DAY TWENTY-EIGHT: highs and lows for september

what were your highs and lows for this month?

i can’t believe the month is almost over…didn’t september just start, like, yesterday? are you excited or sad that it’s going to be over and i wont be posting everyday?



– sometimes posting late…at least i posted!

– my husband’s aunt passing away suddenly. the lowest of lows. love her, miss her.

– having to pack everything to move. having to unpack everything.


– finding this blog-tember challenge! it’s been a lot of fun finding out which topics i like to post about! i will miss it when it’s over.

– moving out of a small apartment infested with scorpions!

– completing (almost) the blog-tember challenge! i can’t believe i did it, i stuck with something! yay!

– nephews baby blessing.

– going to the first UNLV home game.

– having 100 followers!! thank you all so much for reading!


tell me abut your highs and lows!


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4 thoughts on “DAY TWENTY-EIGHT: highs and lows for september

  1. Love the graphic! Such a great idea to do a monthly ‘highs/lows’ round up! [Sorry, again, about your husband’s Aunt- hoping you’re coping as well as you all can xxx]
    P.S. GREAT about the 100 followers!!!!


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