DAY SIXTEEN: secrets…

“most people don’t know this but…”


(you know about styx right?)


i am a very open and honest person…i don’t tend to hide things from people. but since i have only been blogging for a few months, you guys probably don’t know some things…

most people don’t know this but…

…i’m a mormon. i know it, i live it, i love it. if you want to learn more about my beliefs you can click here.

…i’m a pretty good singer. though usually when i sing in the car or with friends i’m not trying to be my best, i’m trying to be funny.

…i am the only child of my mom and dad, but i have A LOT of siblings. my mom and dad divorced when i was 3 and my mom re-married and had my brother and sister that i grew up with. now they are divorced but my ex-step dad had a son and daughter before he married my mom. then my dad got re-married but she had a son and daughter from a previous marriage. and then they had my other brother. so 2 step sisters, 2 step brothers, 2 half brothers, and one half sister. yeah…

…i’m afraid of the dark. i’m terrified of spiders. i’m not a fan of heights.

…i’m a SUPER emotional person. i’ve cried while watching a diaper commercial. cause it was cute. i cried when i was nominated for the liebster award. i just cry a lot ok? if i’m too happy or to sad, i’m crying.

…i am SO competitive. to the point where if i don’t think i’ll be good at the thing then i won’t even try. i’m trying to fix this though!

…i go through spurts of eating the same kinds of food because i’m obsessed with it to the point where i don’t want to eat it for months. right now it’s nutella. i’m trying to pace myself!

tell me something about yourself that most people wouldn’t know! i wanna know!


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14 thoughts on “DAY SIXTEEN: secrets…

  1. Hah, I totally do the same with food. I’m in the middle of a peanut butter frenzy! In fact, I’m thinking so much about the peanut butter and banana pancakes that I’m going to make for breakfast that I just made myself hungry (and it’s 1am where I am!)….aww – I’m so touched you cried when you saw the nomination….xxxx


    1. my husband thought something was wrong! haha i was like “no it’s a happy cry!” haha
      it made me feel like what i am doing is being appreciated! your kind words about my fashion post and how they inspired you to maybe try it, just made me feel so great because that’s exactly what i want to happen with all the people who read my blog!
      i’m sooo glad i’m not the only one who gets weirdly obsessed with food!


    1. sorry i didn’t see this sooner! i saw your vlog and i love your voice! it’s so exciting to hear the voice of the people i’ve been reading.
      thank you so so much for mentioning me in your video! it means the world to me!


    1. haha its ok! thanks for reading and i am glad you enjoyed! i am afraid of the dark but when i am going to sleep it has to be as dark as possible. i know my husband will protect me! but no hanging limbs off the bed…


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