a very inspirational blogger, a liebster, and more than one lovely blog award.


and a partridge in a pear tree! haha

but yay more awards!! keep ’em comin!


over the past month or so, i have been nominated by some very lovely people for the “one lovely blog” award! …and also another liebster! i am so so grateful that anyone would think of me when they are nominating! it makes me feel all nice and tingly inside! it makes me feel like the things i do are appreciated and that is such an amazing feeling!! it makes me want to keep going and creating things for you all! and it’s not just award nominations that make me feel like this…every like and comment and share makes me feel like a ga-zillion bucks! you all encourage me so much! i love all of you!!

i want to thank a few people for the award nominations!

cat at pushing play IRL. clever and sassy. i always love what she has to say.

brooke at beauty by brooke leanne. extremely talented. you need to check our her halloween makeup tutorials!

rachel at rachel tries life. i absolutely love to live vicariously through her travels. love her photos.

bekah at redeem cliché. i really love her DIYs! sparkle is my favorite color and she recently made a sparkle-fied tutorial for her shoes for halloween!

zareen at orange shoes talking. sarcastic. witty. ranty. in a good way.

bambi at bambileigh. my body twin! i love her sense of style! she needs to be my personal shopper already.

anne at under the ‘brella. so sweet and kind! i love reading about what books she likes to read.

thank you, thank you, thank you!

the next thing you are supposed to do is write 7 facts about yourself that most people wouldn’t know. well here goes…

7 facts about me

1) i’ve only had two jobs since i started working when i was 16. that includes the job i am at now. and i’m 23. so I’ve continually been employed for 7 years of my life.

2) i’ve been sewing and creating things for over ten years! holy crap that’s a long time ago. i’ve learned so many different types of crafts but i’ve always stuck with sewing. i’ve gotten SO MUCH BETTER at it.

3) i sang in a variety of choirs for about 8 years of my life. i miss it so much! i still sing all the time in my car and at home but i miss performing on a stage and singing solos…even though it slightly terrifying.

4) when i was in 8th grade my best friend and i at the time decided that we would have male nicknames. and i was bob. we made t-shirts and everything. there are a few people that still call me bob to this day. its so weird!

5) i really like made up words. sometimes using a made up word is better to describe things with! my brother and i used to play this game where we would take two words and come up with as many different combinations as we could and then we would pick the best one.

6) my favorite colors are any shade of blue-green. teal, turquoise, cobalt, emerald, mint…so amazing. i also am loving pastel colors like lavendar! its going in my hair soon!

7) basic physical appearance facts: i am 5’10”. i am super pale and have lots of freckles, not dark ones though. i am brunette naturally, level 6 ash brown for my hairdresser friends. my hair is naturally thick and wavy, but not too thick and wavy, it’s really perfect because it is easy to manage. i have brown eyes and even though my hair is kinda dark and thick, my eyelashes and eyebrows are light and thin. i have to draw my eyebrows on every day otherwise i look like one of those photoshopped photos of celebrities without eyebrows. it’s not quite as disturbing as that since i do have some hair but you get my drift haha. i weigh quite a lot, but i don’t look like it because i am so tall and i am still proportionate (lucky me!) so my weight hides on my body. you probably would be suprised if i told you how much!

now i am supposed to nominate others! i want to see some facts from:

helen at i will bloom. she is my biggest support in this community! i love reading everything she writes.

libby at honestly, libby. i love that she actually gives opinions on matters and not just the “everything is awesome” standpoint that i find a lot of people have because they are to afraid of being HONEST.

tara at beaus and bows. she is one of my favorite beauty bloggers here on wordpress! she is so amazing!

morgan at crab & bee. she is one of my favorite sewing blogs ever! she makes amazing projects. to die for.

lena at feline creatures. i absolutely love her outfit posts and photos!

charlotte at inside charlotte’s mind. love her deep posts she has been writing! she takes me on a journey with her.

carley at live.thrift.sew. i love all the projects she makes! they give me lots of inspiration.

shauna at rae of sparkles. she has the best gift ideas ever!

lauren at trend-mix. i love her DIYs!! they are so clever!

if you have been nominated before you can still post! or not! no pressure either way. just know that i really love your blog and i would love to get to know more about you!

are there any blogs that are your fave that i HAVE to read? tell my in a comment!



54 thoughts on “a very inspirational blogger, a liebster, and more than one lovely blog award.

  1. Congrats! Reading those facts about you made me smile, especially #2, #4, #5 and #6! I can really relate on those!
    You should really check out M&J Blog. They feature edge fashion stuff and lovely DYIs!

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    1. I just started following that blog recently so I should have a look at some more of their posts! I did like what I saw though, hence why I followed!

      I’m so glad I’m not a weirdo and someone can relate to me! Haha and thank you so much for the congrats!
      I really love what you have been doing with the month of frocks, so creative!!


  2. *blushes* awh you’re so cute! And I literally look exactly like what you just described, but with blue/green/grey eyes instead of brown! And I weigh a surprising amount too! Defo seperated at birth x

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          1. Yes just saw this sorry! I did see that thank you so much for nominating me! I got nominated for a couple of things recently. Its all so exciting and I’m really appreciative but its also a little hard to keep track of lol. I think you can relate though. 🙂

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  3. Yay!! I loved reading your facts! Are you really putting lavender in your hair? because I fully support that. I currently have purple, pink, and blue which fade out all pastel like and it looks awesome!

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  4. Yay!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!! I feel like I really just won an award. I love your blog too, and I guess since I can’t nominate you again, I’ll just have to tell you how amazing you are here. 🙂

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    1. haha that’s exactly how i feel when i get nominated too!!! basically these are like chain mail…but it still means the world to me because someone thought of me! lol

      haha i think it is against the rules to nominate me cause i nominated you…

      i think you are amazing as well!


  5. You are such a doll!! I absolutely love reading these award posts because it’s so much fun to learn more about the blogger:) you are such a sweet and genuine person, and this was an amazing post as ways!! ❤️
    Xo, bekah

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  6. I loved reading this! We are the same height that is neat lol. Crack me up with the Bob nickname! ! Too funny! 😀 great post!!! =)

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    1. Yay tall chicks unite!! I know the bob thing is random…I also have this really puny and long story about my other nickname “cookie”. Maybe I should tell it sometime. Haha
      Thanks for reading!!

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        1. Haha my maiden name was britney cook, and in choir one day we were rehearsing the way we would walk into the bleachers for our concert and something wasn’t working and so I suggested we do it a certain way and my teacher (who was so freakin awesome) said “oh yeah that’ll work! You’re one smart cookie!” And then immediately after we kinda just pointed at each other and went “ahhhh SMART COOK-IE!” Because it was so puny and it just fell into our laps
          And so everyone in choir started calling me cookie haha or smart cookie

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                  1. Hehe 😉 I got called walker from my old job all because I decided to walk to work 1 day thinking our meeting was close and I was completely wrong lol. …ended up being 20 minutes late and I’m NEVER late lol…luckily I had a cool boss, and they knew I was a hard worker. ..just had no clue why I decided to walk lol …so they called me walker….no it makes me sound like a zombie from the walking dead lol ;p

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      1. Thank you for the suggestion. 🙂 I will take a look! I want to be able to make my own clothes one day because I think that is such a handy skill to have. It is a skill too few people have these days.

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