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I cannot believe that I actually did this!  I. made. a blog. This is a momentous occasion considering I am a self-proclaimed lazy person and also considering that I am terrified of new things! But here I am and here I go…

I am excited to share with you the reasons that I am starting this blog. I WANT TO INSPIRE YOU! I want to show you that you can do amazing things that you previously didn’t think you could do. We all just need to have more patience with ourselves and LOVE ourselves for who we are. So many people I have met limit themselves because they won’t give things a try (and I can be one of them, not going to lie) because they think they aren’t capable of creating or liking this new thing.  I also strongly believe that people don’t fully see themselves like someone else can.  I am here to show all of you the beauty you have and the creative things you can do with your hands.

As you all can see my blog is named “all things Britney Lee” and would you like to know why?? It is because I have no ONE specific thing that I want to talk about. I love crafting and I have tried many different forms.  I want to FINALLY do some of the things on my Pinterest boards and hopefully find some good one to make and share with you! I am also a hairdresser and so, of course, I love styling hair different ways and doing different makeup looks. NATURALLY, I want to post about those.  I am also on a journey of self-discovery and self-love and I am trying to figure out who the heck I even am still! YES, I am technically an adult and in some ways I am very mature. (Having a career at age 20, married by age 20) Yet, in a lot of ways I am so naive and unlearned and I feel so childish as well. (Calling my mom to ask her every question about cooking/cleaning, LOVING Disney movies like FROZEN, Rainbow Loom)  I still need to learn a whole lot about myself and the world. Hopefully, you have a laugh at my discoveries or learn something new as well!

So as you can see…it’s just all things to do with me…all things Britney Lee!

Now that you have gotten to know a little about me and my blog, I would LOVE to get to know something about you and maybe your blog too 🙂



19 thoughts on “HELLO NEW WORLD!

  1. I’ll definitely be subscribing! I’ve only recently started my blog as well and much for the same reasons: in the hope to inspire (:
    Maybe you could check out my blog as well?
    All the best with your new blog haha so far it’s been fun 😛


  2. You sound like you are very excited in the direction life is going, can’t wait to see how that translates into your posts! It can be scary to start a blog where your writing goes, if only because you always wonder if anyone will even read what you say, but the best writers in the world often wrote for no one at all for years before their writing began to impact readers.


  3. I love this post! It’s so real and inspiring! That is my honest opinion. It makes me want to read more and I am going to check out the rests of your posts now. Also, that is so awesome that you are a hairdresser! I have yet to find a regular person to do my hair 😛


    1. awww thank you so much :]
      i am trying to be more motivated to do things and because of that i have followed a lot of inspirational people. i’m just trying to have an outlet for everything too!

      oooo maybe you need to come to me! my facebook page is “beauty by britney lee”
      you can see some of my work and then if you want i think the salon website is linked on my page somewhere if not just let me know and i will find the link. all the pricing is on the website. no pressure. seriously.


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