twenty three / guest post with Heather from Icing on the Cake!

The blog-tember challenge is a fun, daily blogging challenge created by the
lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love blog.
Today is DAY TWENTY THREE: Grab a guest post. Recruit a friend or fellow blogger to share on your space for the day.


I’m so happy to have heather here for you to meet! She is such a sweet gal, And I have been loving the process of swapping blogs for the day!!
Her blog is super super cute and I’ve been following along for the last year since the last challenge! She’s definitely someone you would all love, so go follow!! Without further ado, here’s Heather of Icing on the Cake!!

Hello friends!

Today is the official first day of autumn. I am so excited! Fall is my favorite season of all so it’s no surprise that I adore fall fashion. After a hot summer I am so ready for cooler temperatures and a reason to throw on some boots and leggings. So far in San Diego, I haven’t had much luck. Last weekend it was 100 degrees!

Still a girl can dream right? I always get a bit more interested in clothing and fashion around fall flipping through the J.Crew catalogue and browsing Pinterest. During the summer months you pay for fabric that is shorter, thinner and all around less. It just doesn’t feel like a very good deal to me! (even though I am a sucker for loose breezy tanks)

So today I want to go ahead and share my wish list! After all now that’s officially fall, maybe the temperatures will corporate and I can make this wish list a reality J


Is this a fall shirt? Do you need coffee in the fall in order to work? Then yes it’s a fall shirt!

Last year I finally did get my dream mustard-yellow cozy scarf. And I got it from Target! It was the last one and I have been in love with it ever since.

The navy blue dress pants are from J. Crew and I have been in the market for an upgrade on dress pants recently. (I have been wearing longs shirts and leggings to work…they are just so comfy!) These are the “Ryder Pant” and apparently are super stretchy and comfy.

Awww green jackets! I have seen them everywhere! I have tried a few on but the sleeves are either too short or it’s too heavy. I just want something light. It’s San Diego after all! It’s not going to be that cold!

Isn’t this clutch the cutest? I saw it on Francesca’s website and have fell in love. Who doesn’t like stripes ?!

These little slip on booties are MY FAVORITE. They are from Sole Society.  Being tall I have never wanted boots with much of a heel so I really like how almost-flat these are. I got some black booties last year form Marshalls and I wore them constantly. I’m thinking a new color is a must have!

Now I would officially like/LOVE to go shopping this second. But wait…I’m at work. How anti-climatic.

Anyway I’d love to make a big shout-out to the lovely Britney for hosting me on her blog! I really feel honored to be here as I feel she is so much more the expert on fashion! How lucky is my blog today!?

What are some of your fall fashion favorites?

Thanks again Heather for coming on here and sharing your fall fashion must haves!! Now I want that clutch too!!
DON’T FORGET to check out my post on Heather’s blog!


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5 thoughts on “twenty three / guest post with Heather from Icing on the Cake!

  1. Two of my most favourit-est ever Blog-temberer bloggers swapping blogs…and I only just found out about it 😉 GREAT post from Heather with her trademark humour…loved it….the t-shirt made me LOL, literally…..may have to do a DIY version…but don’t think the pun works with ‘tea’…..will pop over to Heather’s tomorrow to read your post…..Helen xx

    Liked by 1 person

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