twelve / currently i’m…

The blog-tember challenge is a fun, daily blogging challenge created by the
lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love blog.
Today is DAY TWELVE: What are you up to currently?

i am currently

Reading… Caroline’s entire blog, Un-Fancystart to finish. She writes about capsule wardrobes and I think I’m going to take the plunge and do it myself!
Playing… a game called 1010 on my phone non-stop.
Watching… football with my husband. Well, he’s watching and I’m sitting with him while he watches haha
Trying… to get caught up on all the days I’m behind on this challenge! And also trying to get ahead!
Eating… dinner with my husband’s family tonight   🙂
Drinking… as much water as I can! I have been slacking recently and trying to get back in the habit of drinking more water
Pinning… all the things! Pinterest is one of my favorite things. I just get so inspired by the things I see on there!
Going… to Disneyland in October for Halloween, and I can’t wait!!!
Loving… Blog-tember this year so far! I haven’t been able to read much of others’ posts yet but I will and I’m excited to connect with more people!
Hating… the heat here in Las Vegas…please just drop to the low 90s!
Discovering… my love for sewing again. I go back and forth between non-stop sewing and not sewing for months…I’m getting obsessed again lol
Thinking… about dessert…always.
Feeling… less stressed about all the things I want/need to do because I somehow magically ended up with a three day weekend!
Hoping… to have another fun day like yesterday with my mom and sister!
Listening… to The Lively Show by Jess Lively. SO GOOD.
Celebrating… my three day weekend! cleaning, blogging, sewing, shopping, brunching, resting…so amazing!
Smelling… like cheesy popcorn…because I just ate some! lol
Thanking… all my lovely blogging friends for reading and interacting with me! It’s the best part of all of this!
Starting… a capsule wardrobe soon…I think lol
Finishing… this post and all the posts I need to catch up on by the end of tomorrow!

What are YOU up to currently?   🙂


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ten / bucket list

The blog-tember challenge is a fun, daily blogging challenge created by the
lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love blog.
Today is DAY TEN:  10 items off your bucket list. If you haven’t made one, now’s a good time to start!

bucket list

I don’t have a bucket list…at least not a formally written down one…but here are some things that I am going to make happen in my life!

Become a Disneyland annual pass-holder and go all the time!

Have babies and be a (mostly) stay at home mom.

Run my own successful, creative business.

Have a completely handmade wardrobe, sewn by me.

Upgrade to a serger, overlocker, and fancy sewing machine.

Travel around the world!

Learn to cook yummy, healthy foods.

Become the healthiest I can be and maintain it for life.

Have a pretty, organized house with a backyard!

Learn how to use my camera really well and take photos all the time!

What are some things off of your bucket list?


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two / the perfect day

The blog-tember challenge is a fun, daily blogging challenge created by the lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love blog.
Today is DAY TWO: Describe your ideal day. Where would you go and what would you do?

The perfect day…I can come up with a million different scenarios depending on how I’m feeling at the moment.

and then there’s the perfect REALISTIC day that could actually happen…
and the perfect day where I do all the things I love and could ever want and it would have to be 1000 hours long.

They both start out the same…
First, I’d wake up early with no alarm, and feel totally rested. Then Brodie and I would cuddle in bed for a little and then get ready for the day. My hair and makeup would look great and not take forever…Put on some clothes…

Then BRUNCH! Brunch really is way better than breakfast. Your stomach has been awake for little bit so it isn’t angry at you for eating all the eggs, hash browns, pancakes, and bacon you want!

Then we would head back home and I would work on some sewing, blogging, or crafting while blasting music. I would be ULTRA productive and get so much done and feel like super woman!


Now this is where real life and fantasy life would be different…

FANTASY: Of course I would have to include Disneyland! We would magically teleport there with our entire families and spend the rest of the day at there. We would ride all the rides and eat all the snacks!! Dole whip, beignets, matterhorn macaroons…We would watch the World of Color show in California Adventure…then ride more rides!


OR: Brodie and I would go to a comic convention, like WonderCon again, and I would dress up again!! It was such a fun experience to do that and it was so fun meeting new people there!

REAL LIFE: Brodie and I would go to the movies and see whatever new disney, marvel, hunger games, etc movie that came out and then we would meet family for dinner or it would just be the two of us, depending if we want to be alone or not and then we would come home and watch some Netflix shows or movies while cuddled in bed til we fall asleep   🙂


What would your perfect day consist of?


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WonderCon 2015, Disneyland , Schedules and Awards!

I know it’s not a Monday…so it’s not “Chatty Monday” but considering I didn’t chat with you the last three Mondays, I decided to just do it! Especially considering I didn’t go to work today because I’m sick. And I missed talking to you! well typing AT you lol

Brodie and I went on a super fun vacation  the first weekend of April and it was the most magical! We went to WonderCon, which is a comic convention but not just for comics lol basically all things fandom related. There were so many AMAZING cosplays to see and I even dressed up in my maleficent costume for one day which was so fun! I need to work on making the wing harness straps more comfortable though because wearing it all day gave me bruising on my underarms! Totally worth it though. After we went to the convention on Friday and Saturday, we went to DISNEYLAND for a day! I freakin love that place. It the magical-est. You can see some of my photos on Instagram if you care to look!



One of the coolest parts of the vacation is that I met an internet friend in real life!! She has the RADEST handmade jewelry store online (SHOW PONY STORE check it out!) and that’s how I met her! We hung out almost the whole weekend and had the best time! We ate ALL THE SNACKS and RODE ALL THE RIDES! I didn’t want the weekend to end! She is the funnest person ever and she is ÜBER polite! It was adorable haha We also ran into another friend while we were there!



Besides vacation, nothing really has been going on except for working and seeing family like usual, except that I’ve been kinda busier at work. Totally fine by me. I’ve also been totally sucky and being productive lately. Not blogging, not making, not cleaning, not exercising and eating as healthy as I want…it really is hard to balance it all! I don’t really have a schedule for anything because I work such random days and hours every week and it totally throws off my groove. And the fact that I want to spend time with my husband when he’s actually home kinda makes it so I don’t do things either.

I am planning on starting a “working hours” thing for myself so that I stick to some sort of schedule and get more done. So basically I will wake up at the same time everyday and get ready and start the day no matter what time I physically work at my job, and I will have certain hours during each day that will be “work hours” so I’ll either work on hair at the salon, the blog, or the online business that I want to start so that I don’t sit around on my phone or Netflix all day and get nothing done. Cause honestly I could do nothing forever, I’m so lazy.

I also don’t have a lot of extra money going on considering we have a few vacations planned this year. So I haven’t been buying anything, including fabric, which means I haven’t been working on the Wardrobe Architect challenge AT ALL. I think this year is not my year for transitioning into a handmade wardrobe. Maybe I’ll just stick to planning it out this year and then next year be able to start the making process. It totally sucks but I really can’t justify buying all the fabric I would need. IT’S NOT CHEAP! haha I also thought about getting another job like at a fabric store so I could get a discount and use the extra money I make to buy fabric! So maybe the W.A. challenge isn’t dead…


Last order of business, I’ve gotten nominated for quite a few awards over the last few months and I never thanked anyone properly for nominating me! I feel like a sucky blogger friend! THANK YOU THANK YOU! It really means a lot that you like my blog and would nominate it for anything 🙂 I’m not going to answer all the questions and nominate others cause WE WOULD BE HERE ALL DAY, but just know I read all the posts and I loved your answers!

So thank you to:
Bambi (twice), Nadine, GalitKerry, Charlotte, Samantha, Katie (three times!), Chanelle, Cos, and “Jane” lol

Thank you so much again! I LOVE YOU GUYS.
Did I mention…THANK YOU?! You all are the best.

What’s new with you all the last few weeks?


P.S. I will be posting a super fun blog swap post on Monday so look out for that!




tell a tale of traveling, a city or country you’ve been to or a favorite vacation.

sadly, i don’t travel very often.

i haven’t been to many places.

i wish that i have though, does that count?

i travel to places in my imagination, does that count?!


i did recently go on vacation to disneyland and that was so much fun! it’s one of my favorite places to go. i also love the beach. that’s actually my favorite vacation combo…go to disneyland for a couple days and then hang out at the beach.

i hope to travel more in the future when my husband is done with school, but who knows what will happen. maybe i’ll have kids by then and then the only vacations we’d want to take with them is to disneyland! haha which is perfectly fine because i freakin’ love that place.

so instead of re-writing everything about my recent vacation to disneyland…i will just link it HERE!

please read and tell me what you thought of my hair! it was my favorite!!

do you love disney?


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