master of procrastination


when i first started this blog i fully intended to post AT LEAST once a week…

YEAH…that hasn’t happened. (don’t judge me! don’t hate me!)

i created my first post talking about how excited i was to start this blog and how i was ready to inspire all of you people out there! and i was really genuine, but then distraction, self-doubt and excuses got in the way. but today i say NOT NO MO’.

I am recommitting myself to post once a week but instead of a vague “hmmm…maybe i’ll do it today. hmmm no i’ll do it tomorrow, for sure” (master at procrastination here) i am going to make it a concrete goal with an actual theme.

every thursday i am going to create a post on the blog with things that i have found on the internets and things i have heard through people in my life that has given me a little inspiration. things gave me the warm fuzzies or made me have one of those “AHA” moments. maybe something funny i found every once in a while.

i haven’t come up with a clever name yet, so if any of you have any recommendations please tell me! i have pondered “thoughts on thursday” or “thursday thoughts”. although they kinda sound lame in my head.

thank you so much if you have followed my blog in hopes of seeing good content! i hope to not disappoint you in the future and if you haven’t, please take a minute to sign up to receive my posts sent straight to your emails! so fancy and convenient!

see you next week for my first post in this series!



5 thoughts on “master of procrastination

  1. I am a big procrastinator except for when it comes to my blog, I am really liking your posts! Keep up the good work! 🙂


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