Blog Anniversary and Re-Design!



wordpress anniversary

I made this blog a year ago! HOLY CRAP.

(I didn’t start blogging regularly until July but…at least I made this blog to begin with!)

Now I’m in a whole new year of blogging. I have learned quite a lot, I have written quite a lot, and I have met quite a lot of amazing people, and I hope to continue this awesome-ness for years to come!

But seriously, you are my favorite thing about blogging! I don’t think I would continue blogging if I didn’t have you all to connect with! THANK YOU SO MUCH for being here! I FREAKIN’ LOVE YOU!


So, with a new year of blogging, I decided that a new look was in order for the blog! You should really take a look cause I am super proud of it!

I feel like it looks clean and unique and I LOVE NEW BACKGROUND. And I’m so happy that I FINALLY made a header for my blog! I’m so glad I have scissors everywhere, because I feel like they are a common thread in a lot of the things I am passionate about: beauty (I’m a hairstylist and scissors are one of my weapons of choice), doing crafts, and sewing.

Along with the new blog design:
– I updated my about sections: about the blog and about britney
(tell me what cha think)
– I added categories to the menu, so you can easily look at the posts in a certain catagory like SEWING or BEAUTY or WARDROBE ARCHITECT
– I made a newsletter…I’m not 100% sure what I am going to do with it but if you want to sign up then you can do that RIGHT HERE.
– I added all my social media links to the sidebar so you can find me super easily and we can take this friendship to a whole nutha level! I’ll even put them right here so you don’t have to take the 2 seconds to go to my sidebar!


Instagram and Pinterest are by far my favorites. I am one serious Pinner. And I think people enjoy what I pin considering I have over 1000 people following my Pinterest boards! How the heck did that happen and how do I get them to come here?! LOL. Also, I made a twitter but I don’t think I like it. Like I kinda want to get rid of it cause I can’t figure it out and I don’t really know what to do with it LOL.

The only thing I’m not so sure about is all the stuff on my sidebar…
Take a look and tell me, Is it too busy?

Does my new design look SUPA FLY?!
What is your favorite part of the new design?



66 thoughts on “Blog Anniversary and Re-Design!

  1. You do have an awesomely styled blog. Blogging is quite a learning curve. In addition to my sewing tutorials, and improving my writing while blogging, I have certainly developed a new appreciation for photographers, graphic designers, stylists… It’s challenging! But I guess that’s what makes it a bit addictive…

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    1. Thanks Zoe! It definitely is something you have to continually learn about. I definitely appreciate all the fancy looking photos and tutorials I find! It takes me ages to write one post with some subpar images, so I’m sure it takes even longer to make it look amazing! Or maybe they have learned more than me lol


    1. Thanks so much! I’m glad it’s easy on the eyes! One of the reasons I wanted to change it is that my old layout had a tiny font that you could barely read! I’m glad you like my about me section


      1. You’re welcome!

        It is always so refreshing when you finally find a look you like. I’ve spent multiple days searching for a look I liked and have gone through numerous headaches. I’m always torn between themes and getting everything to look just right.

        You did a pretty great job of capturing every piece of what you represent.

        Hey, since I’m working on your interview now, I need a photo of you. Email it to me if you can before 5 o’clock today? Some of the Instagram photos aren’t loading, but will they once I post it?

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        1. It is so nice when you finally get it to look nice! It didn’t look bad before but I feel way happier about it now. And I spent to time making a custom header and background!
          I think they should load…I think they just take a little bit longer because they are pulling the image from instagram


  2. I love the sidebar! I think it looks great, and so does the whole page! Did you upgrade/purchase anything to have your own header? It’s super cute. Also, I don’t understand Twitter yet either, but I’m giving it some time! I’ve only had it for about two months now…I just feel old. 😉

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    1. Thanks love! I didn’t upgrade anything, I created a custom header myself in pic monkey and added it in, the layout I use is free and has an option for a custom header image!
      I have always been anti Twitter because I feel like people document too much of their life on there and they are too vague. It’s not my favorite lol

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        1. It is for me as well! I was thinking instead of focusing on all the different social medias all at once that I would just pick a few and use those. I love Instagram and Pinterest, and the people that use those are the people I want to appeal to! So that’s why I might get rid of Twitter lol

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  3. Happy blogiversary! Love love love the new design! I may have to revamp my blog now – so inspired! Oh, and your husband has an awesome name… I named my first sewing machine Brody (Brodie) McBrosephson. It was a Brother, LOL.

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    1. Thanks lovely!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT TOO! oooo you should totally do it! I will help as much as I can!
      His name is very cool lol but not quite as cool as your Brother’s name! I haven’t named my machine…probably because it was my mothers! Maybe I should now hmmmmm

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