DAY SEVENTEEN: my first vlog

be brave! make a vlog!

i made a vlog. it actually wasn’t too bad (the experience, not the vlog).

did you enjoy it? i enjoyed “talking” to you!

and yes…i know i am very random.

and no…i don’t know why i’m glowing.

have you/would you make a vlog? should i make more of these things?


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25 thoughts on “DAY SEVENTEEN: my first vlog

    1. i’m glad you thought it was funny!
      this one was the least awkward one of all the ones i recorded haha
      i felt alright but watching it after i was like “do i really go on tangents that much? do i always randomly make weird voices?”
      on one of the other videos i was talking with a country accent for more than half of it. but i didn’t even realize it until after i wantched it. haha


      1. It’s so funny how we can see these little things we do come out. That’s one reason I may do more vlogs- as a (future) teacher it’s valuable to notice how I speak and fix potentially distracting things.


    1. love you too!! i unknowingly do it! i didn’t even realized a sang until i watched it back. when i first saw this challenge though i was thinking i would actually sing a song…but i don’t think i am brave enough to do that much yet!


  1. You are just a natural behind the camera – you’d be really really really great doing tutorials (so enthusiastic!) and product reviews (you’re so believable, you’d have everyone rushing off to buy everything!)….get going, lady, get going!!!!! [How about a craft v-log show series???]…you’re just a natural, it’d be an instant success….do it, do it, do it!!!


    1. thank you so much helen! i felt sooo awkward but its nice to hear that it didn’t come off that way.
      haha i will do more vlogs once i move and get settled!!
      i definitely want to do product reviews because i will give the truth!
      i hate when other youtube people review thins and everything they try is awesome. it’s not believable!


    1. aww thank you so much! i felt so awkward doing ti but i’m glad everyone doesn’t see that haha i did so many takes though…i was thinking i should put up a blooper reel or something because some of them are so weird and hilarious!
      i always think the same thing. i was super excited about today’s challenge because i wanted to finally be able to hear the voices that go along with the words!
      so now i can read others’ blogs with their voice in my head!


  2. haha your vlog reminds me of myself when I made an attempt, except I feel like i was more random and sporadic lol but i don’t know if that’s true, random people always think they’re the most random.

    Also, as a super duper early years of Power Rangers fan? That shirt is everything!

    Also, haha that’s why i had to stop cleaning my room so often when i was younger i would be so impressed with all the stuff i found I’d end up just sitting there for hours!

    Was totally not expecting that head btw LOL ‘I found a head’ how many ppl can say they’ve heard or said that sentence? You ma’am are a winner.


    1. haha you can edit those extra awkward parts out! i took out the super long pause that happened when i forgot what i was saying and i took out a part where i was pretending to pick my nose. haha don’t ask. plus this was my like 10th attempt and i went with this one because it was the least weird. but i am really like this in real life so why pretend?

      yes power rangers!! it is one of my favorite shirts so i decided since i’m doing something uncomfortable i would wear something that makes me feel awesome. i think it helped.

      thank you so much for watching and i’m glad i’m a “winner”!! you are too!!


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