the happiest place on earth

photo 2

so as you all know i went to disneyland. well if you read my last post on how to make a mans shirt less manly then you would know. (you should read it and tell me what you think!)

anyways…so i went to disneyland!! and i was going to write a little about it when i got back…but then i ended up working and i just got busy and you know…LIFE.

but here i am. better late than never. i hope you missed me!

so my husband and i left SUPER early on sunday morning (i think 3AM)

got to our first destination at like 8. i slept for half the driving ha. and our first part of our cali visit was venice beach! i had never been there and my husband really wanted to go cause..i dont know…but we went anyway! and none of the shops were open yet…so we walked along the shops and by the time we were heading back they started to open and we looked around…

but mostly i looked at the weirdos. and the art. there were people selling some cool things. my husband bought a wallet made of duck tape. its pretty legit. then there were people barefoot and walking like a million dogs…one guy had on ONE flip flop (where did the other go?). another guy was walking past people and shooting them with his gun (it was really his hand)

including me! he kill shot-ed me! so i’m dead now guys. just so you know.

so we finished with venice beach after a few hours and checked in to our hotel room. took a brief nap. and then decided to go to downtown disney! we had never been down there because whenever we were going to disneyland it was always just in the parks. this time we decided to jump start our disney adventure without having to buy another ticket!

i honestly have to say it was so cool! much cooler than i expected. for those of you that haven’t been there or heard of it, it is right outside of disneyland and california adventure. its kinda like an outdoor mall. there are restaurants, shops and the disney resorts are there as well. there were so many amazing places! but my favorite has to be THE LEGO STORE!! they had tons of cool disney sculptures made of legos that were incredible and ginormous! there where a few more places we went to and bought some shirts and food and what-not but thats about it for day one.

days two and three…disneyland and the california adventure consisted of riding ALL THE RIDES! so fun! and so tiring walking through the parks a million times…if you want to see my pictures you can follow my instagram! i took some really cool pictures of the lego store. and also of world of color! i love that show. freakin amazing the things people can do with technology. things like the rides and shows just blow my mind and i think “how did someone come up with how to put this together?!” just glorious.


photo 4



OH! i also tried a dole whip float for the first time. if you don’t know what that is…there is a little hut outside of the tiki room and they sell dole whip floats! it consists of dole pineapple ice cream and dole pineapple juice…delicious!!! you can also just get the ice cream or the juice separetely. so good. i can’t say it enough.


photo 3



i also posted a photo of my hair (its kinda hard to see). i did my hair in two big buns on the sides of my head! not like princess leia…like mickey ears! and i put a bow on it to make it look like minnie :]

i have to say…it was a huge hit! i had dozens of people tell me they loved my hair and how creative it was and i even had a few people ask to take a picture of my hair! kinda awkward but…ok! so somewhere on the internet there are a few pictures of me that strangers posted i’m sure.


photo 1


the real question now is…would you want me to do a tutorial on it?! i really want to…so if you think that would be fun to see then LIKE this post!

don’t forget to check out my instagram! i would love to check out yours :]


when was your last disney vacation? how was it? what are your favorite rides? do you love disney as much as i do?! tell me in a COMMENT below!





10 thoughts on “the happiest place on earth

  1. We LOVE Disneyland!!! We’ve been debating when to go. Hubby wants to go ASAP; I want to wait until the fall semester is over and my boards are out of the way. Sounds better, right!? Your hair looks adorable!!! I’d say yes to the tutorial, but I have a pixie cut. LOL


    1. I think waiting for you boards to be out of the way is reasonable! Lol but I also understand the “let’s go right this second” side too haha thanks you for complimenting my hair! It was so easy to do and fun to wear! Maybe you can make ears out of hair and stick them on a headband? Lol that might look weird… Lol


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