how have you changed in the past year?

now i have changes by david bowie stuck in my head.



last year i was working out and exercising regularly. i had managed to lose 20 lbs and i was loving my new routine. i was wanting it to never end.

last year i didn’t have my period for two whole months. pregnancy tests came back negative, so i went to the lady doc and had them do a legit pregnancy test. still negative. my hormones were naturally changing in my body due to my new routine, so there were no concerns.

last year i decided to get back on birth control so that i wouldn’t have children yet, due to my husband still in college. when i first started taking birth control in my late teens, it had taken me a few different tries to find a birth control that didn’t mess with my system too badly (some made me slightly depressed, some gave me headaches everyday).

last year my doctor decided that since i hadn’t had my period, i should take a stronger medication to kick start my period.

last year i went from “normal” to severely depressed and wanting to die. in a week and a half.

needless to say, i have long since stopped taking that horrid medication. it’s taken me a while to get back to “normal” (ha, me? normal?) but i feel like i am myself again.

 in the last year i know, for a fact, that i am happier.

i had a birthday, so my age changed! i am so much older and WAY more mature now.

i would also like to think that i have come to know myself a little more.  i think i figured out a little more of what i want in life and what makes me happy.

i feel like i have gotten better at household duties. like cleaning and laundry and stuff. i was pretty bad at it when i first got married. (you mean my mom can’t still do my laundry and cook me food?)

i have started to not be so hard on myself. i have started trying new things more often. i have become more motivated. i have learned a lot of things.

how have you changed this last year? have you stopped being so hard on yourself? cause you should…



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5 thoughts on “DAY TWENTY-SIX: changes

  1. I have had that song stuck in my head all day now thanks lol! 😂
    I am hard on myself too…a lot. Just remember you are a strong lady!
    I like to think on these words sometimes ” I am thankful for my struggles, because without them I wouldn’t have discovered my strength” xxx

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