DAY EIGHT: music

music that moves you. are you a spotify addict or a pandora guru? tell us your favorite artists/stations!


you know what’s really hard? picking your favorite songs, albums and artists. its like picking your favorite child. i just can’t do it! growing up i was in choir from age 9 and on and it was a huge part of my life. i have always loved singing, so usually i love a song because its great to sing to or dance (awkwardly) to.

i really love so many different genres of music it’s insane. i usually like a few songs from an artist and that’s about it. i don’t generally listen to albums. i just have a bunch of different songs on my ipod on shuffle. i honestly love so many different songs i can’t remember them all. i’mm hear a song and remember all the words and love it. i’m also one of those people that have a song lyric for every moment of life and if you say a word or phrase from a song, i WILL sing it. i can’t NOT sing it. does anyone else do that too? am i the only one?…ok…

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adele, alicia keys, ariana grande, avicii, beyoncé, the black eyes peas, colbie callait, david guetta, demi lavato, fall out boy, fergie, the fray, gavin degraw, imagine dragons, jack johnson, jason mraz, jlo, john mayer, JT, katy perry, kesha, kings of leon, lady gaga, mariah carey, maroon 5, matt nathanson, michael bublé, natahsa bedingfield, one republic, paramore, rihanna, sara bareilles, selena gomez, solange, train…and so much more. these were the ones that i had the most songs of on itunes.


according to my itunes i mostly listen to pop , dance, alternativve, R&B/soul and rock. sprinkled in with those electronic, hip hop/rap, folk, jazz, country and indie. very eclectic. old and new.


i usually listen to pandora unless i’m in my car, then i listen to my itunes mix on my ipod. on pandora i love 60s, 70s, 80s hits, , 90s pop, disney, pop fitness, dance cardio, 80s fitness, and pentatonix. i love the workout stations because it has more upbeat songs!



tell me what songs i need to listen to!


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3 thoughts on “DAY EIGHT: music

  1. What did we do before we had the ability to shuffle?! (Mix tapes aren’t quite the same!).

    LOVE your list – am totally going to check out the ones I hadn’t heard of, because they MUST be ones I’ll like too!

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