men’s t-shirt makeover (tutorial)



are you looking for a FAST, EASY, NO-SEW TUTORIAL for making mens’ shirts cuter? stick around i will show you below!


so i’ve been super into refashioning clothes lately…not so much that i’ve actually done a lot of it…but reading a lot of blogs about it and searching all corners of pinterest for ideas and such. which leads me to the next part of this story…

…i’m going to DISNEYLAND in 4 days!!!

can you tell i’m excited? i may or may not be listening to disney pandora while i cut the shirt and write this entire post…don’t hate.

how does refashioning clothes relate to going to disneyland you may ask? i will get there…hold on!

when i went to my local mall to get one of my rings checked/cleaned, i decided to look around jcpenney. you know how there are those few clothing stores you can always find something in? jcpenney is one of those store for me. and they have sales and coupons and i just love it!

anyways, one of the places i always look is the mens’ department at the graphic shirts! its actually one of my favorite places to look because they have some really awesome ones! i own so many haha i have ninja turtles, power rangers, avengers that look like cute little toddlers, captain america, pikachu…like i said, i love me a good graphic tee.

now, the reason i go to the mens’ department in the first place is because in my opinion nobody has good graphic shirts for women! and when they do its in the juniors section, which means it doesn’t fit and it isn’t shaped to handle womanly curves. which i have a plethora of. in the mens’ department graphic shirts are cheaper, made of better materials that aren’t super sheer, they aren’t too short, aren’t too tight, have better options, etc.

now the bad things about mens’ graphic tees are that they are usually just plain crew neck tees that don’t have any shape at all. well i’m going to help you fix that! with a NO-SEW, FAST, EASY fix. seriously, i finished this in 5 minutes.

ok, to start you need a mens’ shirt! you want it to mostly fit in the shoulder and chest parts. if you want a looser shirt buy a bigger size, if you want a tight fit then buy a smaller size. i like to go in the middle-ish. not too baggy, not too loose. i got mine from jcpenney of course. this on is normally $12, on sale for $9.99 and i had a $10 of $10 coupon. i bought one for me and my husband so i basically got each shirt for $5. which is WAY less expensive than buying a disney shirt form disney.





you also need a t-shirt that is your favorite tee that you want to use as your guide. think of the perfect fitting shirt you have and grab that! the shirt i am using is from jcpenney as well! i’m pretty sure i got it for $8. it is my favorite fit of shirt right now. kinda loose, the neckline isn’t too low so i don’t have to layer or mess with it too much. i also love that the bottom hem is curved! the only thing i would change is to make it a smidge longer but i will tweak that while i cut up the mens’ shirt.





now the first step you want to do is lay out the mens’ shirt completely flat with the front and back aligned. so nice and FLAT! oooo smoooooth.





next you lay your favorite tee flat on top making sure it is in the middle and that it lines up the shoulder seams like so…(please disregard my plastic cutlery and fruit)






NOW cut along the bottom edge following the curve of the shirt! i wanted my mens shirt to be a little longer than my navy shirt so i added about an inch extra but still followed the curve.




uhmmm…its really hard to take a picture and cut so…bare with me. lol

now a little tricky with this next part. if you have a friend that can help you that would make it easier but not necessary…if you don’t have a friend you could just buy a dressform like me! haha FOREVER ALONE. for the record my husband would totally help but he’s at work…

so you need to put the mens’ shirt on you or your “friend” like me r on yourself if you don’t have the “friend” option. and then put the favorite shirt on top of that. LIKE DIS.





make sure you line up the shoulder seams again! it might take a little time for this but you have to make sure that there are no bunches and that the shirts line up.




ooo look at how those seams meet. PERFECT. now we cut! you want to cut along where the collar is. this is where it helps to have a buddy. something that i did was make little nips on the sides and front and then took it off and connected the little cuts together.

when you are done you get this beauty!! i didn’t cut the sleeves because the thick seam is easy to fold after you put it on but you can cut them if you want. its pretty customizable. something to keep in mind is that when you cut t-shirt material it kinda rolls on itself when you don’t hem it. you can see a little on the bottom. so before you cut just think. my neckline turned out kinda wider because it rolls. but I STILL LOVE IT.






so what do you guys think?! i think it was so fun and it was very quick which makes it even better! if you have any questions ask away!! and if you end up cutting up a shirt let me know! i would love to see what you guys do!

as always, don’t forget to LIKE this post if ya like it and i would love if you wanted to stick around and subscribe with your email in the sidebar!



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    1. i’m glad it wasn’t too simple that everyone is already doing it! i was honestly surprised that i didn’t need to do more to make it cuter…but then again that’s why i love it! haha thanks so much for checking out my post :]

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