how to be more productive in a world full of distractions


yesterday while i was going through my closet deciding what to donate and keep, which is incredibly hard i would like to add, i was listening to marie forleo’s youtube channel. kinda weird compared to my normal pandora mix but i’m glad i decided to. i must have listened to over 20 videos and every single one of them i loved! actually, every video she has ever put out into the world i have loved and taken something away from!

if you don’t know who marie forleo is then you need to get your “sweet buns” over to her site and subscribe to her emails so you can get to know her. you won’t be sorry!

to put it in her own words… marie tv is the “the place to be to create a business and life you love”…

and she ain’t kidding. i have been watching her videos for probably about a month and i already know that she has helped me so much in my life. i wouldn’t be sitting here writing this blog post if she didn’t help motivate me. and we all need some motivation!

something that i love about her videos is that she addresses a problem with clear and concise steps to help make the problem better.

while i was listening to the videos yesterday this one really touched me and i knew that i had to share with you!

the video is titled “why smart people underperform”. dr. ned hallowell, who is a leading authority in the field of ADHD, speaks about how in this modern world we live in we can all feel at times like we have ADHD. in this video marie and ned talk about 5 steps we can take to become more focused and how to prioritize to be more productive in this world full of distractions!

1) define clear and specific goals.

ned says that it is critical to define what we want to do because in this modern day we can do so many things and that is a good and bad thing. we should have 3 short term goals every day that we have to accomplish. then have 3 medium goals for ever 1 to 2 weeks. 3 long term goals for every 6 to 12 months. lastly, 3 lifetime goals.

when we sit down and write down our goals it forces us to prioritize and only focus on things that work towards our goals. writing down goals is something i desperately need to do because i will come up with all these things a need to do and because i don’t have them written down (and because i come up with too man things to do) i forget them all and end up doing nothing! or i do the “easy” ones and at the end of the day i realize i didn’t do much of anything.

if we don’t have cut down to only 3 goals then we will try to do too much! if we focus on too many things we don’t really get much done in the long run. reason number one that smart people underperform is because they try to do too much!

2) avoid screen-sucking

screen-sucking is when we get caught up in email/social media and we can’t get away from it and lose all track of time. this happens to me EVERY MORNING. i know you do it too! “ohh i’m just gonna check up on instagram really quick.” “oh i just want to browse pinterest” “i’ve got to go check up on my sims in simsfreeplay, i don’t want them peeing themselves” and then hours later you snap out of it and realize you just wasted half your day.

now, it is perfectly fine to check email and all these things but the key is to have a set amount of time that we reserve for the internet and email and then TURN IT OFF. just like when we are trying to eat better. we can have a treat but we have to go with the recommended serving size and then put it away! otherwise we sit there and eat it til its gone!

3) set your default response to: ” let me get back to you”

change your default response from “sure” to “let me get back to you on that”

most of us right out of the gate will say “yes” to everyone right away and then we over promise to too many people and then “our greatest asset of generosity becomes our great liability”.


and we have a responsibility to ourselves to not say yes to everything people ask us to help with or do for them. if we say yes to too much then we will get stressed out and stretched in too many directions!

the best way to tell people “no thanks” is to say: “i don’t have time to do your excellent project justice”. you are showing them that it really is great and they should appreciate that you aren’t going to half-a$$ their project! then they can find someone that will whole the thang!

4) never worry alone

how ironic that we are super connected electronically and yet we are disconnecting in real life! people surrounded by people but we are really all alone. honestly i feel like this all the time. its so unfortunate! i don’t see my people enough…but the reason i am still sane and alive is because when i worry i can call my peeps up.

we need to always have someone we can worry with whether that be a mom, spouse, friend, or even a professional in that aspect. medical worries we can share with our doctor and financial with an accountant. when we worry by ourselves the worry just grows and grows to a point where we withdraw further and we feel helpless.

after we share our worries with the right people, get the facts! too often are our worries from wrong information or lack of information. getting the correct information can make the worry disappear or lessen into something that isn’t as paralyzing.

lastly, after we have consulted our worry buddies and figured out the facts, make a plan! come up with a plan of attack at how to make that worry go completely away. when we have a plan we feel more in control and less helpless! help those worries fade! (i also think chocolate helps…)

please don’t feel helpless! if you don’t have someone i will be that person for you! i may not answer immediately but i want you to know that i’m here for you! you can talk to me about whatever.

5) cultivating lilies and getting rid of leeches

neds definition of lilies are projects that are worth our time and energy in the long run. they may take up  much of our time and be super hard but in the end they are worth it. like children! children our lilies.

the opposite of lilies are leeches, which are projects that aren’t worth your time. not that they are bad projects, just that they aren’t worth it for us to do them. let someone else who would get more from the project work on it.


but caution! having too many lilies isn’t a good thing either! too many worthwhile projects can overcrowd each other and then they never grow to what they can become! we need to pick the few most important ones for RIGHT NOW and then focus on those wholeheartedly and then when we have more time to work on others we can add them to our list of lilies.

i for one am going to put every tip in action. what tip gave you a little “ah-ha” moment? comment below and tell me! did you like this post? well then like it!

i hope you all have a glorious day/week!



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  1. OMG, I’m a Marie Forleo devotee too, she’s The Biz (I mention her in a future blog post that’s scheduled for Blog-tember!)…I watch her videos every Saturday morning and have a savings pot in my kitchen labelled ‘FOR B-SCHOOL 2015 – DO NOT EVEN THINK OF USING THIS MONEY FOR ANYTHING ELSE, HOWEVER DESPERATE THE SITUATION…..’


    1. she is AMAZING! i’m excited to see what you post about! and i am insanely jealous of the fact you have posts planned out…i guess i am just so unorganized i just do one at a time!! haha but i am fairly new to blogging so hopefully i’ll get it eventually. I SO WANT TO GO TO B-SCHOOL. i have to look in to it. i probably wouldn’t be able to go since i already have a hugely expensive trip next year. so maybe the year after that?


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