directly influence whether I ovulate and can have children naturally!

I knew/know that I need to change my eating and exercise habits need to change, cause let’s be honest…exercising and watching what I eat hasn’t been a thing…AND medications I’m taking have some not fun side effects that make me feel sick…but I noticed when I had healthier meals they weren’t bad at all!

This change was going to have to be a drastic one.
And the fact that I worked two jobs (one as my own business doing hair, the other working at a hair school teaching), I ate out for every meal, and didn’t have time or will to clean and cook…made it impossible for me to drastically change.

So I quit working at the hair school.

It was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made.

But it is what felt like the right thing to do.
I love those crazy, funny, talented students. I loved teaching them more than a lot of other things I’ve done in life! But at the salon, business was growing in a natural way, getting busier without busting my butt trying to find people to get their hair done by me. And it was my own space I could control! And it was a lot less stressful because I dealt with one MAYBE two people at a time.

So now I am choosing to focus on making myself as healthy as possible.
It’s been slow but I am trying to continually improve. One day at a time, one choice at a time.

If you have any favorite healthy recipes you love you can send it to me on pinterest! Or if you have any advice you can leave a comment below or share something with me on my instagram!

Thank you! Love you all! ❤

I am wanting to get back to the regularly scheduled program…What are you really wanting to see next? DIY, sewing, beauty tutorials, fashion inspiration?
Let me know!


holy crap, i’ve missed you.


You know how you think life is going to go a certain way
and then BAM….life’s really not the same anymore.

About 6 months ago, I started feeling severely depressed. Not just a random bad day here and there, like every single day, no motivation, crying for no reason, not wanting to do anything. No cleaning, not really eating, my head non-stop telling me I would never do anything worthwhile and that I’m so stupid, can’t do anything right.

After a month of this I decided that I needed to go to my doctor, because feeling like that everyday SUCKS. I wanted to get my hormones checked ust in cause, because hormone imbalances can affect mood.

A month later, with the results from my first round of blood work, my primary care doctor tells me that the only thing out of the ordinary is that I’m extremely low in progesterone, in the menopausal range. (YIKES)
My doctor recommended that I go to my OBGYN since they deal more with female hormones.

Another month later, I’m sitting at my OBGYN’s office waiting to see the hormone specialist that works there. I show him my current blood work and he confirms, yes I’m low in progesterone and he also says that my thyroid levels look off and I’m really low in vitamin D.
I get more blood work done, other tests and get a couple fancy new prescriptions and a supplement that should be making me feel “less tired, less crabby, less bloated”.

At this point i should tell you that I hadn’t really been having a period. My whole life I’ve been pretty irregular and trying different birth controls to regulate it just made me have other really bad symptoms, like daily migraines  and depression! So fun…So a year ago I stopped taking any kind of pill because it just wasn’t worth the side effects. Ever since I stopped taking the pill I haven’t had a regular period.

I come back a couple weeks later to go over the last round of blood work.

“Just as I’ve suspected, your testosterone levels are high, insulin is high, progesterone’s low, no period…this is all do to your Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.”

(I have what? what is that?)

He reassured me that everything would be fine and that my medicines (now i have another one) and cutting out artificial sugar would help regulate my insulin and hormones.

After some googling of what Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) even is
I found out that it can be a lot of different things and that there are many side affects and long term problems that can occur. So fun…So here’s what I’ve pieced together…

There are many factors that can cause PCOS but mine starts from insulin resistance. My body produces too much insulin and doesn’t use it properly.
Having too much insulin in my body makes it create more androgens (male hormones/high testosterone).
Because my body is is high in testosterone, it affects my ability to have a period.
When your body has a period, it releases the hormone progesterone.
Because I don’t create progesterone…I don’t have the proper hormones/nutrients to mature an egg. I don’t ovulate.

Which means what exactly?…


That’s the big one…

I can also get any and all of these symptoms as well:

  • Hirsutism – extra hair growing in extra fun/noticeable places.
  • Cysts on the ovaries (painful, i’ve heard BTW).
  • Acne, oily skin, or dandruff
  • Weight gain or obesity, usually with extra weight around the waist
  • Male-pattern baldness or thinning hair (not my hair!!)
  • Patches of skin on the neck, arms, breasts, or thighs that are thick and dark brown or black
  • Skin tags
  • Pelvic pain
  • Sleep apnea
  • Anxiety or depression (not fun at all.)

But the biggest one, the one I cried for weeks about…



I am going to write part 2 next week. I felt like I needed to end here.
I’m sorry that it sounds so depressing…but this is what I went through.
I’m not looking for people to feel bad for me, just support and uplift me.
Thank you.



eighteen + fifteen / VLOG it’s in the bag!

The blog-tember challenge is a fun, daily blogging challenge created by the
lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love blog.
Today is DAY EIGHTEEN: Record a VLOG! It can be about anything you’d like!

Not sure if you’ve even noticed, but I skipped day fifteen! I did it on purpose because I wanted to save that topic for day eighteen, the vlog! I felt like they would go well together since my giant Mary Poppins bag has SO much in it!

Let me know what you think!

Also, all those band aids came in handy because I cut off a chunk of my knuckle on my middle finger the other day when I was helping a student cut their clients hair lol oops!

What sorts of things do you keep in your bag?
Do you keep your whole life in it or just the essentials?


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twenty three / guest post with Heather from Icing on the Cake!

The blog-tember challenge is a fun, daily blogging challenge created by the
lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love blog.
Today is DAY TWENTY THREE: Grab a guest post. Recruit a friend or fellow blogger to share on your space for the day.


I’m so happy to have heather here for you to meet! She is such a sweet gal, And I have been loving the process of swapping blogs for the day!!
Her blog is super super cute and I’ve been following along for the last year since the last challenge! She’s definitely someone you would all love, so go follow!! Without further ado, here’s Heather of Icing on the Cake!!

Hello friends!

Today is the official first day of autumn. I am so excited! Fall is my favorite season of all so it’s no surprise that I adore fall fashion. After a hot summer I am so ready for cooler temperatures and a reason to throw on some boots and leggings. So far in San Diego, I haven’t had much luck. Last weekend it was 100 degrees!

Still a girl can dream right? I always get a bit more interested in clothing and fashion around fall flipping through the J.Crew catalogue and browsing Pinterest. During the summer months you pay for fabric that is shorter, thinner and all around less. It just doesn’t feel like a very good deal to me! (even though I am a sucker for loose breezy tanks)

So today I want to go ahead and share my wish list! After all now that’s officially fall, maybe the temperatures will corporate and I can make this wish list a reality J


Is this a fall shirt? Do you need coffee in the fall in order to work? Then yes it’s a fall shirt!

Last year I finally did get my dream mustard-yellow cozy scarf. And I got it from Target! It was the last one and I have been in love with it ever since.

The navy blue dress pants are from J. Crew and I have been in the market for an upgrade on dress pants recently. (I have been wearing longs shirts and leggings to work…they are just so comfy!) These are the “Ryder Pant” and apparently are super stretchy and comfy.

Awww green jackets! I have seen them everywhere! I have tried a few on but the sleeves are either too short or it’s too heavy. I just want something light. It’s San Diego after all! It’s not going to be that cold!

Isn’t this clutch the cutest? I saw it on Francesca’s website and have fell in love. Who doesn’t like stripes ?!

These little slip on booties are MY FAVORITE. They are from Sole Society.  Being tall I have never wanted boots with much of a heel so I really like how almost-flat these are. I got some black booties last year form Marshalls and I wore them constantly. I’m thinking a new color is a must have!

Now I would officially like/LOVE to go shopping this second. But wait…I’m at work. How anti-climatic.

Anyway I’d love to make a big shout-out to the lovely Britney for hosting me on her blog! I really feel honored to be here as I feel she is so much more the expert on fashion! How lucky is my blog today!?

What are some of your fall fashion favorites?

Thanks again Heather for coming on here and sharing your fall fashion must haves!! Now I want that clutch too!!
DON’T FORGET to check out my post on Heather’s blog!


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