Wardrobe Architect / defining my core style

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The first thing we had to do for the wardrobe architect challenge was to make style more of a personal thing by thinking about different ways that our lifestyles affect our aesthetic. you can read all my thoughts on that here. (some of the answers to today’s questions are kinda referenced to those!)

NEXT we are going from thinking about these things generally, to figuring out how they might work in our actual physical wardrobe. It’s all rather exciting! Before I start I recommend you read the post on the coletterie blog and check out the worksheet for this exercise! (maybe even try answering some questions yourself, it really is fun!)
Now, for my answers:

My favorite clothing items make me feel:
comfy – nothing itchy or too tight for me please.
sassy – definition=lively, bold, and full of spirit; cheeky.
unique – I love feeling like I put together an outfit that not many other people would wear.
confident – like I can be myself 100%. and it accentuates my goods.
cohesive – I don’t want to look like I just threw random stuff on…I want to look like things go together…not necessarily “match”, but go.
edgy – definition=original, offbeat, weird. I like weird.
clean – not dingy looking or fraying. clean lines, clean looking colors.
easy – easy to put on, not tons of layers. easy to wear, not fussy.
happy – obviously…haha.

The way I DON’T want to feel/look when I wear clothing:
frumpy – nobody wants to feel like this.
boring – I need interesting pattern/texture/color/shine/details/accessories in my life.
fussy – when things take lots of work to keep looking nice through the day, I get frustrated. and fussy things are usually uncomfortable.
fat/pregnant – people have mistaken me for pregnant…I don’t want that to happen EVER. you know, unless I actually am pregnant. (but I might still not want people to point it out blatantly).

style2one / two / three / four

My style icons:
I don’t really pay too much attention to “style icons” or celebrity style…and I haven’t found anyone who’s style is the exact same as mine (which I kinda love) but a few celebrity street styles that I love seeing are:
Jessica Alba, Lauren Conrad, Emma Stone, Kate Beckinsale.

celeb styleone / two / three / four


Some words that describe styles that I like in theory, but not for me:
vintage – I love some vintage inspired things but for the most part what I find is not exactly my style.
bohemian – I love bohemian inspired hairstyles, but I don’t like the earthy tones and deconstructed look in clothing for me.
shabby chic – the pastel colors and uber frilly and girly is not for me. I love frills and lace in small doses.

The 15 descriptive words, moods, and feelings that I associate with my answers from last week are:
unique, comfy, modest, sassy, easy, edgy, simple, flattering, confident, colorful, unexpected, cohesive, well-made, cool, fun.

styleone / two / three / four


If I had to narrow your list to only 3-5 words to describe my style, I would choose:

comfy – sassy – unique – easy – cohesive

(The last thing to do for today was to collect 15-20 images that represent my 3-5 words. I shared some of mine in the collages above and the rest are on my pinterest board which you should for sure check out!)

thank you so much for reading!! can you tell i love the word “sassy”? haha
now, it’s your turn! what words can you come up with that describe your style?!





29 thoughts on “Wardrobe Architect / defining my core style

        1. It would be so awesome haha you should fill them out! Its nice to dig deeper and “discover” your style. It helps you focus when you are making or even buying clothing.


  1. Loving how you embraced this, Britney! I’ve done the assignments on my computer, but didn’t get the chance to post them. One for the weekend. But you inspired to get my sassy derrière (wink!) into gear! I feel like you are my Wardrobe Architect buddy 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right! I am hoping j can make some pretty things that go well together. And i love my five main descriptive words! Sassy is my favorite lol you probably could tell haha!


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