DAY SEVEN: reading list

what’s on your current reading list?
or what have you read that you recommend?


i have such a dilemma friend! help me out! heres my dilemma…

i really, really LOVE reading!…i just never have any idea of what to read. it is so sucky! the only reading i’ve been doing recently is everyone’s blog posts. and while i do love a good blog post…i really miss reading a good book and being lost in a different world. i usually end up reading the books that are being made into movies since obviously that means the books were loved enough to be made into a movie. please, everyone needs to give me their recommendations on what to read! i generally prefer fiction, but if the book is really captivating then i am open to non-fiction.

here are some of th books that i have read and enjoyed:

harry potter series by j. k. rowling: the series my grandma got me hooked on and subsequently sparked my love for reading. it is one of my favorite series i have ever read!

the host by stephenie meyer: if you didn’t like her twilight series…this is SO MUCH BETTER. if you did like her twilight series…this is still SO MUCH BETTER! this is her adult fiction novel and twilight was young adult, so it has a little more substance. i honestly can’t describe the plot to you because then you will think i sounds weird. BUT PLEASE JUST READ IT! (p.s. the book is way better than the movie)

the hunger games series by suzanne collins: i read all three books in about 2 weeks. the world was so great and i love the characters! i really didn’t enjoy how the plot ended in the third book though. i like the movies so far and i love jennifer lawerence! she is my BFF in my head. (don’t laugh)

divergent series by veronica roth: its a nice read not too difficult, except the last book switched back and forth between narrators every chapter and it just really threw me off. i stopped and started it about three time. finally finished it though and though i loved the last one, I AM SO ANGRY! every time i think about it i get sucked back into my book hangover…

matched series by ally codie: i read the first two books pretty quickly and was really loving them and then the last one just wasn’t grabbing my attention…so i stopped. i’ll have to finish that one.

fallen series by lauren kate: i really need to finish this series as well. i read the first two but i never kept track of whether there were more books coming out. i think there are five books now.


what are some books you would recommend? tell em below so i can add them to my list!



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5 thoughts on “DAY SEVEN: reading list

    1. the host is one of my favorite books ever! the beginning is hard to stick to because it talks about things you don’t really understand yet but after the first 100ish pages you will love it and be hooked!


  1. Ooh I am such a Harry Potter fan, too! My list of must-reads:

    White Oleander by Janet Fitch – made into a movie, which I loooove. A great coming-of-age story!

    Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden – Because, Japan!

    American Gods by Neil Gaiman – Super weird but soooo well done

    The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory – historical fiction that’s intriguing

    I Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb – flipping sweet!

    And any Ken Follett novel… World Without End and Pillars of the Earth are spiffy. I’m currently reading Fall of Giants. These are HUGE books, BTW. 1000-ish pages, yo.


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