DAY TWENTY-FIVE: am i the only one?

grab a guest post! swap blogs with someone, and share about anything. 🙂

i completely forgot this prompt was coming. so i didn’t get to swap with anyone today…it just didn’t happen. i have been up to my ears in unpacking and work and things that keep happening. why do things keep happening?! oh wait, that’s life.

life happens

oh well…

today i am going to ask a series of questions and you are going to answer them. in your head, out load, typed below. whatever you want.

no it’s not graded. it’ll be fun i promise! fun for me to see if i am the only one or not. and hopefully i’m not…that would make me feel better.

am i the only one who goes as long as possible without washing their hair?

it’s really not good to wash your hair everyday you know…i’ll wash it tomorrow…maybe.

am i the only one who likes to wear workout clothes because they are comfy?

not because you are working out? cleaning is like a workout right? what about sitting on the couch and watching netflix?…no?

am i the only one who can eat peanut butter/nutella off of a spoon?

besides my mom because i know she does this too. maybe that’s why i do it, haha.

am i the only one who finds it ridiculously hard to write posts?

what do i even write about? is it even interesting?

am i the only one who locks their car again after you’ve walked away because you can’t remember if you locked it?

i just can’t remember!

am i the only one who actually wants to do a blog swap?

let’s do one together! let me know if you wanna!

any questions you want to ask? i’m sure you aren’t the only one who does.


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17 thoughts on “DAY TWENTY-FIVE: am i the only one?

  1. I’d do a guest post with you, lovey xxx No, you’re not the only one who tries to go as long as possible without washing their hair, or who loves to wear workout clothes for as long as possible or who eats peanut butter from the spoon (or on slices of banana, YUM!)!!!!!


    1. YES to the blog swap! I’m so down fo’ that 🙂 I still feel guilty about not doing it yesterday even haha

      Dude i love wearing work out clothes just because. WHY are they so comfy AND look so good? It must be a plot…but they are certainly winning!

      I also have a very hard time writing posts….till now mine for today still isn’t up so we share those boats.


      1. i’m glad i’m not the only one!!
        it must be some kind of magical voodoo or something becasue they are cute and comfy and i feel like those spandex leggings suck in and smooth everything and make me look like i just worked out!!

        Liked by 1 person

    2. i will have to try it on slices of banana. i feel like if i coated a slice of banana in it and then froze it, it might be really good. or really bad. maybe i’ll try it and find out!


      1. You can make banana/peanut butter ice cream, just by whizzing the banana and peanut butter together and freezing it… tastes delicious!!!! You can add chocolate if you like too (powdered cocoa)…yum!


  2. Haha I love this. No, you are def. not the only one. I try to wash my hair as little as possible. Whenever I shower with my boyfriend I am constantly yelling at him to be careful not to get my hair wet otherwise it will get greasy. As far as workout clothes go, I never work out and yet it seems that my entire wardrobe. Essentially they’re just pajama’s that I can actually leave the house in! For the Nutella thing, yes I can eat it off a spoon without anything BUT I can only do one spoonful. Although recently I have found that dipping lady fingers (the baked good, not actual ladies fingers lol) into the Nutella jar is equally delicious.


    1. haha i have mastered the art of not getting my hair wet when i shower. and i my husband knows better than to try and get it wet haha
      i am going to get back into working out so they won’t just be for lounging around and…everywhere else anymore. i try not to wear workout clothes too often…
      and i will have to try lady fingers in nutella. and i am sad to admit that i have actually dipped my lady finger in nutella…it was a rough night haha


  3. I wash my hair as little as I can without looking like a total mess (But sometimes it happens). Ever since my car got “broken” into when I forgot to lock it.. I double and triple lock it! And sometimes I’ll get out of bed to lock from my balcony again just to make sure 🙂


    1. oh no! that’s terrible! you’ve got to make sure it’s locked!!
      and sometimes i wear a messy bun for too many days in a row…oh well lol
      i feel like i’m pretty good at switching up my up-styles though.


  4. I go as long as possible without washing my hair, and then I wash it on the next day. I think this is normal grown-up woman behavior. That, or those of us who don’t really need to impress anyone else anymore? My poor husband. I think I’ll go lather rinse and repeat right now.


    1. i actually washed my hair last night so i had a really good hair day toady. i wish i wasn’t so lazy!! haha
      but it’s so true! our poor husbands. we caught them and now we let ourselves go! haha


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