tell a tale of traveling, a city or country you’ve been to or a favorite vacation.

sadly, i don’t travel very often.

i haven’t been to many places.

i wish that i have though, does that count?

i travel to places in my imagination, does that count?!


i did recently go on vacation to disneyland and that was so much fun! it’s one of my favorite places to go. i also love the beach. that’s actually my favorite vacation combo…go to disneyland for a couple days and then hang out at the beach.

i hope to travel more in the future when my husband is done with school, but who knows what will happen. maybe i’ll have kids by then and then the only vacations we’d want to take with them is to disneyland! haha which is perfectly fine because i freakin’ love that place.

so instead of re-writing everything about my recent vacation to disneyland…i will just link it HERE!

please read and tell me what you thought of my hair! it was my favorite!!

do you love disney?


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5 thoughts on “DAY EIGHTEEN: travel

  1. I hope travel in your imagination counts because I spend most of my days imagining I’m either a) back home or b) anywhere else but here! [Your hair?I In your v-log? It was soooo cool! So bouncy and well styled!]

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    1. well i live in las vegas, NV so i have gone because i live pretty close to it. i really want to go to disneyworld but its so far!
      but disneyland is a magical place! i love it!


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