DAY THIRTEEN: love story

your current relationship status. if dating/married, give us a glimpse of your story! if single, share about this special season.


june 2003: britney sees brodie for first time at church. she thinks he’s pretty cute.

june 2003-march 2007: they don’t talk. britney continues to think he is cute.

march 2007: britney moves to another part of town. they still don’t talk.

march 2007-october 2009: they still don’t talk. brodie goes on a mission for the church of jesus christ of latter day saints.

october 25, 2009: brodie speaks in church about his mission. britney and her family attends. he’s still really cute. they talk and they don’t stop.

november 6, 2009: brodie and britney go on their first date. the somehow accidentally started holding hands. they love it.

november 27, 2009: they become “official”.

march 16, 2010: brodie goes to the hospital. she says “i love you” first, over the phone at work. he returns the sentiment.

november 26, 2011: they celebrate an early 2 year anniversary. at lake las vegas, they ride in a gondola and enjoy dinner by starlight. brodie proposes. she says yes.

love story

april 13, 2012: they get married. and they lived happily ever after.

kind of…

life is most definitely NOT a fairy tale. but it sure is amazing when you find someone to share it with! obviously, there are so many more details to our story. i’m pretty sure you don’t want me to talk your ear off for a million hours (or write your eyes off?).

i am so glad i had a creepy crush on brodie for so long. i’m even more glad that he eventually had a crush on me too!! he is my sunshine. he makes me happy when skies are grey. he’ll never know how much i love him. and i don’t want my sunshine to ever, EVER go away.


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