DAY TWENTY-FOUR: bucket list for fall

your fall bucket list. what do you want to do before winter rolls around?


pick a pumpkin. i don’t know why but my family has never really done this! i want to pick a pimpkin and make it into something fabulous. not sure if i want to carve it or it i want to paint/glitter it. but i definitely will be looking on pinterest! come check out my pins and follow me! (not in real life though, ok?)

eat better, workout. let’s get down to business…to defeat the buns.

wear layers without dying. it has barely started cooling off here and it keeps yo-yo-ing back and forth. i just want it to be colder already! i bought a really cute sweater zip up thing and i want to wear it now!

read more books. because it’s been too long.

fully unpack boxes. all of them. and start putting together the craft room! i need this space to be done!

sew something. but first, the craft room.

dinner in a pumpkin. i talked about this the other day and people were very interested! it’s a tradition my husbands family has every year. basically its a casserole that’s cooked inside a pumpkin and then you eat it…and it’s delicious. i have no idea what’s in it but i think when we do it i will document the process and write a post about it. sound good?

drink hot chocolate. with marshmallows. and cuddle in a blanket.

movie night. i don’t know what movies would be fall-ish but i want to watch them. definitely hocus pocus.

figure out what i will wear for halloween. why is it always so difficult? i want to be nothing and everything at the exact same time.

save money. then save more money.

finish blog-tember. write a post for each prompt and (hopefully) keep on time.


what’s on your fall bucket list? i want to know!

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6 thoughts on “DAY TWENTY-FOUR: bucket list for fall

  1. Oh, I’d definitely like to know about the dinner in a pumpkin recipe, how cool! I’d definitely make it for the littles! Hoping you get your craft room sorted asap xxxx [I’ve got a big pile of fabric that needs sewing in to a quilt for my daughter (she’s asking me for it every day), so I’m going to tackle that with her this weekend!]


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