DAY THREE: growing up

“when I grow up I want to be….” feel free to answer as your 5-year-old self or as of now.




when i was very young i wanted to be a famous fashion designer. not sure what age that dream appeared but i think around 10.

it started with filling pages and pages full of my “designs”. then, i randomly found a bag of scrap fabrics at a thrift store and begged for my parents to buy it for me! i took the small scraps, needle and thread and hand sewed clothing for my barbies. the last thing i remember hand sewing was a black and white polka dotted pleated mini skirt.

while i was a freshman in high school i briefly started to sew tote bags on an actual sewing machine. it started with a simple square, no lining bag. then i started getting fancy by adding pockets and making them reversible. i used it as my school bag and my friends started paying me to make them one! MIND BLOWING.

i started sewing church clothes because nothing was long enough or fit properly. lots of skirts and dresses. lots of mistakes while learning. two of the hardest/best things i’ve ever made was my costume for my madrigal choir class and my prom dress for my senior year. the night before prom i was putting the zipper on my dress and i went to put it on and the zipper broke! devastating at the time but funny now. you would think i would have learned from my procrastinating…nope!

the whole time growing up i had planned that i would go to a great fashion design school, go on project runway, be super famous, be on the runways, dress celebrities, etc.


i didn’t go to fashion design school right out of high school like a planned. i worked and waited.

during the waiting i was discovering new things that i wanted to be. like a mother. and a wife. things that i never thought about much before.

i ended up deciding that, even though i love to sew, i don’t really want to be a “big” fashion designer like i previously thought. i can still sew and be something else that doesn’t take up as much time from life and is more flexible.

i have always loved hair and makeup. my whole life i would try new beauty products, learn new techniques and do them on myself and friends. i never thought about it seriously. until one day, my favorite hairdresser who i went to for a while said to me: “you should go to beauty school! you are so creative and you love messing around with hair and makeup. you would be so good at it.” and then i thought about it. it can be flexible later when i have kids. its something that i’ve always loved.

i signed up for beauty school right after that. i worked the entire time, graduated on time, at the top of my class. i made some great friends. i won several competitions. and now i’ve been working in a salon for a few years and have a nice clientele. it’s something that i love. but i’m not sure if i only want to be behind the chair.

i know what i want to be when i grow up.

i want to continue to transform hair and faces.
i want to continue to make beautiful things.
i want to have my own business selling things i make.
i want to teach, inspire and motivate others to do great things.
i want to be an amazing, fun, loving, patient, hard-working, understanding, creative mom. (like my mom)


what do you want to be when you grow up?




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10 thoughts on “DAY THREE: growing up

  1. Your featured image rang so many memory bells haha! I remember my grandma’s sewing machine of the exact same model. I don’t know if there is any other model that is as popular but whatever. I did too want to be a fashion designer -briefly. Until I learned that I won’t just have to doodle on paper, I’d actually have to SEW. So just stuck to what I know, sewing button if one had fallen from a shirt. That’s my designer story.
    Thanks for sharing honey!


    1. There are different models because I have one but mine looks so similar to this, just the knobs are different. Mine was my moms so it’s a little older. I’m so glad that picture gave you some good flashbacks! And at least you know how to sew a button on. 🙂
      Thanks for commenting!


  2. Oh, I have so much respect for you taking the time to figure out what you actually want. Sometimes it seems like I might have delved into things a bit too fast – even though I am thankful that I did because I wouldn’t be where I am now otherwise. I think it is great that you have found out what you want to do. It really does sound awesome ♥


    1. I’m still not 100% sure what job I will have for the rest of my life…I’ll probably just have a lot of different jobs…I just know I won’t be happy in life unless I’m doing my list of things in some form or other. I have been thinking of my list for years though lol and I’m glad things work out. When I started beauty school I just randomly did it…not much thought behind it. I’m just glad it worked out! Lol


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