DAY FOURTEEN: why am i blogging?

when did you start blogging and why?

keep calm

i started my blog and made my first post (which you can read here) on the 20th of february. it feels like forever ago but it also feels like yesterday. i had grand plans of posting all the time but didn’t set goals for it…so i didn’t post for a couple months. so i RE-STARTED and my “first” post that kick started my actual consistent blogging was posted on the 3rd of july.(read that one here) i am excited to say that my goal of once a week has been met so far and now exceded with blog-tember and posting everyday!

there are many, many reasons why i started this blog. none of them are more important than the other.

– i started discovering bloggers and their blogs and loved how much inspiration i got from them. i wanted others to look to me and feel about me how i feel about them.

– i want to inspire people! whether that be making something, trying a new makeup/hair style, loving themselves more, getting through something tough in life, laugh at something, etc.

– i want to have my own little slice of internet to do whatever and write whatever i want. and be whoever i want! i’m keepin’ it real, yo.

– i want to make friends! at my age it’s really hard to find people that have time to spend at the same time you have some to spend. everyone is working or in college or both. like my husband. i’m pretty lonely a lot of the time.

– i want to grow this little blog into something amazing. i want people to come here and feel at home and feel just as inspired as they do when they are on pinterest.

– something that i’m adding to my list that wasn’t there when i started is that i realized i really just love to write! i never really liked it growing up but i think that’s because i had specific assignments in school with specific parameter of how long and what format. it didn’t let me be creative!

i am so excited to grow this blog into something and have it be a creative outlet for me!

why did you start blogging? if you don’t have a blog, and you’d like to, then you should do it!!


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10 thoughts on “DAY FOURTEEN: why am i blogging?

  1. Love your post, love all your reasons! Especially love “i want people to come here and feel at home and feel just as inspired as they do when they are on pinterest…..”. Fab, girl! I can see you creating loads of really inspirational posts – from your new craft room! And I, for one, would totally love make-up and hair posts!!!! So pleased we’ve ‘met’: loving right back at you, doll xxx


  2. Love the post! I actually started blogging because everyone in my life kept recommending I do (because of my crafting – which my blog is centered around). But then I found out more about myself through blogging, and realized I like writing the posts more than the crafts! It’s such an eye-opening experience, and I really feel like it teaches us more about ourselves than anything else! 🙂


    1. thanks! i feel exactly the same way. i started my blog to do crafts and make tutorials for hair, makeup and DIY…but since i don’t have a space right now to do something and a camera i haven’t done much except for the blog-tember challenge i’m doing. and i find that i really love writing about things in life and talking to great people!


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