DAY TWENTY-ONE: all the fall

fall favorites. what do you love most about this season?

unfortunately for me, las vegas hasn’t gotten the memo that it’s supposed to be fall.

it has started to cool down some, so i’m not melting in the heat, which is nice.

another unfortunate thing is that we only get a few weeks of the fall transition between summer and winter. the same with spring. which is probably why those two are my favorites!

things i love about the fall season are:

pumpkins. leaves changing color. cuddling in a blanket.
the ability to wear layers without dying. changing your hair color.
thanksgiving. dinner in a pumpkin. halloween.
cooler weather. scarves. boots. sweaters.
hot chocolate. not shaving as often.


are you as excited for fall as i am? what’s your favorite thing about fall?


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7 thoughts on “DAY TWENTY-ONE: all the fall

    1. i don’t think you are too old to do anything! lol and dinner in a pumpkin is this kinda casserole thing that my mother-in-law makes and you bake it in the oven inside of a pumpkin. so when you scoop it out you get some pieces of pumpkin in with the casserole mix and its so delicious! she does it every year!


    1. dinner in a pumpkin is a casserole type thing that is baked inside a pumpkin in your oven. i’m not even sure exactly what all goes in to it but its really good! my mother-in-law makes it every year!


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