pretty party peplum

(i really just love alliteration)

hey there friend! i hope you had a marvelous christmas/hanukkah/whatever-you-celebrate! i hope you got everything you wanted and more! you’ll have to tell me what you got!! (cause i’m nosy and i wanna know! hehe) i got a lot of great things for christmas and i got to spend lots of time with all my family which was the best present of all! and guys…i can’t believe that 2014 is over…so crazy! this is my last post this year! holy cannoli! i hope you guys have had a great year and i hope 2015 is amazing for you!

speaking of all the holidays and craziness going on at the end of the year…there are plenty of festive parties to go to! every year i get sooo excited about getting all dolled up because it’s like the one time i can the whole year! i always want to buy a snazzy, new dress (that i only wear it once). i always seem to forget the year before when i was wearing my snazzy new dress, that i have to suck in my tummy all night and the heels that i have to wear with the dress make my feet feel like death.

luckily for me, this year i remembered! so instead of repeating history by spending too much money on one item of clothing and feeling constricted, i decided to make a fancy top to wear instead that i will for sure be wearing all the time! so after looking on pinterest (AKA my favorite thing ever! come check out what i am pinning!) i decided on a peplum top. they are soooo cute and flattering and they hide your tummy! sweet! no sucking it in for me! and yes I WILL have another plate of food! thankyouverymuch!

green peplum top

i ended up using the sandra peplum pattern from spit up and stilettos ( UPDATE-They have currently discontinued offering their patterns though 😦 ). the pattern is designed to be made out of a woven fabric, it has a button back closure, front slash opening, princess seams, back darts, no sleeves and a full lining…but i completely changed this sucker. i picked this pattern because i love the princess seams and the fact that the “skirt” portion is a circle, not gathered. i really wanted to have my top be as comfortable and forgiving as possible so when i found a really pretty hunter green (it looks different in different lighting) ponte knit fabric at my local hancock fabrics i knew i hit jackpot. it is literally THE PERFECT FABRIC: it has four way stretch, is super soft to the touch, and holds it’s shape so well!

green peplum top front green peplum top back

now for the alterations i made…i didn’t like the slash opening and because i was using a stretch fabric i didn’t need the back opening or lining. so those were out. i also lowered the front neckline/got rid of the slash front, added sleeves, lengthened the bottom, and sloped out some of the upper back because it was poofing out too weird. i used bias tape to hem the sleeves and neckline and used this technique that you use to hem a circle skirt for the bottom hem of the shirt. it was my first time using both of those techniques and i really love them! especially the bottom hem because it gave so much more body the the peplum! there are only a few other things i wish that i would have changed as well:

– i should have made at it at least one size smaller. after it was all made up  it was super loose still so i took it in about 3/4 of an inch on both sides and in the back center seam.

– i wish i would have changed the back darts into back princess seams. i want to make another version of this shirt in black so i will change it on this version.

– i wish i would have pinched out some of the bulk on the upper neckline. it stretches out and looks really weird sometimes…

but overall…I REALLY FREAKIN LOVE IT SO MUCH! i can wear it with my ponte knit pants and some flats or boots and i’m good to go. it’s soooo twirly and sassy and it makes me feel super pretty! AND it’s amazingly comfortable. see i can pose on a wall in it…do yoga in it…and walk like an egyptian! (my sister and i had lots of fun taking pictures on my new camera lol)

green party peplum yoga peplum top Egyptian peplum top



i definitely think everyone should have one of these tops. so go make or buy one! i’m waiting…lol

do you have one of these tops? do you love it?! or are you a peplum skeptic? let me know what you think below! see you next year!



73 thoughts on “pretty party peplum

    1. It is suuuper awesome that all the women’s patterns are free! I plan on making every single one of them! And thank you for the compliment! I love my fancy top 🙂 lol obviously


  1. Love your twirly GIF! Love your alliteration! in awe of your sewing skills!!! Love your top!!!! Beautiful!!!!! I *may* have to make one myself….(can I? I’ve only ever made ‘random’ things before like machine-stitched (read crazy random stitching that doesn’t matter!) quilts……off to check out the link to where you got the pattern from…..SO HAPPY YOU GOT A NEW CAMERA……you *must* do one more post on what you got for Christmas, lady 😉 Love ya….have a LOVELY NEW YEAR….and here’s to a wonderful 2015 xxxxxxxxx

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    1. Thank you thank you thank you Helen! I love it all too 🙂

      You could totally make one for yourself! I would recommend making a muslin first though to see how it would fit on you! After that it really wasn’t too hard!

      I am soooo excited about my new camera!! Lol i can still do a post in what I got for Christmas but I wouldn’t be able to write it until Thursday so it would be next year lol

      Love ya too Helen!! I hope you have a fabulous end of year celebration and that your new year is amazing!!


  2. The colour of the top is really pretty ❤
    I have a peplum top which…well, I've never worn peplum before, and originally I only bought it because I fell in love with the collar (it has dark tiny studs) but..but..I must give it a go! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much z! You should definitely give it a go! I recommend something skinny on the bottom so it balances out the poofy skirt of the peplum! You should post a photo of it too cause the collar of the shirt sounds awesome 🙂

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      1. :DDDDDD
        Haha aw the thought of me posting a picture…hmmmm! I will definitely wear the shirt with more confidence though. Your post has inspired me to do so! 🙂

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  3. I agree with everyone- the color is awesome! The peplum top I made poofs out a bit because I used quilting cotton. I have some ponte knit coming in the mail (gift to myself!) so this would be a good project for it! I’m also digging the princess seams. I love that detail 🙂

    Loving the twirly gif… your face looks awesome throughout the twirl! I cringe at my twirly photos sometimes- I make the derpiest faces, lol.

    What a great post to end the year. I look forward to more Britney in 2015! *hugs*

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    1. Thank you!! The color is perfect! I don’t know about you but I get an idea in my head of exactly what I want something to look like and this color was the color I wanted! It’s kinda trippy though cause in some lighting it looks almost black! So weird lol

      And you should definitely give it a go! But with this pattern, because it wasn’t made for knits I recommend going down at least two sizes! Maybe even more! I made one size smaller than I measured and I still had to take it in quite a bit in the waist. I also have a full bust so I guess it worked out cause if I did too small then my shirt would pull at the front.

      Girl this was my 20th time twirling!!! All my other photos we so derp it hurts lol this one was the best because It was a little blurry so I think it helped hide the derp lol

      Awwww thank you Hun! I am so excited about this new year and all the making I will be doing! Hugs to you too darlin’!


  4. Looking great! I’ve never made anything with a peplum – am afraid it will only add to my tummy and hip issues, but you look so great in yours I just might give it a try. Do you think the pattern is a little oversized? Should we all cut a size smaller or is that just down to personal preference do you think.
    And thanks for linking out to the circle skirt hemming tutorial on my site – glad it was useful to you here, gives such a nice look to have that wide hem there. Deby at So Sew Easy

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    1. It actually is very flattering for hips and tummy! It’s all about making the top portion fit snugly and then making sure you have the bottom hit at the right place and making sure the waist part hits you at your skinniest part! Also pairing it was skinnier shapes on the bottom like a pencil skirt or skinny pants.

      This pattern was designed to be made with woven fabrics so because I was using a knit I knew I had to go smaller but I think there is a lot of ease in the garment so I should have done two sizes smaller at least. On their measuring chart for the top I am the biggest measurement which shows I should make a XL but I made an L and I still had to take in the center back and side seams almost an inch each to get it to be fitted on top!

      Also don’t use too thin of a fabric! Mine was a really thick ponte knit that didn’t stretch too much. Not sure what percent though oops! Lol

      And oh my goodness deby!! You are so welcome for linking! I found your site a while ago and I spent hours and hours reading every single post. You are so fab!! I have been sewing for a long time but never “properly” learned so I learned a lot from you!! I really love that technique and it helped give some body to the bottom hem 🙂

      Sorry I wrote a novel! Love ya lady!


  5. I love your peplum top! looks great ! I actually made a peplum top for my Christmas Outfit from see Kate sew but I haven’t had time to post about it ! I too love how I feel wearing it! Now I have to check out the free peplum pattern thanks for sharing!

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        1. Haha that my New Years goal too!!! Lol maybe not 100% organized but I need to get some things in order lol
          Happy new year doll!

          Let me know when you do post it cause I want to see it!


  6. Well done, Britney, on both the lovely make, but also for not buying (especially something that will hardly be worn) and so not adding to the fast fashion problem. I am a peplum skeptic myself, but I take your point on the utility of allowing you to feel more relaxed, yet fashionable and pretty at the same time! Hope you will have a fab time at the NYE party you’re going to wear it to.

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    1. I am glad you approve Alex 🙂 I am so glad too that I am not adding to the fast fashion terrible-ness that is in the society. I for one am not a fan of that at all!!

      I think you should try it out 🙂 the biggest tips I have are to make sure the top portion is fitted and stops at you smallest part and make sure the bottom hem hits you in the right place otherwise it can totally ruin the look.

      Thanks for commenting!!

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    1. thank you elizabeth! i love peplums so much!!
      they really are flattering on a lot of body type! plus size gals can wear them (like me) and it helps hid a tummy and accentuate curves and someone who doesn’t have as many curves on their body can wear a peplum to help create curves! i really do think everyone should try one ;]


    1. You should definitely consider trying one on at the very least!! Maybe I should write a guide for picking the perfect peplum top! Haha and then I could have more alliteration in my life!!


  7. I know I am a bit late, but Happy New Year. 🙂
    I also wanted to let you know that I absolutely adore your outfit. It suits you perfectly and I loooove the colour! I am totally going to add a peplum to my “to-shop-once-you-can-spare-money” list :D.
    So thanks for sharing. ♥
    (the gif is the best btw, I might steal that idea in the future if that’s okay :3)

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    1. Happy new year Kate! And thank you for the lovely comment 🙂 I really love this outfit and color too! You should for sure put a peplum on your list!
      And yes it is totally fine if you copy me lol I used my canon t5 in the sports setting to take the consecutive photos and edited the gif with the “party party” app from ABM! You could probably take the photos with their app as well but I haven’t tried it!


  8. This top looks absolutely stunning on you, Britney! The whole outfit is lovely.
    I own a peplum top which I bought on impulse when it was a very big trend a little while ago because I really wanted to make it work for me but I just don’t like the way it looks on me. 😀
    That shape and colour really looks lovely on you!
    Happy new year! 🙂

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    1. Thank you thank you! I love my outfit too 🙂 you are sweet with the compliments 🙂
      Hmmm…I wonder if maybe it wasn’t the perfect fitting one then…you have to get one that fits perfectly and hits all the right places otherwise it can look really frumpy. It also makes a huge difference what you wear it with.
      Happy new year to you too!!

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          1. Haha yes, I often do that when there is a new trend. Sometimes I buy a piece that incorporates the trend because I really want to make it work for me but it often doesn’t. 😀
            It suits you so well!

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            1. i try not to buy something unless i really like it…sometimes though i miss out on things i do like by not trying a trend sooner! i try not to be “trendy”…i only want to wear things that i want to wear.

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              1. That’s a good way to shop! Also, it must be quite lovely to have the sewing skills you do because you could make something if you can’t find it. My sewing skills are currently limited to conventional hand stitching. 😀 I will learn one day though. I think I often see how lovely a trend looks on someone else and I am then determined to make it work for me. I still have the top. Maybe I will still get it to work one day. 🙂 I actually just got an idea for a post from this conversation. 😀 Thank you for that!


  9. Absolutely love a peplum style! Both tops or dresses in this style are perfect for any occasion! The colour is absolutely gorgeous and completely flatters your skin tone! Great post sweetie.

    Ps, Mandatory twirl gif. It just has to be done in a peplum top doesn’t it! aha xx

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    1. thank you so much! i love the color too! i really want one on black for work but i am struggling to find this fabric in black!
      and yes mandatory twirl gif! haha peplums make me feel twirly :]


    1. awww thank you so much lovely! they actual help hide hips and accentuate your hourglass shape! as long as it fits right though! i was thinking of writing a post about how to pick a proper fitting peplum top. what do you think?

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