DAY ELEVEN: inspiration

how do you stay inspired? who inspires you the most?


hair / closet / quote / earrings / shoes / sewing
look at inspiration on my pinterest

how do i stay inspired? well i’m not sure i qualify to answer that.

oh, i get inspired. believe me, i do. i get hits and waves of inspiration from the people i meet and the things i see in life. i get inspiration from my mom, my husband, my friends, things around me. i get inspiration from youtube, pinterest, instagram, blogs. but after i have that little moment of “i should do ______ like i saw and make it like this and it’ll be awesome”…it’s gone.

it is one of the most annoying things ever! now, some things do stick with me…like this skirt tutorial from pearls and scissors…but i was already planning on doing something similar and bought the fabric and everything for it before i saw her post so i think that’s why it’s stuck. or maybe it’s because she’s amazing and i want to make everything she’s ever made and love it forever. it could go either way.

i think i love pinterest SO MUCH because i can pin things for later and have it all organized in groups, so when i think about that one thing i think i remember seeing and it was cool, i can find it again. but i pin so many things that i probably won’t find it again…except for the fact that you can search for the pins you’ve already pinned! it’s so helpful!

basically, i have no idea how to stick with inspiration. maybe i should do like bailey jean and make a collage. or have a mood board and put pictures for the projact i’m doing on it to stay inspired. i just have no idea how…

how do you fine folks get and STAY inspired? please let me know!


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10 thoughts on “DAY ELEVEN: inspiration

  1. Inspiration….Yes, it can be hard to stay inspired for the best of us. And, if you only knew how many projects I have in my someday list… I, too, get inspired on Pinterest and other blogs, and then in 5 minutes, I move on. But, the thing about inspiration is, that not every idea needs to be executed. It’s all good, if even one of a hundred sticks and you actually make it. Make something. Anything. And that will get the ball rolling. Promise!


    1. Thanks for reading! And that is so true! I do make things I just feel that at the rate I pin, I should be making WAY more things. But like I said I pin things for the future like I see something and go “that’s awesome, I love that” so I save it for later when I actually need inspiration for that certain project.
      Thanks for commenting! It’s a really good point!

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