i have some news: 200 followers!

hello everyone! how the heck are ya?!

is november treating you well? i hope so. it’s going by really really fast, isn’t it? i can’t believe mockingjay part 1 is coming out tomorrow!! i am so excited to see it! yaaaay!

anyways, i just wanted to take a minute and share with you a couple things going on…


i have just passed 200 followers!! which you probably knew from the title…


ahhhhhhhhh! is this real life? i can’t believe there are 200 awesome people out in the world that is following my little blog here. it’s insane to me! but it’s so amazing and i am so thankful that you guys are my friends and that we talk all the time! (if we don’t talk all the time, then let’s start!)


except i think that means i can’t be nominated for a liebster award anymore…which is bittersweet…funnily though, martina from a splash of mimosa nominated me for another liebster award RIGHT BEFORE i hit 200 followers, so thank you to her for fitting another one in right before i’m not allowed to be nominated haha! thank you so so much for thinking of me martina!!

now for some bad news…

i broke the laptop. you know, the one i use for blogging, and internets and stuff. well, i broke the screen. because i am an idiot.

all i am going to say is don’t pick up your laptop but the screen and move it. even if it’s like two inches away. pick it up from the much sturdier bottom. and even if you have previously picked up the laptop by the screen like a thousand times and it didn’t break, just stop doing that. it will end poorly one day.

that’s all i wish to say on the subject…

now for some kinda ok news…

my husband is kinda a genius because he had the idea to try and hook up the laptop to the tv so i have a temporary screen! woohoooo!

but sadly i feel like i still won’t be getting much done as far as posting…i will try really hard but it’s kind of a weird setup to have, hooked up to the only tv in our house and it’s not very comfortable since the cord is only a few feet long and i have to sit on the floor. and i have an ipad mini but the app on there makes it SUPER difficult to post and link to things…

so i just wanted to come on here and tell you thanks for following me and please stick around! be patient with me! i have some GREAT things coming! like a dinner in a pumpkin recipe, and a tutorial for how to make a tshirt fit you perfectly and customize it to be unique! i also am going to post about how i made those awesome wings from my halloween costume (check out my costume here! and the dress/shoulder piece tutorial here!) i am also wanting to do a couple tags, they seem like fun!!

so again, THANK YOU! i love this community so much! tell me below what post you are excited to see! or if there is something else you want to see as well!



a very inspirational blogger, a liebster, and more than one lovely blog award.


and a partridge in a pear tree! haha

but yay more awards!! keep ’em comin!


over the past month or so, i have been nominated by some very lovely people for the “one lovely blog” award! …and also another liebster! i am so so grateful that anyone would think of me when they are nominating! it makes me feel all nice and tingly inside! it makes me feel like the things i do are appreciated and that is such an amazing feeling!! it makes me want to keep going and creating things for you all! and it’s not just award nominations that make me feel like this…every like and comment and share makes me feel like a ga-zillion bucks! you all encourage me so much! i love all of you!!

i want to thank a few people for the award nominations!

cat at pushing play IRL. clever and sassy. i always love what she has to say.

brooke at beauty by brooke leanne. extremely talented. you need to check our her halloween makeup tutorials!

rachel at rachel tries life. i absolutely love to live vicariously through her travels. love her photos.

bekah at redeem cliché. i really love her DIYs! sparkle is my favorite color and she recently made a sparkle-fied tutorial for her shoes for halloween!

zareen at orange shoes talking. sarcastic. witty. ranty. in a good way.

bambi at bambileigh. my body twin! i love her sense of style! she needs to be my personal shopper already.

anne at under the ‘brella. so sweet and kind! i love reading about what books she likes to read.

thank you, thank you, thank you!

the next thing you are supposed to do is write 7 facts about yourself that most people wouldn’t know. well here goes…

7 facts about me

1) i’ve only had two jobs since i started working when i was 16. that includes the job i am at now. and i’m 23. so I’ve continually been employed for 7 years of my life.

2) i’ve been sewing and creating things for over ten years! holy crap that’s a long time ago. i’ve learned so many different types of crafts but i’ve always stuck with sewing. i’ve gotten SO MUCH BETTER at it.

3) i sang in a variety of choirs for about 8 years of my life. i miss it so much! i still sing all the time in my car and at home but i miss performing on a stage and singing solos…even though it slightly terrifying.

4) when i was in 8th grade my best friend and i at the time decided that we would have male nicknames. and i was bob. we made t-shirts and everything. there are a few people that still call me bob to this day. its so weird!

5) i really like made up words. sometimes using a made up word is better to describe things with! my brother and i used to play this game where we would take two words and come up with as many different combinations as we could and then we would pick the best one.

6) my favorite colors are any shade of blue-green. teal, turquoise, cobalt, emerald, mint…so amazing. i also am loving pastel colors like lavendar! its going in my hair soon!

7) basic physical appearance facts: i am 5’10”. i am super pale and have lots of freckles, not dark ones though. i am brunette naturally, level 6 ash brown for my hairdresser friends. my hair is naturally thick and wavy, but not too thick and wavy, it’s really perfect because it is easy to manage. i have brown eyes and even though my hair is kinda dark and thick, my eyelashes and eyebrows are light and thin. i have to draw my eyebrows on every day otherwise i look like one of those photoshopped photos of celebrities without eyebrows. it’s not quite as disturbing as that since i do have some hair but you get my drift haha. i weigh quite a lot, but i don’t look like it because i am so tall and i am still proportionate (lucky me!) so my weight hides on my body. you probably would be suprised if i told you how much!

now i am supposed to nominate others! i want to see some facts from:

helen at i will bloom. she is my biggest support in this community! i love reading everything she writes.

libby at honestly, libby. i love that she actually gives opinions on matters and not just the “everything is awesome” standpoint that i find a lot of people have because they are to afraid of being HONEST.

tara at beaus and bows. she is one of my favorite beauty bloggers here on wordpress! she is so amazing!

morgan at crab & bee. she is one of my favorite sewing blogs ever! she makes amazing projects. to die for.

lena at feline creatures. i absolutely love her outfit posts and photos!

charlotte at inside charlotte’s mind. love her deep posts she has been writing! she takes me on a journey with her.

carley at live.thrift.sew. i love all the projects she makes! they give me lots of inspiration.

shauna at rae of sparkles. she has the best gift ideas ever!

lauren at trend-mix. i love her DIYs!! they are so clever!

if you have been nominated before you can still post! or not! no pressure either way. just know that i really love your blog and i would love to get to know more about you!

are there any blogs that are your fave that i HAVE to read? tell my in a comment!


the liebster award!



i have been nominated!

not once…

not twice…

but three times!


i feel so honored and ecstatic and incredibly humbled that 3 different amazing bloggers thought of me when they had to nominate.

the first person to nominate me is helen of i will bloom. kind, caring, optimistic.

the second person is charlotte of inside mama’s mind. fiery, funny, redhead.

and the third is sian of professional dreamer. sassy, potter-head, opinionated.

(and i actually was nominated by someone else in march by celina of sprinkles, sparkles, and {mostly} sugar-free that i was never notified of, but randomly found the other day…oops!)

so what i am supposed to do is link to the fabulous people who nominated me, answer the questions they asked, nominate other bloggers, and write questions for them to answer.

brace yourself for a lot of question answering.

helen’s questions:

1. what does a wonderful day look like for you? wake up refreshed. eat a really nice breakfast. go to zumba. sew some stuff. craft some stuff. go to a yummy dinner with my husband. watch a movie/tv show.

2. name five things you’re thankful for. my husband. my family. my health. my car. my job.

3. tell me about the last time you felt really happy. i felt really happy when i saw my nomination! it made me feel so happy that someone appreciate me and what i’m doing here. the last time i was really, REALLY happy was when i married my husband!

4. if you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do? i would start a business where i sell the things i make.

5. if you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would you be doing today? i would be with my family and friends having a game night and laughing the night away.

6. when was the last time you astonished yourself? i am currently doing that now, because i am continuously blogging. i tend to give up on things that are hard pretty quickly. but not no mo!

7. when was the last time you took a bold action? i do not usually do bold things. do roller coasters count? some people would say they are bold actions i think.

8. when was the last time you were brave? these questions are so hard! i don’t feel i have ever been very brave…not like in fairy tales. i have never ventured off to fight a dragon or put myself in harm’s way to save someone else. i don’t know if any of my own ventures are considered “brave”…

9. where do you see yourself in 10 years? in ten years i will be 33. i see myself being a stay-at-home mom to my future kids. hopefully i will be done having them by then. i see myself still blogging and crafting. i want to have a business selling some of the things i have made.

10. what’s your favourite memory? how can you pick a favorite out of thousands and thousands? i don’t know what to pick…probably the memory of my wedding…

charlotte’s questions:

1. what is the first thing on you mind when you wake up? “i have to pee really bad.”

2. tell me about your favourite childhood memory. again, it’s incredibly hard to pick just one…i would have to say a memory from my grandparents house…my grandpa always would hum in the kitchen preparing the food for family parties. and he gives the best hugs.

3. if you could move anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? i would want to live in california, right along the beach. the beach is one of my favorite places to go. it is so peaceful and makes me feel so calm.

4. tell me about who inspires you. my mom is one of the main people who inspires me. she works hard for the things she wants. she is an incredible mother. she is so loving and kind. she is such a firm believer in christ and she has such strong faith. she sees the good in others always. she is selfless. she is organized and great at multi-tasking. i could go on forever…

5. if you could pick one thing that you love about yourself what would it be? well, i already love pretty much all of me. and usually its just a bad day when i don’t love something about myself. i guess i would choose to love my body always, everyday.

6. go ahead pick 10 things for your bucket list. have kids. travel all around the world. be an annual pass holder for disneyland. go on a hawaiian cruise. go skydiving. learn how to surf. go on the ellen show. keep this blog growing for forever. own all the disney movies. meet a celebrity.

7. tell me about someone in your life that you adore to the moon and back. i just told you about my mom…i talked about my husband the other day. the other people i adore are my brother and sister. they are both so good-looking and we have some great times together. we can be so ridiculous at times. i wouldn’t want a life without them in it.

8. name 3 people you would invite to a dinner party..celebs..real..dead or alive and why? i would want to invite emma stone, jennifer lawerence, and scarlett johansson. because they are my BFFs in my head. we would eat lots of food and laugh and dress up like supeheroes and kick some butt.

9. when was the last time you felt intense joy? like i said up there…when i married my husband.

sian’s questions:

1. what makes you smile? people make me smile.

2. if the sky’s the limit, what would you like to do next? like i said, i would love to have my own business selling handmade things.

3. what’s your favourite season of the year? And why? i love spring and fall equally and for the same reasons. in las vegas we only get a couple of weeks of each of these where the weather isn’t too hot or cold. i love the change of colors, bright flowers and colors for spring and rustic colors of the fall leaves. i also love the clothing you wear during both the seasons.

4. if you could move to any part of the world right now, where would you go and why? california, near the beach. because it is my happy place.

5. what’s your favorite joke? right now it’s:

knock, knock.

who’s there?


you who?


6. describe your blog with a phrase. place to come to when you want to feel inspired.

7. what is your favourite movie? i can’t pick just ONE. i love so many…like all the marvel movies that are coming out…and all the disney movies. i love harry potter…i love so many movies…

8. cats or dogs? i am sadly allergic to both…i think i would pick dog…but cats are cute too…i don’t know!!

9. what is your favourite city/country you’ve visited and why? i haven’t been many places…but i really love san diego. i need to go more places!

10. if you had a magic lamp, what would you wish for? to have food magically appear when i want it.

11. if you could meet anyone dead or alive, who would it be? jesus christ.

oh my gosh that took a while! thanks for bearing with me! and now, in no particular order…

my nominees:

rachel a.k.a RED of sew RED-y. she is so funny! i’m always excited to see what she makes!

jacqueline of a vibrant day. i love her outfits, mani monday, and makeup looks. she is so so nice!

zareen of orange shoes talking. sh’es spunky and always has something interesting to say.

lisella of subscription therapy. i love living vicariously through her! she does really honest reviews on different subscription services, and she isn’t easily pleased, which i totally love. sometimes bloggers who review things always love everything. that’s not realistic.

sophie of sophie, she wrote. sassy lady. hilarious stories.

kate of leprachaundust. my fellow blog-tember-er! i love seeing what she writes.

anne of under the ‘brella. she and i have things in common like being tall and being crafty. she’s super sweet!

samantha of strings attached. such a talented gal. she is so inspired and has sewn some incredible things!

ben of spider-man mashup cosplay costume. he’s on a mission to making the perfect spider-man costume. he documents every step of the process and i think its fascinating to see! i have always loved the idea of making costumes.

nina of ninutschkann. her blog is in another language, but she takes some great photos of the refashions she does. and my web browser translates her blog for me so i can mostly understand what she says. i just love the things she creates. so inspiring.

my questions for the nominees:

1. what are some of your favorite movies?

2. what is one of your favorite quotes?

3. if you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

4. if you had to change you first name, what would you change it to?

5. what are three pet peeves of yours?

6. what is your favorite joke?

7. what are three of your guilty pleasures?

8. if you knew you were going to die tomorrow, what would you do today?

9. what is your favorite physical features about yourself.

10. why are you so awesome?

the rules

1. link back to the person who tagged you.

2. answer the ten questions above.

3. nominate ten other bloggers (all bloggers must have less than 200 followers).

4. create ten questions of your own.

5. notify the bloggers you have nominated.

did any of these questions make you think? answer some below! i want to read your answers!!