HALLOWEEN: maleficent costume

hello there my people!

i hope you all had a wonderful halloween!!

did you go to any parties? did you go trick or treating? did you wear a costume?

tell me in a comment! i really want to know! link to a photo of your costume cause i wanna see that shiz!

(because i am nosy like that)

i, for one, had a marvelous halloween! i went trick or treat-ing with my nephews (oh yeah and their parents) and then went to dinner and wore a FABULOUS costume. seriously i had so much fun wearing this costume.

now if you have been following my blog and read this post or if you follow me on instagram (which you should totally do) you know that i was planning on being maleficent for halloween and was planning on making my costume.



i think that’s a pretty big deal. right?

blood. sweat. tears. blisters. carpet burn. sore back.

(and maybe a little cursing)

the dress was drafted, cut out and sewn by me.

the feathers for the shoulder piece were sorted through, selected and glued together by me.

the wing frames were molded by my own hands.

the “feathers” for the wings were (painstakingly) hand cut and glued on by me.

those horns were bought with my own two hands.

ok so i cheated on the horns but honestly, i decided that i was going to make this costume about three weeks before halloween. so i had my hands pretty full with the rest of the costume and the horns were the only thing i had absolutely no idea how i was going to tackle those.

i think that’s totally acceptable don’t you?

and my makeup also turned out incredible! i am pretty much obsessed with colored contacts now. i wore grey ones for my costume and i want to wear them ALL THE TIME now.

i am planning on getting some nice professional pictures done of my costume…so look for that in the future!

i also was thinking that, if anyone was interested, i could explain the process that i used for making each item (dress, shoulder piece, wings, hair/makeup tutorial)

would you be interested in that? please let me know!

i really want to so maybe i will if anyone else wants me to or not…but telling me that you would like to see the process would make me feel better about doing it so i know that someone else would be interested in the construction and not just in the pretty results!

again, i hope you had a fabulous halloween, and i hope you have a glorious november!



46 thoughts on “HALLOWEEN: maleficent costume

  1. Oh my, it’s FABULOUS!!! So well crafted!!!! I’d certainly like to see a tutorial for the wing harness/wings – you never know when it might come in handy 😉 Can’t believe you made it all FROM SCRATCH!!!!!!!!! Incredible! Go you!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. i tried the blue ones to and they were fun but the grey are my favorite!! i want to wear them everyday! i really want some green ones. the green ones i tried weren’t bright at all…


    1. The wings we pretty tricky lol as a bad for the wings I used PVC pipe and a heat gun to heat it up til it gets bendy and then for the shape of the wings. Then hot glued fabric to the pic pipe and then hot glued the feathers to the fabric. Hope that helps! If you have any other questions just ask!


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