DAY TWELVE: traditions

sorry i haven’t posted for the blog-tember challenge the last couple days, i was really busy at work! but now i am here and i am going to catch up. i hope you didn’t miss me too much!

 tell us about a favorite tradition. it could be a family tradition or from a holiday, university, you-name-it. what makes it so special?

right this second i am in the midst of a family tradition at my in-laws. every time there is a san fransisco 49ers football game, my husband’s family and honorary family gathers together. per tradition, we stuff our faces and gather around, sitting on couches and the floor. per tradition, there is screaming and cheering. and per tradition, i am on my computer/phone. haha it wouldn’t be tradition any other way! i love these times though because its really nice to see my husband interact with his people, who are now my people. plus, if i go too long without seeing my cute nephews, then i’m not a happy camper.


the only tradition that my side of the family has done and continues to do is on christmas eve we get to open one present, and its always christmas pajamas. the family tradition that i wish we kept doing is our HUGE family parties! all the cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents would come over to my mom’s. usually we BBQ-ed and we always had my aunt’s deviled eggs and my mom’s potato salad.  one uncle always had a dr. pepper, another would have a mt. dew. we would play board games, video games, dominoes and the adults would always play pinnacle. for a while we used to play this game called singstar where you sing (duh) into these microphones that grades how you sing and my uncle would always sing this britney spears song. now we call him “uncle britney” (which is really confusing because my name is britney). sadly there is a lot of family that’s moved away…so now when we have parties it isn’t quite the same.

looking back there’s another tradition i really miss. our family has always been huge, there are so many cousins! it was too much to try and buy everyone presents so instead we would find a family in need and buy clothing, toys and other things for them. then during our christmas party we would bring a giant red bag full of presents to their door. sometimes we caroled, sometimes we ding-dong ditched. but i always remember the feeling it gave me to do something like that and make someone else’s christmas better. it’s indescribable.


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9 thoughts on “DAY TWELVE: traditions

  1. I love traditions! When we got married, I was sad that we didn’t have any family wedding traditions, so we started our own! We had my husband’s mom sew together a handfasting ribbon, and (hopefully) started a HandFasting tradition. Now, we keep the piece, and will pass it down to his brother or sister, or our children, if they’d like to keep it going.


  2. I got emotional readin this one sweetie. I miss those goods times too. We need to find a new way to have family time I guess-since everyone is so spread out. Love the Waite family photo!!


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