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I’m Britney Lee Waite, the creator here at all things britney lee,
and I am SO EXCITED YOU ARE HERE! I love making new friends!

all things britney lee  is a sewing, DIY, beauty, and lifestyle blog that is here to help inspire you to be a creator of beautiful things, a dreamer that does, a lover of others and self, and a believer in magical things! I blog about sewing adventures, crafty projects, beauty tutorials, and little bits of my everyday life.

Learn more about me here!

Here are a few of my favorite posts that you shouldn’t miss:
The Wardrobe Architect challenge I’m participating in during 2015
How i made my maleficent costume
7 tips to help winterize your nails
About my personality type INFJ
Why I decided to start a blog

I hope you decide to stick around and build a friendship with me   🙂


31 thoughts on “about the blog

    1. Thank you so much! That’s cool that you are a cosmetologist too 🙂 I actually do bridal hair and makeup as well as colors and cuts and extensions, etc. I do it all!! Lol and I am also the head of the bridal team at the salon I work at . Bridal party hair is soooo much fun to do!


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