this has been something on my mind for a little while. my husband and i have talked about this several times because we both definitely struggle with comparing ourselves  to others. and we aren’t the only ones. i mean…at least i think so!

so when summer bellessa and brooke white AKA the girls with glasses posted this video yesterday i decided i should share it with you all.

so we’ve already established that pretty much every person has compared themselves to others at one time or another. now. with the rising popularity of pinterest, instagram, and blogs we haven more opportunities to compare than just with our neighbors or friends. we see the little perfect snapshots into other people’s lives and not all the normal non-glamorous things that they deal with. we need to put an end to our self shaming and here are some helpful tips from the girls with glasses.

THINK OF THE BIG PICTURE – perspective totally matters!

in the realm of life there are always going to be people who do more than you and have more that you…and on the flip side there are also people who have less than you and aren’t able to do as much as you. or do different things than you that isn’t necessarily better or worse. everyone is just different and that is more than OK!

BE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE – its hard to be down on yourself when you realize how much awesome you have going on in your own life! be grateful for your family the way they are. be grateful for all the things that make you, YOU! every single person on this planet has their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. YOU are perfect just the way you are! you are your own mix of talent and beauty and no one else has it!

SOCIAL MEDIA ISN’T THE WHOLE PICTURE – its only one piece in the ENTIRE puzzle! they get to control what they look like in that photo and what words and experiences they post. no one’s life is as picture perfect as it is on social media!

TAKE A MEDIA BREAK – sometimes we can’t control that our minds automatically go into “comparison mode”.

“no one is going to have on their gravestone ‘ ugh i wish i would have looked at instagram a few more times'” says summer, and that’s so funny and true! we won’t miss out if we aren’t glued to our social medias.

HAVE A GOOD SUPPORT SYSTEM – have a group people who love you for your uniqueness! people who know your strengths and weaknesses and can help you when you need it! sometimes you just need to call up your mom and have her tell you how proud of you she is, am i right? or maybe your aunt, cousin, significant other, close friend…people are there, you just need to reach out!

JUST STOP IT – if you do find yourself starting to compare then just STOP! sounds simple…but trust me i know it’s not! but if you make sure you are aware of your thoughts and make a conscious choice now to make it stop immediately when you feel those negative thoughts, i promise it will help. i know this has helped me A LOT.

now it’s not all bad to see others and admire and become inspired by them but that’s where it needs to stop. don’t let it get any further than that. there is such a fine line between comparing negatively or being inspired and motivated by someone. its important to admire and be inspired by others’ strengths, but if it’s not your strength that’s not a bad thing! you have strengths that you won’t have.

now seriously, you guys need to follow these gals. the have some pretty fantastic vids like:

crafty tutorials (how to make your own reversible jersey skirt)

beauty tutorials (how to use hot rollers)

AWESOME music to enjoy (their theme song and NOT FANCY) <—SO AMAZING! they have both been stuck in my head for forever!

thank you so much for reading this post. i hope you felt some warm fuzzies. if you enjoyed it i would love if you would like it and share it with your friends and family.  if you would like to see me talk about something specific then tell me below in a comment. and tell me which tip you think will help you the most!


P.S. sorry i posted so late but TECHNICALLY its still thursday for me!  ;]


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