Wardrobe Architect / making style more personal.


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The very first thing that needs to be done when you are doing a complete style overhaul, is figure out your own personal style tastes! there are so many trends going on at every single moment that leave as fast as they come, with every person taking part around you and on pinterest, blogs, instagram…so how do we even know what WE actual like?!

Well for the first assignment of the challenge, we are asked to think about certain ways we are different and how those things affect the way we choose to look. Go ahead and take a look at the questions on the worksheet and then read my answers below!

I remember not being very concerned with my appearance when I was younger…I cared more about my barbie’s appearance! haha I think it was when I was in the 8th grade (12 years old) that i started to care at all. I chose to wear baggy, all black clothing. I rocked stick straight hair, converse, a wristful of those colored plastic bracelets and lots of eyeliner. Yeah, I thought I was a punk, haha! Then, the following year I went to the opposite end of the spectrum and started wearing all bright colors, all the time! Sometimes multiple at a time! I loved wearing polos with colorful stripes, all aeropostale everything, giant earrings, and ballet flats in neon colors. I, also, started getting into different hairstyles and makeup which has had a huge affect on my life considering I am a hairstylist and makeup artist now! As far as my style choices now, I think I have a healthier dose of black and color and I still have a deep love for ballet flats!

I am a Latter-Day Saint, and because of that fact i hold myself to a different standard of modesty than most people. I don’t wear tops that are revealing, I don’t wear skirts or shorts that hit farther up above the knee and I always wear tops and dresses with sleeves. Besides how I dress, I also never like to buy things on a whim or that aren’t a reasonable price, and when I go through things to get rid of I always donate them so I am helping others. I try not to have more than I need.

I am white. And I’m really sad to say that I don’t know my ethnicity…I have no idea! I have asked my family too and they don’t really know. Based off of the way my family and myself look, I think I am made up of some sort of combo of English, German and Irish. I have very light freckle-y skin and my mom and her 3 brothers are all gingers. And I feel like our noses look kinda German. Like I said, just a guess. Because I don’t really know my family origins, I haven’t really been affected by them. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV and there are people that come and go here from all over the world.  There really aren’t any strong fashion influences in Las Vegas culture since there is so much diversity here.

I think my direct community influences me somewhat but not in the way you think, haha. mostly it influences me to be unique and to try to not have the same things as others! The sewing and DIY communities influences me so much with all the patterns they are creating or making with such awesome fabric! To be honest, the sewing community influences me way more than my friends or anyone directly connected to me, haha. I’m not mad about it.

I don’t really have too many activities in my life, but if an outfit isn’t comfortable or is too fussy I just won’t wear it. Also, for work I have to wear all black or black with touches of white or grey. So because of that fact, I like to wear garments with different textures, finishes or garments that have unique design details so i don’t feel plain. Luckily I can dress kinda casual for work too so the whole comfort thing is easier! Another activity for me is church, so I need comfy and cute dresses and skirts. I don’t have very many that fit that I actually like.

I live in Las Vegas, NV where it is hot…pretty much the whole year long. Because it is so freakin’ hot during the summers i try and wear as few layers as possible and thinner clothing too. I need to get more familiar with fabrics and what their properties are so i know what breathes the best. Something else i want to try doing is wearing more skirts and dresses during the summer because I feel like they would be less hot that jeans which is what i usually wear. Winters in Las Vegas are really not bad at all so i usually only need to have some light layering pieces and one or two warmer coats.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that we all aren’t 100% happy with our bodies…and I know I want to improve mine to be healthier and a little thinner. Honestly though, I am way more confident and comfortable in my skin now than I used to be when i was my skinniest in high school (even though I am about 40 lbs heavier). I just miss being able to wear tighter shirts and feel comfortable. But alas, I am making the best of what I got and I want to have a wardrobe that I love because when I wear an outfit that I LOVE it makes me feel amazing! (like my peplum top that i made!)


now, I am going to be nosy and ask you to pick a category and tell me how it influences your style! I just love learning more about people 🙂






18 thoughts on “Wardrobe Architect / making style more personal.

  1. Britney…this post made me smile as I remembered my own fashion evolution over the decades! These days I wear mostly black, red, maroon and ivory with my blue jeans. I am a redhead with fair, freckled skin and find these colors suit me. I am finally at an age where I know what suits my body and lifestyle and what I like wearing 🙂 – Karen

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    1. i am so glad i could make you smile karen! isn’t it so funny how we look so cute at the time and then later look at pictures and think “what the heck am i wearing?!”
      i am so glad that you have discovered what works for you! i have too for the most part but i think my weight gain over the years has decommissioned a lot of my closet!
      thanks so much for reading!! i just popped over to your blog and caught up with your posts. i love seeing what you buy! i am so surprised that sterling silver charm bracelet hasn’t sold. it is quite lovely!


  2. *Loved* reading your post! I loved the history section as it made me remember all my fashion stages: my favourites were definitely the years when I dressed kind of crazy (how I wanted to dress, not how people/society dictated I should dress). I wish I’d not moved out of that phase, to some extent, as I definitely feel that was the period in my life when I dressed much more ‘me’. I now dress for ‘activities’, definitely: I need to be comfortable most of the time and dress up only when I have appointments or meetings for work….I’d love to be able to dress in high heels and dresses and jewellery all the time, but its just not practical for my lifestyle…..I’m definitely a frustrated ‘glamorous’ dresser….because I can’t dress as glamorously as I’d like….when I studied, there were lots of formal dinners and I used to *love* that as everyone would get really dressed up…a modern Downton Abbey type dressing up….I *loved* it….

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    1. thank you dah-ling! i’m glad you enjoyed it!! it is so unfortunate that we dress less like ourelves and more for society. or our bodies change and we feel like we can’t dress the way we want (like me sometimes lol)
      you can always go back to dressing like you want! just start one garment at a time! thats why i love sewing so much because i can make something that is 100% me because i can control all the aspects!
      i sooo wish there were more instances where i could dress glamourous! when i was younger and i went to the mall with my friends we would always try on all the formal dresses for fun! sometimes i still do that haha! its nice to look fabulous!


      1. My WP dashboard is doing funny things and I didn’t see your reply until just now….you’re spurring me on to try to start sewing some things for myself. I have some material for a long skirt, I think I may start there (be prepared for questions!!)…and I saw some fabric the other day that’s absolutely beautiful, perfect for a long, really flow-y skirt…..[I agree: it is nice to look (and therefore feel) fabulous!!!]

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  3. Loved that you posted your response to the history worksheet! I am now considering doing the same 😉 I think it is interesting that you don’t know much about your family history – in that my roots (Palestinian & Jewish) have always been a huge part of my identity – that in turn has influenced my taste in fashion, art, literature, and even music.
    As far as activities go – I do walk and ride my bike a little bit on a daily basis – so when I sew clothing for myself – I am always trying to keep that reality in mind – which usually means LEGGINGS + dress/tunic.

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    1. hey, you can’t go wrong wiht leggings and a tunic. so comfy and so cute.
      you should definitely post yours!! then i can be nosy and get to know you more 😉
      i know it is so weird that i don’t know but like i said…my family doesn’t know our heritage and nobody has looked…it really does kill me inside! i’m PRETTY sure i’m english. my maiden name is cook and my mothers maiden name is brewer…both very english.

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  4. This was so interesting! I can’t believe you don’t know what your background is… thats crazy! It’s fun to think about what we all wore in middle school and see how time has gone by….everything constantly changes and I love how that is always reflected in fashion. 🙂

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    1. i’m so glad it was interesting! lol i know, i know! i can’t believe it either…i’m pretty sure based on my father and mothers family names, i am english…i really wish i knew!
      and yes it is so funny to see how styles change as we grow up!!


  5. First of all, I wanted to mention something you might be interested in! Have you ever heard of 23andme? It’s a site that you submit your DNA too, and it will tell you your origins. It actually gives you MUCH more information than that. It will tell you your maternal and paternal lineages, your ancenstry composition, DNA relatives, and your neanderthal percentage (I copied that from the site). But I had a few friends that were unsure, and they all did it and were extremely happy with their results. If I didn’t know my origin I would have done it right away. It does cost $99, so it’s a bit of a commitment, but I just thought you might be interested! If you do it, you’ll have to share! 🙂

    As for my style…I wish I had one! I would say that the biggest influence to me is the way I was raised – my mom has always been extremely thrifty, which shaped the way I buy clothes. I do NOT spend more than $40 on almost anything (with the exception of a few pairs of jeans). So my style tends to be “on the way out.” 😉

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    1. hmmmm…that is a hefty price for that! it doesn’t bother me enough to pay almost a hundred dollars for it. i do appreciate that you would recommend it though! maybe when i’m older if it gets to be more of a big deal i will try it out.

      thats whats great about style, is its so personal! thats why i am going through this challenge, to find out my own style. its not to figure out what “style box” you fit into. i never spend more than $40 on anything either, except for jeans or certain other clothing items like boots or purses that i will get way more use out of. and i think you are referring to trends and fads! trends and fads leave as fast as they come, but your personal style is ever evolving and always YOURS.


  6. I just randomly scrolled to a section and picked community, and I’d have to say that living in a predominately LDS community has influenced my wardrobe. I am definitely concerned about modesty, but even if I hadn’t grown up in Utah, I think I would still be concerned about revealing too much skin. I definitely think classy is best.
    This is going to be a fun series!!

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