DAY TWENTY-TWO: blogs you need to read.

introduce us to 5 blogs you read on the regular, and tell us why!

i’m gonna give you six:

pearls & scissors: this has been my favorite blog to read lately. hanna just got married, so she’s showing off all her wedding things! plus she has great DIY tutorials that are always something new and interesting!

the alison show: alison knows how to throw a rad party and she tells you some of her greatest tips. she also shows you how to rock a photobooth. she has DIY tutorials. plus her personality is so great! so spunky! so sassy!

the beauty department: so many hair and makeup tutorials! so easy to follow along to! i always learn a new tip or trick from the girls behind TBD.

merrick’s art: love her style and love her sewing tutorials! her photo taking skills are killer.

maskcara: the first blog i came across that made me want to blog! she has great tips for makeup and hair. she is so sweet!

marie forleo: i’ve talked about marie before. she has great advice for your business and life and it’s actually doable! she is so sassy and funny!

what blogs do you regularly read? tell me so i can read them too!


Brave Love Blog


5 thoughts on “DAY TWENTY-TWO: blogs you need to read.

  1. Oh, 4 posts from you – what a treat! LOVE your recommendations….Merricks Art – wow – she says,”Look at her eyes. There are no short cuts to getting eyes like that. I imagine it took thousands of tears to polish them enough to sparkle so softly and sweetly’…blew me away, what thoughtful, thoughtful living and writing….


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