Wardrobe Architect / exploring shapes and building silhouettes


We have reached the end of January! HOLY CANNOLI! I hope it has treated you well my friend.
I have been having so much fun with this challenge, even though it really has been a challenge! haha. It really is harder than you think it would be…

Even though I have always known what my tastes were, I have always gotten very easily distracted by other shiny things that I think I like but then when I make it or try it on in a store, it is a hard pass. I think that’s why I have been enjoying these assignments so much, because I am defining and documenting all the aspects of my personal style. I can’t wait to keep going!

So far I have made style more personal by answering how different aspects in my life has affected my style and I have answered a series of questions that have helped me define my core style. My core style is:
comfy – sassy – unique – easy – cohesive

Now, for week 3 and week 4 of the Wardrobe Architect challenge, we were supposed to fill out this worksheet that lists different shapes of clothing (loose, fitted, short, long, different necklines, etc.) with a 0-10 scale and then pair our favorite shapes together to the build silhouettes that we love to wear. (silhouettes are just the lines and style of garment, not the color/pattern/details of it.) It was recommended to use Polyvore to create the silhouettes, and this was really hard for me because I got too hung up on the colors and details of the garment. I got it done though, and I think I did pretty well!

l (1)l

I pretty much have known what shapes I like to wear for a while, but it was really nice thinking more about it and how I can mix certain pieces together that have similar shape. For example, skinny jeans and a pencil skirt are interchangeable because they are both bottoms that are slimmer to the body.

l (4) l (3)

I generally find that I like fitted bottom shapes with looser tops or tops that are fitted in the chest/shoulder area but looser in the midriff with some waist definition.

l (6) l (5)

I also noticed that the shapes and silhouettes that I like are basically the same for all the seasons, I just change the colors, add longer sleeves, switch my shoes, and/or add another layer when its colder.

l (7) l (2)

After figuring all our shapes/silhouettes out, we were then tasked to design or collect 20 patterns that fit into our shapes/silhouettes. I’m still in the process of picking the patterns out that I like that fit into my silhouettes, if you are interested in seeing what patterns I love and want to use, I will post them in a separate post!

I just want to end by saying this…

THANK YOU SO MUCH! for reading along and expressing how much you are looking forward to seeing what I make! This process is a fun one for me, but it’s even funner (yes, I know it’s not a word) that you are reading along and enjoying it too!! It’s making the whole process so much better!!

If you have been following along with the challenge and taking part as well I would love to see your posts! Put a link below and I will check it out!

What silhouettes do you find yourself wearing often? What makes you feel SASSY?!




33 thoughts on “Wardrobe Architect / exploring shapes and building silhouettes

  1. I’m not personally undertaking the wardrobe architect challenge, but I really love reading about your journey. I don’t know why but discussing style and how we all think about putting an outfit/wardrobe together is so interesting! Something I actually hadn’t really realised properly until I did the capsule wardrobe challenge! :0 lovely post as always! Can’t wait to read and see more of your journey!

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    1. I have been really enjoying reading others posts about it too! It really is fascinating to me too to see how and why someone puts together an outfit! Sadly I feel like a lot of people are just trying to wear what others are wearing to fit in…I hate that so much!

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  2. Love your silhouettes! I had the chance to hear Tim Gunn of “Project Runway” speak and one of the things I remember him saying is that if you’re going to wear a voluminous top, pair it with a skinny jean or pant and vice versa. 🙂 – Karen

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    1. Yup! It’s always good to have balance in an outfit! There are exceptions, like wearing all form fitting can be nice but generally its balance that makes an outfit interesting 🙂


  3. Im loving your style right now Britney! I also love that you used the word “sassy” haha. I love pretty much everything. When I go shopping I always feel like Im looking for something “different” because I pretty much have everything haha. 🙂

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  4. Great job coming up with your silhouettes! I really think doing that helped me a whole lot when it came to choosing which patterns I was going to use. But I still have so many options! Now I really need to narrow it down.

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    1. I just created my list the other day…it’s so long!! I’m going to have to go through and decide what I REALLY like lol I think I’m mostly going to draft my own patterns…mostly to save money but also so I can feel awesome! lol


  5. We all get taken in by shiny things!! I find it so hard to go with a wearable staple while shopping or making and seeing a bigger wardrobe picture. While I’m not committed enough to do the wardrobe architect challenge it really does get you thinking reading about others journeys.
    I’m gonna have to steal cohesive and comfy from you when I’m planning my makes. Your looks are all so chic and I would love to get a wardrobe so mix and match.
    I would love to see the patterns and fabric you chose to bring your wardrobe to life! so please do a separate post. I find it so hard to go with neutral colours and seeing your picks will definitely inspire me!

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    1. I always find it hard to shop for neutral basic fabrics and stuff too. I always get sucked into the ones that are a crazy print or it soft and Flowy but doesn’t really work well with what I like to wear. You don’t have to accept the challenge to be able to read through the worksheets! I think everyone should go through the different posts for the challenge and read it all and define your own style, even if you don’t see it helps a lot. It’s all about planning!

      I will for sure post about fabrics since that is a task for this month for the challenge! And I will post the patterns that I find and like but I think I will mostly be drafting my own patterns.

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      1. I really need help on fabric!! Can’t wait for your post. Just went shopping, for plain navy cotton, and ended up with semi sheer fabric with pictures of cars and cocktails on it haha
        I think there needs to be a fabric shopping helpline…

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        1. I think that there definitely needs to be a hotline.
          I don’t know how helpful I will be for helping you pick fabric!! Lol I still love weird fabrics but I am going to need to get a lot of black and basic colors so I can intermix everything.

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            1. Yes use a checklist! Lol and I swear this challenge would be great for you, not that you have to be crazy dedicated to it or anything but going through the worksheets to define your style and the way you want to dress will help immensely. I’m not even done with the challenge yet and I feel like it has helped me so much already


  6. I’m not doing the challenge but I’m familiar with the wardrobe architect series, and I’m finding more and more blogs which are participating. I like the idea of choosing 20 patterns. I think I might do that just for the fun of it. It’s a great concept – this kind of stuff is where fashion gets really expressive and individual.

    Sometimes I make mood boards based on people I know or have seen out and about because I like understanding how others put their different looks together (does that sound like stalking? It’s not like that, I swear) and I think interpreting someone else’s style can throw new ideas in the mix. This is even more interesting because other people are sharing their mood boards and whole concepts. So its like seeing the world through other people’s perspective. 🙂

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    1. I think even if you don’t commit to the challenge 100% it would still be great for defining your style and planning a way to pick your sewing projects.

      I totally know what you mean about finding it fascinating about how others put together their style. I have been having so much fun reading about what makes others feel great and how they want their style to look.
      I was totally thinking that I want to go through this whole process with other people and help them find their style and be like a personal shopper or something. That would be the most fun ever!!


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