DAY TWENTY: a day in the life

share a day in the life. pictures, timelines, stats, however you like.

a sunday well spent brings a week of content

my days have been very weird lately because of moving. so those have gone:

wake up. pack. work. pack. eat. pack. clean. pack.

but now i am moved and the unpacking process doesn’t have to get done quite as fast as the packing one.

honestly though, my normal days are kind of boring…i work about 4 days a week. sometimes more, sometimes less it all depends if i have clients for the day. but every day i work different hours. so every day has a different line-up. but for now lets look at a typical sunday. they usually stay the same.

7 AM the usual morning line-up…start on the chores and sweep til the floors all clean!

…not really…that was a song from tangled that has been stuck in my head ever since i saw today’s topic.

seriously now…

7:00am – ignore alarm. set for 30 minutes later.

7:30am – slowly wake up. eat some cereal while looking at email/instagram/wordpress.

8:00am – start hair and makeup. hope everything goes well.

8:40am – find something to wear for church. outfit 1, nope. think to self “i always wear this. i want to try something else”. outfit 2, nope. “this is too uncomfortable, i need to lose weight”. outfit three, nope. “screw it i’ll wear outfit 1”.

8:55am – rush to make it to church by 9.

9:05am to 12:00pm – enjoy church. try not to cry. (because i’m emotional and cry at everything. because emotions)

12:30pm – eat something. nap.

2:00pm – head over to either my mom’s or my in-laws. hang with family. have fun. watch a sport or watch a movie. play with siblings/nephews. eat something. write a blog post.

8:00pm – head home. catch up on shows with my husband. cuddle. eat something.

10:00pm – shower and get ready for bed. catch up on some more shows.

12:00pm – go to sleep.

what does you daily routine look like?


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4 thoughts on “DAY TWENTY: a day in the life

  1. Love the quote! When I first read it, I was just starting blogging at I Will Bloom, so I read it as ‘content’ (= words/posts)….it really motivated me to write posts at weekends and schedule, LOL!!!! LOVE your post – so honest and open and full of your personality, as always….I’m not the only one who changes outfits multiple times, only to go with the original….and am not the only one who cried at everything….good to know!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. haha a play on words! it could totally mean that haha i should think of it like that too since i usually fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to posting. because we have been posting daily i have gotten better at writing a post and not taking alllll day long so maybe i need to start writing and scheduling posts.
      you are definitely not the only one helen!


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