DAY FOUR: trends

“pick a fashion trend you love and a fashion trend you hate. win us over!”


i am not one of those people who you call “trendy”. i don’t jump from one trend to the other just to stay “hip”. i like to think i have my own distinct style concoction and occasionally if something trendy catches my eye i’m willing to try. but if it doesn’t work for me i don’t try too hard to force it. with that being said i have fallen in love with some of the trends that are going on right now! i believe that fashion isn’t JUST your clothing…your hair and makeup adds to it too, so i wanted to share my faves for those too!



i have a deep love for ombré and now i’m loving its softer, more subtle cousin sombré. an ombré is where the color fades gradually from darker at the root to lighter on the ends. it is my favorite hair color because it is very low-maintenance but it still packs a punch! there are so many ways to do it and my favorite is when it has a balayage feel to it. balayage is a a type of highlighting technique that is created by painting the highlights onto the hair instead of taking thin slices and putting it in a foil. it makes it have a very natural feel to it and you can get a more subtle look or a more dramatic look with how many highlights you paint on. below are some of my faves!

ombre sombre hair trend

 – 2 – 3 – 4



i have been doing the “no make-up” make-up look for a few months now and i am obsessed! super easy to do (with the right products) so natural and glowy. fresh face, very natural make-up…basically if you do it just right you get to say: “I WOKE UP LIKE DIS” and have people believe you! i do think it is going to change a little for fall, with the main difference being a fun,colorful lip. to achieve this look i recommend using a light to medium coverage foundation with a slight highlight/contour to accentuate the face shape. then make sure to fill in your brows, tight-line your lashes and do a few good coats of mascara and that should do the trick! for optional fun add a nice berry-pink shade of moisturizing lip tint! below are some of my fave fresh faces from the fall runway shows!

fall face, fresh face, no make up trend




i REALLY love color. i think its because at work i wear the uniform of a hairdresser…which is all black everything. i really do enjoy wearing black but i need to balance it out with some serious color so i don’t feel so bland. so at the beginning of summer i found some perfectly fitting skinny cropped jeans (which is amazing)…and they were in bright colors! i ended up getting turquoise, salmony-pink and my favorites…cobalt blue. i literally wear these pants with EVERYTHING. green ninja turtle tee, classic grey tee, red patterned button up, black fancy tee…and i plan on wearing these pants all of fall with boots and sweaters and scarves!

i went through my wardrobe and put some outfits together that i either have worn and loved, or that i am going to wear once it gets cool enough here in las vegas. hopefully it can give you some inspiration to try the trend! the top left pic is the outfit i wore on my disneyland trip. and the shirt i wore was a men’s tee that i made over, check out the tutorial i did here! its fast and no sew soooo…you should check it out! the top right is a new top i just got that i can’t wait to wear! bottom left i am planning to wear during fall. and bottom right i wore on a fancy/comfy outing.

cobalt blue skinny jeans

(1) pants: jcpenney – shirt: jcpenney (altered by me) – shoes: converse – earrings: disneyland
(2) pants: jcpenney (sold out) – shirt: jcpenney – shoes: payless – earrings: boutique
(3) pants: jcpenney – sweater: old navy – boots: target – scarf: payless
(4) pants: jcpenney – shirt: jcpenney – shoes: payless – necklace: target

i linked to all the things i could find online! most of the stuff i’ve had for at least a year so its gone or i got it on clearance during the summer and now its gone.

now for the trends i hate…

i really don’t outright “hate” anything because i’m pretty open to interpreting trends into my personal style. but i have tried some thing NUMEROUS times that i just REALLY don’t like for myself. they look great on others, but i just can’t do it. SORRY BOUT IT!


i really don’t like stick straight hair on myself. i used to do it when i was really young…but i really don’t like the way it looks on my face. i would rather have any kind of texture, natural waves, curling iron curls, crazy crimped, than have my hair stick straight and flat to my head. looks really nice on some other people!


i really don’t like light colored lipstick. whether it be nude, beige, light pink, anything light. it looks so terrible on me! maybe because i’m so pale already? i don’t know…i like my lips and i don’t like when they fade into my face! i prefer to keep it natural or to do a mid-colored lip. my favorite thing to wear is lip tints that accentuate my lip color and deepen it a little. nude lips…i just can’t.


as far as clothing goes…there’s not much that i’m not willing to try. but i have tried and tried wearing hats and i just can’t do it. i love my hair! why am i going to hide it in a hat? plus i have a big head so i haven’t found a hat that fits me appropriately. i see a lot of people rocking hats but its just the one thing that i can’t and won’t do. unless its like a convenience thing like i’m hiking and need a hat. (haha, “if i go hiking” i’m so funny).



so what are your favorite and NOT favorite fashion things? tell me, i wanna know!!


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9 thoughts on “DAY FOUR: trends

    1. i’m glad you love it too! the makeup is just so classic! i had ombre for almost a year and i loved it! but i’m always itching to change my hair so i did…and i regret it’1 i want my ombre back!!


  1. LOVE your posts, lady. They’re so thorough and so “you” (even though I don’t know you, I get the impression “you” just shine out of them). LOVING the pale make-up/bright lip combo (may have to try that). LOVING, also, the outfits you put together using those jeans as a base (what a beautiful colour blue!). Wish I lived near to you – I’d know just who to pop round to for make-up/hair/clothes advice (I’ve had the same, BORING, long straight hair forever (literally!), it’s so thin I just don’t know what else to do with it). LOVING your blog! Thank you!


    1. you are so sweet! i’m so happy that you get me, that i shine through,. i am pretty new at blogging so i was wondering if i was getting lost somewhere or if people can see me. maybe i am TOO thourough because i started this post wednesday afternoon trying to get ahead and i still didn’t put it up until late thursday evening. it was definitely a labor of love! haha
      my favorite makeup look to do is simple everything and then a bolder lip because it looks so good but its so fast and simple! (obviously i love it cause i posted about it DUH)
      i can help you through my blog!! this is the exact reason i started this blog to help people be inspired to do new things and for me to teach them how!
      it means so so much that you are reading anf that you love it! THANK YOU!!

      Liked by 1 person

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