SEWN: A Moneta LBD

It’s about darn time that I have something to show you that I’ve sewn! And also my new hair cause of course I changed it AGAIN. πŸ™‚

full front

I started this dress in 2015…in the BEGINNING of 2015. Here we are in March…

I finished this dress sometime in January after working on it very sporadically over almost a year. And now with more free time and my cousin taking pictures for me, I can share it with all of you!! ( and all my awkward hand poses and faces yay!)

The pattern I used was the Moneta dressΒ from Collete patterns, which my lovely friend Rachel at Sew RED-y inspired me to try! She’s literally made 6 of themΒ and each one is more lovely than the last! It’s a knit dress pattern with a few different sleeve options, a boat neckline that scoops a little lower in the back, and even a free downloadable pack of collars to customize it even further! AND…AAAND it has pockets. HALLLELUEAAAHHH.

full front pocket

The fabric is a silky, soft bamboo jersey knit from Girl Charlee, but it seems they don’t sell it anymore! I also bought some of their combed cotton jersey and they are similar weight, stretch and feel, not sure how it sews up compared to the bamboo jersey though.
I’ve tried sewing with super soft, fine knits before and it was just a disaster haha! But the bamboo jersey, though it is lightweight, sewed up AMAZINGLY. The only thing I will say that isn’t my favorite is it’s a little see-through…so maybe I should have lined it or wear something underneath. But I didn’t for the photos…MEH.

full back

ANOTHER great thing about this pattern is that it has plus sizes up to 3x! I cut a size XL last year and then gained a few extra pounds…so it’s a little tight. I’m lucky the fabric is stretchy to accommodate my larger areas…*ahem boobs* and I think that’s why it’s a little see-through too…cause of how much the fabric is having to stretch. NEXT TIME I’m going to do the 1x size and it should be more comfy cause it won’t be as tight!

front close up back close up

This was my second time using a twin needle to finish all the hems for a knit project…BUT it’s the first SUCCESSFUL time so I’m super proud of that!!

This was the first time I’ve used clear elastic to gather knit fabric together and even though it was a little tricky to keep the gathering even, I totally love this technique! I love that the elastic is in the dress and keeps the waist were it needs to be. It’s very secure and it’s flattering I think!

Besides that, there’s not much I would change about it! I do think I want to experiment with changing up the neckline, because even though I like how the back scoops down and is super classy and vintage feeling…it also is annoying because my undergarments like to peek out. And usually I don’t like having to fidget and constantly worry that my under thangs are showin’.

And on that note…I’ll leave you with some of my awkward poses because this is just theΒ best it’s gonna get hahahaah

derp awkward

You’re welcome ❀

What do you think of this dress?! I totally recommend you try this pattern if you’re wanting to try sewing knits! Everyone needs a good knit dress.

What have you sewn or crafted recently? post a link so I can see it!




24 thoughts on “SEWN: A Moneta LBD

    1. Thank you Shauna!! I totally have missed seeing you face around here and miss talking to you!!
      If I worked on it every day consistently I could probably finish this dress in 2-3 days especially now that i have more days that i’m not working!
      I’m just excited and wanting to sew many more things! i’ve missed sewing so much!

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  1. Very nice. And yay for pockets!! I don’t understand why women aren’t given decent-sized pockets! (Why yes, it’s a pet peeve of mine. πŸ™‚ )

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Ahhh I love it! Yay, thanks for sharing and for the shout-out! It came out super cute and I think it hugs your curves in all right right places.. doesn’t look tight or too see-through at all! I need to train myself to buy more solids because they go with more. A black Moneta looks like something I definitely need… and you know I’ll be making about 6 more this year, LOL! I live in those things!

    I look forward to seeing more of your stuff and more posts. Oh, and the hair is TO DYE FOR (ha, get it?). Pastels look so good on you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay thanks!!! I think it is a really good fit and the shape totally flatters! I find that I mainly wear solids so buying a print fabric would be fun but pointless! Unless it’s like cheetah print or strips haha
      A black moneta is versatile too cause you can dress it up for looking fancy or wear boots and a scarf and it’s casual!
      Thanks for the compliment on my hair! It was lavender for a little bit but because my hair wasn’t platinum enough it didn’t take properly so I decided to do a different shade πŸ™‚

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  3. Love the dress, Britney! You are so talented! I’m currently working on knitting my first baby blanket… but the baby I started knitting it for has already arrived, so I’m desperately trying to finish it! haha. You’re rockin’ the hand poses. Keep rockin’! #awkwardhandposersunite


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    1. Thanks Emma! I must admit I do that a lot with projects haha I was making some onesies for my nephews and the size I picked was like perfect instead of slightly loose so they fit them for like a few weeks haha
      Good luck with the baby blanket! I bet t will be beautiful πŸ™‚


    1. Yay! Just do it!! It’s a very easy pattern to sew and pretty quick to so it’s super satisfying! I bet your version will be amazing! I want to see it!!


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