nine / dear me…

The blog-tember challenge is a fun, daily blogging challenge created by the
lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love blog.
Today is DAY NINE: Write a letter to sixteen-year-old you. Any advice or funny stories?

sweet 16top right: friends from choir before i moved   /   bottom left: friends from choir after i moved

Hey there, sixteen-year-old me.

This is you from the future at twenty-four! So far, you’ve had a pretty great life. Yes, there are some bad things that have happened and there will be more, but things are going to better because of it.

You just moved and left all your friends at your old school…I know that seems like the worst thing ever, but it’s really not, I promise! You make more friends!! Including one of your best-est friends of life. You do fail your last quarter of English after you move…but it’s not the end of the world either! You still graduate with an honors diploma, so don’t beat yourself up over it.

You’re going to have so much fun your last two years of high school!! You’re in choir, and it’s the best thing ever. Please cherish every moment you can while you’re doing it because, even thought it feels forever away, graduation is so soon. Then you’ll be an adult, which isn’t all you think it is! You get to go to school and work and pay bills! YAY so fun! I’m just going to tell you this quote that mom keeps saying to us:
“You’ll never be as not busy as you are now.”
And it’s so true…you think you’re crazy busy now?…lol no.

I know that having a boyfriend seems like the greatest and most important thing on the planet, but it’s really not. You don’t get a boyfriend until you’re 18, and he’s the greatest guy ever and you’ve had a crush on him since you were 12. AND you marry him! Yup, the fact that you were super picky about who you had a crush on paid off!

Last but not least, PLEASE love yourself more. I know you think you’re fat right now and the lack of boyfriend thing is making you feel worse about yourself but trust me…YOU ARE AMAZING. Maybe instead of beating yourself up and not doing anything about it, do some yoga, or some sort of exercise. Building a routine now would totally help haha. Also, Stop caring about what others think. They really don’t even care about you! Just do you!


What would you say to your younger self?


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6 thoughts on “nine / dear me…

  1. Loved this. The whole ‘self love’ thing is something I struggle with, too…..loved the quote you used ‘Time takes time. The only way you fail at life is to abstain’….have a great weekend!!!! (Only just had a chance to check out your posts…)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t been able to write any more!! I’m hopefully going to be able to catch up more to at least the one before the vlog…then I can post that one tomorrow hopefully!


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