DAY TWO: happy things

“write about what makes you happy, from the little joys to the huge game-changers.”

it’s funny how when you sit down and write the things that make you happy you see there are so many things!

here are a few happy things of mine, in no particular order.


glitter / books

spending time with my husband. fluffy clouds. sunlight. pinterest. taking photos.
glittery sparkles. connecting with people.making beautiful/functional things. being weird.
ice cream. watching movies. singing loudly. dancing weirdly. vacations. musicals. netflix.
kind words. helping people see themselves as beautiful creatures.  happy songs.
reading a really good book. any shade of blue-green. sitting on the beach. the change of seasons.
babies. making other people happy. celebrating random holidays. graphic tees. patterns.
finding things that match the color of my nails. pretty flowers. cuddling. new beauty products.
having good hair days. having good face days. family parties.  chocolate.

what makes you happy? i want you to tell me!


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9 thoughts on “DAY TWO: happy things

  1. I agree with basically all of this!

    Yes, I’m glad someone loves sitting on the beach as much as I do. I mean, I won’t go sunbathing, but I love to go to the beach when the weather is a bit rough, and just go there to clear my mind etc… so lovely. And it’s great that I live in a coastal town!!


    1. I’m glad you can relate to me! I totally agree with no tanning but just sitting and looking out into the ocean and maybe reading a book. It’s so relaxing!! I’m jealous that you live near a coast! Im in Las Vegas so the closest beach for me is in California about 5 hours away!


  2. I was thinking the same thing when I wrote my post… It’s wonderful to remember how many things there are that make me happy. A nice reminder on the days I’m feeling down. 🙂 Some things that make me happy are a good book, a nice glass of wine, delicious food (usually sushi), and getting to sleep in!


  3. Written with such simplicity but I really like it! Connecting with people and making other people happy would be on my list too, also chocolate. Can’t forget about the chocolate 😀


    1. i had to let it be simple otherwise it would be a novel. which i guess puts my “about the author” post to good use lol and yes…don’t forget the chocolate! or nutella and a spoon.


    1. OMG we must be twins!! Lol we would get along so well! I was in choir for a while and I used to want to perform in a musical. I was too chicken to ever do one at school so probably not plausible for me to be on broadway haha


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