twelve / currently i’m…

The blog-tember challenge is a fun, daily blogging challenge created by the
lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love blog.
Today is DAY TWELVE: What are you up to currently?

i am currently

Reading… Caroline’s entire blog, Un-Fancystart to finish. She writes about capsule wardrobes and I think I’m going to take the plunge and do it myself!
Playing… a game called 1010 on my phone non-stop.
Watching… football with my husband. Well, he’s watching and I’m sitting with him while he watches haha
Trying… to get caught up on all the days I’m behind on this challenge! And also trying to get ahead!
Eating… dinner with my husband’s family tonight   🙂
Drinking… as much water as I can! I have been slacking recently and trying to get back in the habit of drinking more water
Pinning… all the things! Pinterest is one of my favorite things. I just get so inspired by the things I see on there!
Going… to Disneyland in October for Halloween, and I can’t wait!!!
Loving… Blog-tember this year so far! I haven’t been able to read much of others’ posts yet but I will and I’m excited to connect with more people!
Hating… the heat here in Las Vegas…please just drop to the low 90s!
Discovering… my love for sewing again. I go back and forth between non-stop sewing and not sewing for months…I’m getting obsessed again lol
Thinking… about dessert…always.
Feeling… less stressed about all the things I want/need to do because I somehow magically ended up with a three day weekend!
Hoping… to have another fun day like yesterday with my mom and sister!
Listening… to The Lively Show by Jess Lively. SO GOOD.
Celebrating… my three day weekend! cleaning, blogging, sewing, shopping, brunching, resting…so amazing!
Smelling… like cheesy popcorn…because I just ate some! lol
Thanking… all my lovely blogging friends for reading and interacting with me! It’s the best part of all of this!
Starting… a capsule wardrobe soon…I think lol
Finishing… this post and all the posts I need to catch up on by the end of tomorrow!

What are YOU up to currently?   🙂


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how i made my maleficent costume: the dress

this post is for all you lovely people that wanted to see how i managed to make my maleficent costume! (and it’s for me because i really just want to tell everyone how i made this thing cause i’m pretty proud of myself!)

before i say anything else, i just want to say that i know my costume wasn’t perfect. there are quite a few things i didn’t have time to do or finish. it bothers the crap out of me. so before anyone says “it’s not exactly the same as the movie costume” trust me, I KNOW. i started this costume 3 weeks before halloween. i finished at 4 pm on halloween day. i did the best i could considering i work a full time job and have a life and stuff. i’m hoping to take some awesome pictures in the costume so i will (hopefully) be able to finish up those little details i couldn’t get to.

maleficent dress

the dress


in the linked post above i talked about using this tutorial to make a guinevere gown and alter it. well, i changed this one quite a bit. my way was a little more work so if you are going to make a maleficent dress and want it to be super easy and take up less fabric, then maybe you want to just stick to that tutorial. i really loved the way mine turned out though so i’m still going to tell you what i did with mine!

i got quite a few yards of my fabric, maybe 7, because it was on clearance for a dollar and i ended using up almost all of it. i have absolutely no idea what kind of fabric it is. all i know is it said “assorted fabric” on the end of the bolt and that it was about 60″ wide. i know it isn’t the best quality of fabric but for what i wanted (flowy, thin, inexpensive, specific color) it was absolutely perfect. it is the softest, thinnest, flowiest fabric ever! and it’s not too clingy. honestly, even if it was more than a dollar i still would have picked this fabric. the crafting gods looked down on me that day and blessed me with this fabric, and it’s price.

now please don’t judge my drawing! obviously i’m not the best artist haha. i did the best i could.


maleficent dress how to


– first i cut off 2.5 yards for the back gathered section. i also measured and cut a 120″ by 60″ piece for the sleeves. (not pictured)

– then folded the rest in half lengthwise and cut a half circle part of the way down from the top. i also grabbed a t shirt, folded it in half and layed it on top wear the front of the dress would be and used it as a guide for how wide i should cut the fabric front and extended that line to the bottom at an angle. (#1 on picture)

– i gathered the top of the 2.5 yards of fabric across the width of the fabric (#2) and then attached it to the back section (yoke) of the dress (#3).

– then i took the 120″ by 60″ piece and cut it in two pieces and laid them on top of each other. then cut diagonally to make 4 triangles (#4). then i cut part of one end of the triangle off where it would be attached to the dress.

– i sewed the sleeves together, only at the top/shoulder (#5) and the attached them to the dress at the shoulder (#6)

– i folded the dress in half and sewed the sides or the sleeves and dress closed (#7) and took a approx. 4-5″ piece of elastic and sewed it to the inside of the top part of the sleeve using this technique from tilly and the buttons and made the sleeves have a ruched look (#8)

– after the main construction of the dress i did finishing touches. i took a lower point of the sleeve and pinched it up to the top and tacked it down to give the sleeve a more gathered look at the top. i trimmed the bottom of the dress and sleeves to the length i wanted.

– instead of turning the edges in and sewing a hem i decided to use fray check to seal in the edges without making the dress look too modern. it saved a lot of time as well which didn’t hurt!

if you are going to be making wings like i did, then you are going to need to cut two little slits in the back of the dress where the wings will go through and into the harness. i did this after i made the wing harness and the wing frames. i put the harness on and then the dress and made not of about wear i would need to make them and then cut and fray checked the slit. it will all make more sense after me next post on how to make the wings!

so at the end of all that…it should like a giant sack. and that’s why you need to make:

the shoulder piece


for the shoulder piece, i got a bag of feathers, some long skinny ones and some normal fluffy ones, some vinyl to imitate the leather, and i ordered these braided straps from neotrims on amazon. the straps come in a two pack.

– first i drew the shape i wanted the “leather” to be on a sheet of paper. the shape was kinda a rounded triangle, but with the long side curving in more. the only way i know to describe it is that it was like a short, fat boomerang. you can kinda see in the top photo.

– i used the pattern to cut out two of the boomerang shapes.

– i then selected the feathers i wanted to use and started gluing them on the wrong side of the fabric of one piece. i kinda layered the feathers. i did the long ones first and then underneath i put the shorter fluffier ones to make it look fuller. i will i have longer feathers to add, maybe i will add that before the pictures.

– then after you finish with the feathers, you hot glue the other boomerang piece to sandwich the feathers on the inside.

– then i cut two slits next to each other on the two skinny sides of the boomerang. then pulled the ends of the straps through the holes and secured them closed. i used one strap on each side. i stitched the straps onto itself so it would be strong.



well there you have it. how to make a maleficent dress. and shoulder piece.

it all seems so complicated now that i have to type it all out! it honestly wasn’t too hard. the hardest part was the wings! which i will write about soon!!

oh and about the horns…i just bought them from party city. they were $20 and i honestly had so much on my plate with the dress and wings that i just decided it wouldn’t be that bad if i just bought those. plus i had no idea how i was going to make them and mine probably wouldn’t have looked as legit as the ones i bought.

the horns were my absolute favorite though! i want to wear them all the time!!

do you have anymore questions about the process? let me know in a comment below!


HALLOWEEN: maleficent costume

hello there my people!

i hope you all had a wonderful halloween!!

did you go to any parties? did you go trick or treating? did you wear a costume?

tell me in a comment! i really want to know! link to a photo of your costume cause i wanna see that shiz!

(because i am nosy like that)

i, for one, had a marvelous halloween! i went trick or treat-ing with my nephews (oh yeah and their parents) and then went to dinner and wore a FABULOUS costume. seriously i had so much fun wearing this costume.

now if you have been following my blog and read this post or if you follow me on instagram (which you should totally do) you know that i was planning on being maleficent for halloween and was planning on making my costume.



i think that’s a pretty big deal. right?

blood. sweat. tears. blisters. carpet burn. sore back.

(and maybe a little cursing)

the dress was drafted, cut out and sewn by me.

the feathers for the shoulder piece were sorted through, selected and glued together by me.

the wing frames were molded by my own hands.

the “feathers” for the wings were (painstakingly) hand cut and glued on by me.

those horns were bought with my own two hands.

ok so i cheated on the horns but honestly, i decided that i was going to make this costume about three weeks before halloween. so i had my hands pretty full with the rest of the costume and the horns were the only thing i had absolutely no idea how i was going to tackle those.

i think that’s totally acceptable don’t you?

and my makeup also turned out incredible! i am pretty much obsessed with colored contacts now. i wore grey ones for my costume and i want to wear them ALL THE TIME now.

i am planning on getting some nice professional pictures done of my costume…so look for that in the future!

i also was thinking that, if anyone was interested, i could explain the process that i used for making each item (dress, shoulder piece, wings, hair/makeup tutorial)

would you be interested in that? please let me know!

i really want to so maybe i will if anyone else wants me to or not…but telling me that you would like to see the process would make me feel better about doing it so i know that someone else would be interested in the construction and not just in the pretty results!

again, i hope you had a fabulous halloween, and i hope you have a glorious november!


halloween costume mayhem

i don’t know about you but i always find it hard to decide on what i want to be for halloween.

why is it so difficult?!

i want to do something that people will know, but not that’s cliché.

i want to make it from scratch and have it look legit.

that takes time. and that means i have to decide on what i want to be way in advance. and you know what happens?

i can’t decide on one thing because i want to be everything!

well my turmoils are at an end because i finally settled on what i want to be!

i am going to be maleficent!

but not the black outfit one everyone will do…



i am going to be her before she was evil, before her wings were stolen, when she was a good fairy that protected the moors.

because i like to be unique remember? and worst case scenario, if no one knows i’m specifically maleficent, i will look like a really cool earthy kinda fairy thing.

maleficent wings



well, as usual i am a huge procrastinator…so i bought my fabric for the dress yesterday and i will start cutting and sewing today.

but first, let me write a post about it. HA!

now, i have researched a lot about how to make the wings and horns and the dress.

and i am going to share all the things i do along the way!

also, if you have any suggestions on how to create these things i will be more than happy to take advice!

the dress

so for starters. the dress is pretty simple and has a belt looped around for embellishment. it’s got long billowy sleeves and is scoop neck.

like i said pretty basic. so i found THIS tutorial for this guenevere dress through pinterest that i think will work quite nicely, i just won’t cut the slit on the shoulder.


the horns

i haven’t quite decided what method to use…i have seen a few different tutorials on how you can make them from scratch completely out of things like card board, hot glue, duct tape, and other random things. like THIS tutorial on oishari. it’s such a cool tutorial!

wip horns

…or i’ve seen some pretty cool maleficent horns being sold online and i might just cave and buy those, haha.

the wings

the things i am the most excited for is making the wings!!

i found this video that explains the whole process (please excuse the language):

and that tutorial references THIS one.

i have absolutely no idea how it will work out but…let’s hope it works out well!!

the accessories

some of the minor accessories that i need to do are:

– gold ring

– gold bracelets

– wrap belt

– pointy ear/elf ear things

-leather/feather shoulder piece


what are you going to be for halloween?


DAY TWENTY-FOUR: bucket list for fall

your fall bucket list. what do you want to do before winter rolls around?


pick a pumpkin. i don’t know why but my family has never really done this! i want to pick a pimpkin and make it into something fabulous. not sure if i want to carve it or it i want to paint/glitter it. but i definitely will be looking on pinterest! come check out my pins and follow me! (not in real life though, ok?)

eat better, workout. let’s get down to business…to defeat the buns.

wear layers without dying. it has barely started cooling off here and it keeps yo-yo-ing back and forth. i just want it to be colder already! i bought a really cute sweater zip up thing and i want to wear it now!

read more books. because it’s been too long.

fully unpack boxes. all of them. and start putting together the craft room! i need this space to be done!

sew something. but first, the craft room.

dinner in a pumpkin. i talked about this the other day and people were very interested! it’s a tradition my husbands family has every year. basically its a casserole that’s cooked inside a pumpkin and then you eat it…and it’s delicious. i have no idea what’s in it but i think when we do it i will document the process and write a post about it. sound good?

drink hot chocolate. with marshmallows. and cuddle in a blanket.

movie night. i don’t know what movies would be fall-ish but i want to watch them. definitely hocus pocus.

figure out what i will wear for halloween. why is it always so difficult? i want to be nothing and everything at the exact same time.

save money. then save more money.

finish blog-tember. write a post for each prompt and (hopefully) keep on time.


what’s on your fall bucket list? i want to know!

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