DAY ONE: about the author

“imagine the front sleeve of a hard cover novel. give us your ‘about the author’ so we can get to know one another, and for fun tell us what your imaginary novel would be about.”




britney waite is a full-time hairdresser and part-time blogger for all things britney lee. she was born and raised in las vegas and currently resides there with her husband. as a serial crafter, she craves to create as many things with her hands as possible. she is a lover of magical things like disney, harry potter, marvel, music, and chocolate. her many passions include singing loudly, transforming hair and faces, making clothing and jewelry, and then teaching others how to do it as well. she believes that everyone can be a creator, a dreamer, a lover and a believer.

now as far as what kind of imaginary novel i would write…i have absolutely no idea! i have no intention of ever writing a novel. a collection of tutorials in book form would probably be the only thing i would ever want to publish. but who knows! maybe i will change my mind later in life.

read my last post about the blog-tember challenge and join me!

what kind of novel/book would you write? comment below! and also tell me about yourself! i love making new friends!


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16 thoughts on “DAY ONE: about the author

  1. I think I would love to write fiction. Love, love to do that. Fiction with lots of great characters.

    By the way, you look a lot like a friend I had in college. Only she’s Asian with brown hair. But you guys look alike. And she’s just as pretty as you 🙂


  2. Wonderful! I love this Britney Lee. My book would be fiction, a mystery novel maybe, but a book of poetry would be lovely too. You grew up in Las Vegas, that is so cool! You’re so lucky to live in such an exciting place. This is such a fun challenge, I’m going to try to blog as many of the prompts as I can through September 🙂 It’s lovely to meet you, sending hugs from Scotland xx


    1. its so nice to meet you too! growing up in las vegas isn’t what everyone thinks! so funny! its not THAT exciting haha its just like living in normal places…but we have the strip on one street of thousands! its nice though somtimes. i am excited about this challenge! i hope i did ok with this first prompt. it was soooo hard!


  3. Love your post! Love your outlook! Love that you craft – I always seem to have a new project on the go, although am restricted to photography at the moment. Creativity bubbles out whatever outlet it’s given, I find, however! (Love, love, love that you say your passion is transforming hair and faces!! AND LOVE YOUR BLUE NAIL POLISH in one of your piccies!!!!)


    1. uhmmm..thanks! I LOVE YOU! if i didn’t make things i would probably explode. i’m certain of it. i really want to get into photography more and i am determined to get a fancy camera for christmas. then i will have a new obsession! and I LOVE MY NAIL POLISH TOO! thats another thing i’m obsessed with. thansk for stopping by!


    1. haha you have me cracking up!! for a second i was like “no way shes a hairdresser too?!” messy top knots are a feat unto themselves too though so i think thats some sort of talent!


    1. it is nice because you have options. you can be in normal residential areas and do normal daily life things or you can go to the strip and see a show! we have both! thanks for stopping by kimberly!


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