DAY TEN: self love!

list 10 things that you love about yourself! let’s kick that negative self-talk outta here!

i have to admit…i’ve had a pretty great day today! my makeup looked good (despite face demons), i had a really good hair day and i really liked my outfit. its so fortuitous that this post happened to fall on a day when i feel it will be super easy to write nice things about myself! i honestly have pretty good self esteem though. i really like myself most of the time, just sometime have those days where you just don’t feel like you have it going on. anyways…


10 things i love about myself

1) i have really great hair. its not too thick, not too thin. i’s slightly wavy, i can blow dry it straight easily or i can let it be naturally wavy. it holds curl really well. its pretty strong, i can do crazy processes to it and it won’t break off.

2) i love my body for the many things that it can do. and i love it for the way it looks most of the time. i’m a little bigger than i’d like to be but i still feel i look good. it helps that i’m tall because i can hide weight really well. i love that too. i really love my freckles,  shoulders, legs, boobs and butt. sorry if that’s TMI! haha. i love my curves! (i promise i’m really not trying to sound conceited) it’s so funny though that i am more confident in my body now than i was when i was my skinniest in high school.

3) i am pretty crafty. i can imagine this amazing thing i want to make and then i can make it. and if it isn’t going like planned then i can adapt and it ends up pretty great.

4) i love my thirst for knowledge. it can never be quenched! i love reading and learning about so many things, i just want to know everything! but just about things i find interesting. haha.

5) i think i’m hilarious. haha. ask my husband! i like to think that i have a pretty good sense of humor. and i love to laugh.

6) i’m very detail-oriented…AKA i’m a perfectionist. it can be a great thing but also not…it kinda feels like i have a different mind than others because of it too. for example, i am a beast at organizing thins because i am so OCD about it and make all the little details perfect that most people don’t eve notice. with great power comes great responsibility. its a gift and a curse. and all that jazz.

7) i love that i love my family. i love that i love spending time with my family. family is the most important thing to me.

8) i am really good with kids. i believe that i will be a pretty great mom (hopefully) one day.

9) i believe i’m a good friend to others. i like to help people feel good about themselves, i’m a good listener, i’m a good advise giver. it doesn’t work when i’m giving it to myself though…i need to work on that. i give good hugs! i’m hilarious (see #5). i will help a friend out if they need it.

10) i love that i have many talents. i can sing well. i can sew cool stuff. i can make a whole bunch of other random crafts. i can paint nails awesomely. i can do bomb hair and makeup. i can explain things to others in a way that they get. i can give out compliments like nobody’s business. i can take a pretty selfie. i can can put things together like bookshelves and lego kits. i can put together a snazzy outfit. i can watch hours and hours of netflix. maybe that doesn’t require talent…

 now dig deep and tell me something(s) you love about yourself! it will make you feel great!


oh! and i have 50 followers now!! i’m so excited!! i know its not that huge of a number and it might be lame of me but…


happy dance

 just know that i love you all! and thank you so much for following me (not in real life) and i appreciate that you take the time to read and talk to me!



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10 thoughts on “DAY TEN: self love!

  1. When we get down to the day to do a blog swap you and I should do a little guest post on each others site. I LOVED your 10 things you love about yourself! Makes me so happy that I am not the only one that is tall and a bit overweight but happy in my skin. I am so excited for you that you have 50 followers. I can relate and do the happy dance with you 🙂 CONGRATS


    1. that would be great! i would love to! i’m not gonna lie…its a little nerve-racking though cause i have to do it justice!
      i’m glad you love my “love myself” list.
      i’m also glad you are happy in your skin 🙂
      thank you! *happy dance*


  2. LOVE your post! [You don’t sound conceited at all!]…..GREAT about your 50 followers! Go you! [Did you see your nomination? I left it in the comments on another post]….


    1. Thanks Helen! Glad I don’t sound conceited lol and yes I saw it late last night! I’m so happy and honored! And when I saw that I was the first person you nominated I started crying! (In a good way) and my husband thought I was weird haha I just feel so happy even though I know this isn’t THAT big of a deal…but it made me feel good none the less lol thanks!!


    1. thanks!! and heck no it is not bad one bit. mine looks like that too! (why do you think i picked that gif?) except mine also includes weird faces and singing at the top of my lungs. and invisible microphones lol
      and thanks for reading! i love my list too 🙂


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