DAY NINE: INFJ personality type

let’s talk personality types. introverted? extroverted? unsure-troverted? if you know you myers-briggs type, share it!


i have always been very interested in taking the myers-briggs test and knowing what my personality type is. am i introverted? extroverted? i had no idea. in choir growing up i frequently had solos at concerts and i loved doing them but after i finished the concert i was so drained and just wanted to avoid all the compliments from people. i had no idea why. i can strike up a conversation with pretty much everyone about something and am willing to engage in conversation…but i would rather stay home and watch movies than go to a party full of people. so who am i? introvert or extrovert? well, i didn’t take the actual myers–briggs test but i did take this free similar test, that bailey recommended, to find out.

i am an INFJ.

Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging

so…what the heck does that even mean? well…

the four letters describe four aspects of our personality

  1. how we receive our energy – from within ourselves (introverted) or from others (extroverted)
  2. how we take in information – do we use our five senses (sensing) or do we rely on our instincts (intuitive)
  3. how we tend to make decisions – based only on logic (thinking) or our own value system (feeling)
  4. how we deal with our environment – organized, scheduled, structured (judging) or flexible, diverse, casual (perceiving)

INFJ is known to be about 1% of the population, making it the rarest personality type.

cool huh? now i know that i’m not the only one that has strong feelings that i trust and make decisions off of.

i know that the things i was feeling and trying (very poorly) to explain to people about myself aren’t “weird”.

it explains my feelings with my career and goals in life. that i want to be well know but not for the fame or money, but so i can reach more people and help and inspire them.

it explains why i can connect with almost everyone i meet, but still am on the hunt for “the perfect BFF” who is authentic and has the same qualities and interests as me (which i need to not focus on and enjoy who i do meet).

it explains why i love spending quality time with people, but then need to retreat into my space and recharge.

it explains why if i stretch myself in too many directions and spend too much energy on outward things, i feel so stressed and sick and my body takes a toll.

it explains why i really hate pushy sales people and why i hate being a pushy salesperson when i worked retail.

it explains why i really hate any sort of criticism of myself (i’m working on it).

it explains why i am a perfectionist.

i have always known these things about myself just never knew a way to describe it. and i’ve rarely found people that are the same as me! now i’m going to make EVERYONE i know take this test and then i’ll be able to understand them more fully! honestly, i’m way too excited about this test guys…haha

and now i leave you with this link to 31 INFJ #problems from buzzfeed. its hilarious and so true!

now take the test and tell me your personality type! let’s get to know one another!


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20 thoughts on “DAY NINE: INFJ personality type

  1. I am ISFJ, but so many of these things are true of me. I struggle with criticism but also with praise. I struggle to make friends on a face to face basis – I don’t do small talk 🙂


    1. You might be in the middle like me. I took a different test and came out with 2% S but this test i got 12% F. What was your percentage? They said if it is 5% or less then you can read the attributes of both and pick which you think you are more!
      But I definitely cannot stand small talk but I have to do it. It just feels so fake.


  2. I love that you included how your results are relevant to and clarified certain aspects of yourself. Self-awareness is such a positive thing! I’m loving learning more about everyone through this. 🙂


    1. it has been such a fun post to write! its cool because i have known these things about myself but its nice to have it all explained so nicely! i have loved getting to know others through their type too! i made my husband take the test too and he is a INFJ as well!


  3. Hia, fell asleep last night with the littles (loooooong day yesterday), so only just got a chance to read your wonderful post. So well explained! Had to chuckle at the ‘when you get to know me I just get weirder’ image!! (so me!)……it’s been so empowering for me to find out I’m an INFJ, it’s explained so much of how I behave and, importantly for me at this period in my life, how I react to situations. Can’t wait for your new post later today! Is it weird that we’ll feel we know each other really well after Blog-tember, yet we’ve never met?! (obviously not, we’re INFJs!!)


    1. hey helen! i’m glad i explained it well! i definitely like to my research about a subject so i can understand it and i saw quite a few people that didn’t explain it at all! it has been great for me to find out about my personality type and it just is great that i have a way to explain my weirdness! lol (well most of it) and i totally agree with you about feeling like i know everyone even though we’ve never met!


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