CHATTY MONDAYS / “you are not your weight”, & the most adorable sneak peaks!


(on a Tuesday again…oops)

I have really been enjoying chatting with you! These posts are exactly how I hoped they would go, I chat a little about some of the things going on in life and then you chat right down in the comments with me! I’m totally loving the conversation! I hope you are too!! 🙂

Last week, One of the things I talked about was that I want to start getting healthier again by working out and eating better. Well it’s been a slow start but at least I started! I ended up buying a workout plan through FitnessBlender since I have done some of their workouts and LOVE them so much. All of their workouts are FREE so you should try one! Their workout plans are all using their free workouts, but they plan out what videos you do every day, which for me is great since I never know what to do! Today was legs and butt…so my legs feel like jello.
(BTW, they aren’t sponsoring me, they are just awesome.)


One of the things that I am focusing on this time around is on overall health, ability and how I FEEL, not how I look or how much I weigh. I would like to be smaller and be more defined overall but “appearance is a consequence of fitness” and that’s how I am trying to keep myself looking at it. So I have decided after reading this article (You Are Not Your Scale Weight!) and countless others and realizing how much that number affects me…
I’m only going to weigh myself and take my measurements once a month.
Because I am more than just the force with which my body is attracted to Earth.

In other news, I am getting farther along on my making and selling shenanigans!

WHICH IS SUPER EXCITING! I had a photo-shoot the other day with some of the cutest. models. ever. I bet you want a sneak peak don’t you??


Well, here you go ♥

DPP_0039 DPP_0048

Are they not the cutest little humans ever?!

I might be a little biased because these are a couple of my nephews…but I think you’ll agree that they are pretty darn cute.
So, what do you think about those onsies? Are they interesting at all?!

Would you dress your offspring in a cute handmade onsie re-purposed from a men’s graphic t-shirt?

How has your week been? And let me know what you think of that article up there




61 thoughts on “CHATTY MONDAYS / “you are not your weight”, & the most adorable sneak peaks!

  1. Hi, Britney!
    Congratulations on the steps you’re taling to become healthier! Andy and I are getting ready to sign up to the gym. Hooray.
    And, yes, those onsies are adorable!! I would have totally dress my little man in them!!
    Happy Tuesday. Talk to you soon. XO -J

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    1. Thank you Jacqueline! I’m glad you are going to start as well! It will surely help the way you feel 🙂
      Thank you for the feedback on the onsies!! Now just to figure out a fair price and if it’s worth it lol
      Happy Tuesday to you too!

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        1. I’m not sure…based on how much the supplies cost and how long it takes me, I “should” charge $40 but I know that is rather high for something for a baby that will only for for a small amount of time…I think I just need to see if I can cut costs down so I can do a fair price

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                    1. No, but that can be a negative, some places you can have for free as long as it’s under a certain number of listings. Also, they don’t allow for customization of pages and it’s very hard to have you brand stick out and make an impression. People go buy things from etsy not from the people who make things on etsy. Also, etsy allows bigger companies to sell on there that mass produce items, so it’s not just all handmade unique treasures so it muddles down the things that are truly handmade and it makes our stuff look uber expensive compared to those mass produced things. ALSO, etsy has a section where they recommend products that are similar to what they are looking at that ARENT in your store so people can click away from your store super easy.

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                    2. Yup it is very unfortunate! That was the whole reason they started etsy…for handmade and vintage only. They do get a lot of traffic though so it’s still kinda worth it

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    1. Thank you darling 🙂
      I think they look really rad! Now I just have to figure out pricing that is enough to pay me for my time and supplies but not too much to be a super expensive onsie lol


      1. LOL: pricing is always tricky but I think you’d get buyers even if they turn out to be on the expensive side; they’re custom, after all, and Mamas/family do spend *a lot* on babies…..[I guess it depends on the cost of the t-shirt, too….have you found a reasonable supplier…and can you make two onesies (or more) out of one tshirt?]

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  2. Your nephews are sooo cute! 🙂 That’s so cool that you make onesies what a cool idea. O yeah and thanks for the tip about the free fitness. I love working out and am always looking for new stuff to do. So much great stuff in this post…keep em coming! 🙂

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    1. I think they are THE CUTEST EVER!! Lol but yes I’m biased lol and thank you! I had the idea and made them for Christmas and these aren’t even as great as I could make them. I think I am going to update a few things and more practice will make them better!
      I’m glad you love the tip on fitnessblender! They really are great 🙂 let me know what you think!! I love their tabata style workouts 🙂

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  3. Oh my goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE the onesies!!! AND, I think it would be such a unique great gift!!! YOU MUST SELL THESE! You could totally use daddy’s old college shirts, or something with a lot of meaning! 🙂

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    1. I know!!!! Thank you!! I was thinking of having some tees that are set designs that people can buy but then having the option for them to send me a shirt to make into a onsie as a cute memorabilia item! Cause it would be the cutest thing ever!

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            1. Well to cover cost of materials and make something extra for the labor I should charge like $40 but I know that it pretty high for a baby onsie that will only fit for a short time…so I’m trying to figure out where I can cut costs.

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    1. Hey Michelle! I’m so glad you bookmarked it, you won’t regret it!! I’m glad you like my idea! I just hope other people with babies do too so they will buy them lol
      I hope your week calms down!! Or just hurries up so you can get to a less insane one lol

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    1. Thank you Karen!! I’m glad you like them! It been surprising to me that no one else has done this, I’ve searched around a lot! But hopefully it’s because they just haven’t thought of it and not because it makes no money lol

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      1. They really are awesome!! You’re such a talented gal! Fingers crossed you’ll be on a retirement plan this time next year after making multi-millions from your upcycled onesies!!! haha 😉 If I had a little’un I’d certainly be ordering one!! X

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  4. “Would you dress your offspring in a cute handmade onsie re-purposed from a men’s graphic t-shirt?”

    Ummm, I would dress MYSELF in that TMNT re-purposed onesie! That is too awesome/adorable. Thanks for sharing your secret plans! I don’t have any kids around that are the age to wear onesies anymore, but if a family member busts out another baby, I’ve got my eyes on these. ❤

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    1. Hahahaha maybe I can figure out how to make an adult size onsie 😉 I guess that would be a bodysuit huh hahaha
      Please don’t steal my secret plans though!! Lol I look forward to the day that I can make a baby in your family a cool onesie!! I’m so glad you like them!!

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