seven / blog name

The blog-tember challenge is a fun, daily blogging challenge created by the
lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love blog.
Today is DAY SEVEN: Tell us about your blog name. Where did it come from?

My air conditioning went out a couple days ago and it kinda threw off my blogging groove, but I am here now and catching up   🙂


Untitledall thing britney lee

When I first started this blog over a year ago, I didn’t have a specific niche that I wanted to focus on.
I love sewing, crafting, hair and makeup…and plenty of other things and I didn’t want to limit what I could talk about by having a name that goes with a specific niche.
My name is Britney, and it was the name I liked the most at the time.

I honestly don’t 100% love my blog name…I’m a very quirky person and I love to be unique…and I just feel like “all things britney lee” sounds very generic…
It doesn’t POP…it isn’t memorable…at least to me it isn’t.

But I don’t know what name I would change to!!
I still would like to have a niche-less name, something weird but catchy.
I would love something with a PUN!! I love puns!

Do you like your blog name?
Why did you name your blog what you named it?
I’d love to know!!


Brave Love Blog


4 thoughts on “seven / blog name

  1. My blog is called Hummingbird Redemption. I started it to publicize my book. I have always loved hummingbirds. They are so quick, fairy-like, whimsical and determined! I felt like I had been redeemed and have gone on to live as a hummingbird does, hence the name. xxx

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