DAY TWENTY-THREE: viva las vegas

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so as many of you know, i live in las vegas, nv.

and when people hear that they think of this:

las vegas

i get questions like:

“what’s your favorite club?” “which casino do you live in?” “what is your favorite show to see?”

well the truth of the matter is…


the thing that everyone thinks of when they hear “las vegas” is the strip.

the las vegas strip is on las vegas blvd and is only ONE street out of THOUSANDS!

see that one little street, las vegas blvd? see the rest of las vegas? and all of it is not even in the picture.


i very rarely go on the strip.

people assume that if you live in las vegas that you party all the time. totally not the case. i don’t drink, i don’t smoke, i don’t like big crowds of sweaty, drunk people dancing around me in a confined space. that’s not my cup of tea.

what hotel do i live in?? seriously? i live in a house. like a normal person.

and i don’t get the pleasure of going to a whole bunch of shows because they are freakin’ expensive! i would rather not go on one expensive date with my husband per year. i want to go on many not so expensive ones! i have been to a few places on the strip that aren’t too expensive…

i honestly love to just go shopping and go to the movies. i love going to the galaxy theaters at the cannery especially because they have recliner chairs and they sell really good nachos and they sell alcohol there if you like that sort of thing, haha. my favorite shopping places near the strip is town square and the forum shops at the ceasars.

one place i have been to a few times is the shark reef at mandalay bay. it’s huge! they have quite a few different tanks with different sharks, fish, sting rays, jellyfish, etc. one of the coolest ones is a tunnel that you can walk through!

Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay

i also love stopping by the coca cola store and m&m’s world. it’s really cool to see all the different merchandise they sell and in m&m world they have a huge wall full of m&m’s in different colors! cause you know…chocolate always tastes better when it’s in your favorite color!


i got to see a cirque du soleil show for the first time recently and it was awesome! definently something i would recommend to everyone that comes to las vegas. i saw zarkana and it was kind of like a circus…there were a lot of talented performers, jugglers, acrobats, my favorite one was the sand painter! this lady had a couldron like thing and she would paint pictures out of sand. she would move it around until it looked like something and she did it so fast! so impressive.


another place that is really, really cool is the secret garden at the mirage. there are dolphins and tigers, cheetahs, etc. my husband and i went here on our first date and had a lot of fun looking at them! they are such beautiful creatures! it’s a nice place to just chill out and it’s great for kids.

secret garden

another thing you have to see is the bellagio fountains. it’s a HUGE fountain show synchronized to music. it’s incredible. i haven’t done this yet, but you can do double duty by eating at the eiffel tower restaurant and see the bellagio fountains at the same time! i hear you have to request a certain table though so call in advance.


there are definitely plenty more places that are great but these are some of my favorites!

what color m&m’s would you get?


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12 thoughts on “DAY TWENTY-THREE: viva las vegas

  1. Great recommendations….I’d always kind of had that impression about Las Vegas too, that it must all be ‘party party party’ (excuse my ignorance!)….my littles would love the tigers and the fountain show (but who would be able to keep them out of the water??!!)….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would get sky blue m&ms cause blue is my deal these days.

      Waw, i NEVER new all that about Las Vegas, the media only shows us the gambling, which I’ve no interest in. I like my money lol
      You’ve set that city in my sights now lady!


      1. i love blue so much too lizelle! i love teals and turquoises!

        and YES! there is a whole other side to vegas. it really does stink that the media portrays it that way.

        i’m glad you want to visit now!


    2. don’t get me wrong, there is a whole lot of “party party party” but i don’t like that stuff lol. there is plenty for a family to do!

      maybe you can have your kids tied to a pole or something so they don’t jump in lol

      does my post make you want to visit even more now?!


  2. OMG Cirque du Soleil! I’ve seen Dralion and Alegria. Both freaking awesome! I’m a tad jealous you live in a city where there’s stuff to do. I went from New Orleans (and YES, I did Bourbon Street like a champ) to Tucson… the happiest place on Earth for retirees.

    As for M&Ms, I’d go for purple and turquoise cuz that’s how I roll. Not to mention they’re Little Mermaid colors… 🙂


    1. i want to see more of the cirque shows for sure! i actually forgot to talk about the smith center in las vegas too, i haven’t’ been yet but i am going in october to see the broadway play wicked! i’m sure im going to love it!

      you made my litterally LOL with the “happiest place on earth for retirees” line haha.

      you’re close to las vegas! if you ever visit we must meet!

      and i would pick turqoise, teal or purple too! they are the best colors aren’t they?


      1. I’ve only been to Vegas once– driving through and only eating a buffet. Yes, we should meet up if I’m ever there again! I’m not much of a gambler, either but I like looking at pretty and shiny things. Viva Las Vegas!


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