DAY SIX: currently…

“a “currently…” post.
tell us what you’re loving, hating, reading, eating, etc.”

i am currently

…reading nothing. any suggestions?! i never know what to read! i am thinking of reading “the giver” again since i don’t remember much about it and the movie is coming out.
watching a movie marathon on abc family.
trying to keep up with this blog-tember challenge and not post late! its been pretty challenging. its only day six??
eating better. at least trying to!
drinking more water and no soda. it makes such a big difference!
pinning way too many things…hair colors i love, sewing tutorials, style inspiration…check out my pinterest here!
going to the first UNLV football game of the season! i don’t really like football but i like the experience and spending time with my husband.
loving the fact that cooler weather is coming. the change of seasons is my favorite!
obsessing over “once upon a time”.
discovering which kinds of posts i like writing the most. i really enjoyed writing the fashion trends post. i got a little carried away with it maybe…
…starting the process of packing soon. we move on the 20th to a new place!
ignoring the boxes all over the living room. and the fact that we found another scorpion in the apartment.
enjoying a nice relaxing saturday morning.
thinking about turning the extra bedroom into a craft/office/sewing space…hopefully my husband will go for it.
feeling excited for my next few days off and hanging with family!
listening to quiet. sometimes its nice to be in the quiet. its better to focus.
thanking helen from i will bloom for her comment the other day! it made me feel so happy! reminded me why i started blogging in the first place.


what are you currently doing? tell me below! or make your own blog post and link it in a comment below so i can see!


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9 thoughts on “DAY SIX: currently…

  1. Oh my! Oh my!
    1.You thanked me. In your blog post. I am humbled. Thank you xx
    2. You sent me to Pinterest, you naughty thing…
    3. Scorpions in L.V. Really? (and I’d been planning my trip for my haircut – and for girly time – in my head so happily and so so sweetly! Begone, scorpions, be off with you, do not darken my daydreams for even one second longer!)
    4. You craft? Really? Are you kidding me? I’m a crafter too (you should – totally – turn that spare room in to your craft room!)…and…last but not least…
    5. You were the QUEEN of the fashion posts. It was suuuuch a great post of yours that day xxx The blog world needs your passion for transformation and fashion, lady xx

    Right, off to get lost in your Pinterest boards, you minx, sending me there xx


    1. 1) Thank you for being so sweet! It made my night!
      2) Pinterest is a black whole…I don’t want to be there by myself though!!
      3) it’s pretty common in certain parts of Las Vegas, the like to hide out in palm trees so if you are living near one they are around. This is the 7th one we found and the first was crawling on my arm. Terrifying! (I hope one day the trip planning in your head becomes real!)
      4) heck yes I craft!! I’m not even kidding. I have to make things otherwise I would explode! It’s nice to have ANOTHER thing in common
      5) thank you so much!! It was a really fun one for me to post about!
      Thanks in advance for checking it out!! Don’t get lost on there forever!


    1. I live in Las Vegas, NV and we live in an apartment close to the pool area where there are palm trees. It is common for scorpions to hide in the bark and then come out. And yes I know it’s terrifying! This is the 7th one in less than a year and the 1st one was crawling on my arm! So freakin terrifying!


  2. I agree with Helen about your fashion post! You sure schooled me i’ll tell ya that! haha
    So many book recommendations. I’m feelin’ Manuscript Found in Accra pretty hard. Posting about it tomorrow I think


  3. Oh I know how you feel about OUAT. I totally can’t wait. I have been obsessivley watching all the teasers and clips that I could find. /happysigh
    Anyways, I know what you mean about this being kind of hard. It is only day 7 and I already missed two days, but I just decided to do them anyway and post them late. :’) Once I go back home I am totally gonna do a whole soda cleanse and just drink water, milk, tea and – if absolutely neccesarry – coffee :’) I just cannot deal with the tap water here anymore, so I haven’t really been careful with all the sugar stuff that I drink. Can’t wait to go home and be surrounded by all this nice good sparkling water. 😀 ♥


    1. My husband and I just got netflix (actually we just got my moms log in) so we are trying to finish season 3 before season 4 starts!!
      It’s been very hard. I usually finish my post by midnight. And posting late is better than not at all! Sometimes life is hard but I know that pushing through and getting it done has made me feel so proud of myself!
      Not drinking the caffeinated bubbly stuff makes me feel so much less bloated!! I miss cherry coke though…lol


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