ok, so maybe everything isn’t entirely awesome…

for one, we don’t live in a lego world. how awesome would that be?!

for two, we don’t have daily instructions that tell us how to have a good day and be AWESOME. (ok maybe we do…but i’m talking besides religion)

i don’t know about you but, i for sure don’t have an awesome day everyday. i would like to! unfortunately, life is hard. every single person has challenges. and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. they have their problems…they do.

alison faulkner of the alison show started a video series about 5 months ago entitled “HOW TO BE AWESOME”


k so, she openly says that she isn’t self proclaiming that she is awesome…she is simply sharing things that help her feel more awesome and motivated in life! which is a great place to start with to help figure out your own things of how to be awesome! i was originally going to summarize all 6 videos in this one post…but that was proving to be a very very long post. so i’m going to break it up in half. i am excited because the things she talked about definitely gave me the feels. i encourage you to watch her videos because  i won’t be able to write all the amazingness down here! . but alas! i shall summarize my favorite parts for thee, fair maiden. or sir. why am i talking in…? umm… just…MOVING ON.


alison talks about the first thing in any endeavor is to start! losing weight, learning a new skill, starting a business, starting a blog. i know what you are thinking: well duh! but honestly it’s not that simple! we hold ourselves back because of self-doubt and fear. our brains say things like “we need to be perfect before we start”. i know that’s what my brain wants to think. but you don’t need to be perfect! you need to learn and grow and you can’t do that if you haven’t started. this is always such a HUGE struggle for me. i don’t like to do things that i’m not really good at. hence why i don’t pay sports. this is my hugest downfall with everything! i was terrified when i started my blog and made my first post! ultimately i came to the conclusion that how are you going to get good at something if you don’t start?!! ugh! be like nike. just do it!


“the most awesome people listen more to their hearts than they do to the jeers of the crowd” -alison faulkner

isn’t that a darn good quote? and it’s totally true! putting yourself out there and being true to yourself will help you get closer to you goals. don’t worry about if others will think you are crazy or ridiculous. don’t worry about popularity. there are always going to be haters. haters gonna hate. but the incredible thing is there will always be people who love you for you.

it is way easier to say that than to do it HA! now remember me saying i was terrified of starting my blog? well after i dug up some courage and made my initial post, i didn’t post for almost 6 months because i was afraid of putting myself out there. i was racking my brain too hard about what i should be like or write about, when i should just be myself and write bout things that interest me. hence, why i re-started and made this series-thing where i post every thursday about things that have inspired me.


not just let it run dry, which we need to worry about as well. (haha as WELL <-i’m so punny) we need to fill our wells with positive thoughts and people! read books, magazines, newsletters, listen to podcasts, etc.

she talks about 3 main ways we poison our wells:

*negative thoughts – JUST STOP IT! replace them with better thoughts! you are beautiful! you are unique! you are so talented! you are doing the best you can! you are doing better than you’ve been before!

*negative people – friends or family that drag you down! you can’t cut them out of your life totally…but don’t share your heart and soul and aspirations with them because they will poison your well and they will crush you. you can talk about superficial things like reality tv, the weather, food but only get deep and personal with people that openly love you and praise you and lift you up!

*negative actions – figure out your personal checklist on what helps you and what doesn’t. maybe you need to exercise in the morning to get your endorphins going. endorphins make you happy…and happy people don’t shoot their husbands. (get my reference?) or maybe not staying up so late! i know that i feel my most awesome when i don’t stay in bed past 9. when i do some sort of workout in the morning. when i drink a lot of water. when i make goals and stick to them, like posting on here once a week. so figure it out! it will take some trial and error but once you get it, it’s awesome.

i am so glad i found her 🙂 she is definitely one of those people you want to be friends with and like go to a party or something with because she has a very fun personality! she has many other videos and tutorials on her blog and youtube channel! i am for sure going to be making a leather pouch after watching her video. i might still sew it though.

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p.s. how many times can you say the word “awesome” in a blog post?



  1. Oh. My. Gosh. I love this post! I am SO going to check out her videos and share with my team! I’m a health and fitness coach, basically getting paid to help other people, and this stuff is SO in line with what our team is all about! Oh man, you would SO fit right in. Message me if you are at all interested! If not, no worries. Lots of love! xoxo -Leisha (info@leishacraftwellness.com)


    1. thanks so much for the comment! i appreciate someone reading! haha i am not 100% sure what kind of coaching i could do since i just share things i find on the internet that others have talked about that has helped/inspired me. but thank you for the compliment!


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