don’t give up! 6 ways to keep yourself going / guest post

keep going

yay! this is the first guest post on my blog!

i am so excited to introduce you to helen from i will bloom! she is a lovely, caring gal and i think she is perfect to kick off having guest posts on my blog! she has such a way with words, every post she writes makes me feel somethings and makes me think.

she has been through some crap in life…but she still perseveres! because she is so diligent in her life and is such a great motivator, i wanted her to write to us all (mostly me) about how to not let things hold us back, what we need to do to push through and get the things we want to do, done!

you should check out my guest post on helen’s blog too! i wrote my take on “how to fall in love with your world” let me know what you think of it!

well, without further ado, here are her words of wisdom…

I reflect on my life often. I see its twists and turns and I stop to wonder what’s driven me, what’s kept me going through the years. I’ve been faced with many uphill struggles, challenges and many, many downright unfair moments in my relatively short life (40 years on this fair Earth). Yet I’ve kept going. I’ve not given up.

I do, however, see many people who’ve given up: given up on their bodies, on their families, on their marriages, their work, their minds…worst of all, their dreams, which ultimately means they’ve given up on themselves. This upsets me. Every single time I see it. What was so bad in someone’s life that they made the decision to give up?

When I’m down-trodden and think “Oh, stuff it, I’d really rather just go to bed/eat a bucket of ice-cream/lay on the settee all weekend watching crap TV”, I try not to fall in to that mindset and, instead, I jolt myself out of it [because I know if I gave myself the chance to go down that rabbit hole, it’d be a very slippery rabbit hole indeed and would be very difficult to get out of once already sliding down it].

What do I do to jolt myself out of it? [a.k.a. How can you stop the rot that sets in, the one that leads you to slowly but surely go down the path that leads to giving up?]

1. Honour yourself. Be kind to yourself. You’re amazing, a true miracle. If we just stopped to think about the miracles we are, the awe that embodies would light our paths and our thoughts. We, humans, we’re a miracle. Every single one of us. A beautiful, wonderful, world within the world. Complex, intelligent, creative, we have everything we need to be amazing.

Once we realise we’re a miracle, our path to amazing becomes easier to visualise, because then we act to honour the miracle we are

2. Honour your life as it is. Take a sheet of paper. Fill both sides with things you love about your life. Both sides of the sheet. In small writing, not big letters to use up space quickly! Fill both sides. The longer it takes you, the better. Stop once you’ve filled both sides. Read over your list, out loud. You’ll realise you have so, so many things to be thankful for in your life, you won’t complain again.

Once we give thanks in our lives, our lives will give us more things to be thankful for

3. Get to know yourself better. Sometimes, when we’re stuck in a rut, paralysed or simply ‘Mmeh, OK’, it’s because we’re unsure of what’s wrong or what’s bothering us. Grab a piece of paper. Start writing. Anything that comes to mind. Anything and everything. Don’t worry about how you write or what it sounds like. Just write. Write until you start to feel something juicy come out and then carry on. [Something juicy = something that you’ve been afraid to admit to yourself/something that scares you/something you’d been wanting to say]. Once you’ve done this, read over what you’ve written. There, on the page, there’ll be a declaration of what’s actually bothering you. And you know the cool thing about Declarations? The dictionary says it, under ‘Declaration’: “the formal announcement of the beginning of a state or condition”. What you have in your hand, on the paper, is the beginning of change. Change for the better. What you’ve done is to declare what’s wrong so you can make changes to put those things right and then move on to where you want to be.

You need to declare what’s wrong to be able to see the path towards change

4. Recognise that you could do any number of things instead of taking the path of least resistance. One insane moment of courage, one moment of action, is often all it takes to reset yourself and steer yourself away from taking the decision that’s not moving you forwards to what you actually want. About to eat the ice cream yet you say you want to be thinner?  Jump up and down fifty times. Put your shoes on and go for a ten minute walk outside. Do some handstands. Put salsa music on crazy loud and pretend you’re Sofia Vergara in a room full of men. Want to get a new job but have been oohing and aaahing about sending off your CV? Have a friend you respect, and who’s ‘where you’d like to be’ professionally, look over your CV and cover letter, incorporate any suggestions and then – without thinking about it too much – send it off…

Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of ‘out of the box’ thinking plus a little bit of courage and you’ll manage to overcome your blocks

5. Baby steps. You want to achieve something big? Scary scary big? OK. Cool! Grab another piece of paper. Write the scary scary big thing down, in small letters, at the bottom of the paper. Write where you are at the top of the paper. Divide the paper in to six vertically. You’ve now got six steps to get from A (where you are) to B (where you want to be). Work them out. What six steps can you take to get from where you are to where you want to be? Doesn’t matter if the steps seem too big to handle at this stage – you can divide each step in to smaller – baby – steps later if necessary. The important thing is to divide the distance from A to B in to six. Six visible steps. Done? Cool. Are the steps something you can manage easily? If so, go! Do! Move through them until you get from your A to your B. If not, take another piece of paper, divide each step that you think isn’t easily manageable down in to smaller steps that you can manage. Then go! Do! [And repeat as necessary]

Baby, baby steps are still steps in the right direction. It’s by taking baby steps that babies learn to walk!

6. Have a ‘yes’ day. Write a list of “things you’d love to do if only you had the time/money/”whatever”. Set aside one day. In that day, try to do as many things as possible from your list. However you can. Be as creative as possible to get them done somehow. Want to go to Paris? Look for Paris images on Google. Watch Paris videos. Listen to youtube videos in French. Put on some Edith Piaf or Aznavour. Visualise being there. Drown yourself in Paris imagery, French language, cook some French food and drink in the aromas….visualise it, live it…Be as creative as possible to make your ‘what if’ things happen (however you can make them happen that day). You’ll feel so exhilarated that you were silly enough to engage in this activity, you’ll have fun, you’ll learn to trust your creativity…you’ll feel more confident. You’ll feel more you because you’re expressing your desires. [And – bonus – the research on brain plasticity says that if you can imagine it, your brain will believe you’re actually doing it and you’ll be more likely to attract it to you for real].

You can’t get anywhere you want to go until you can fully imagine being there.

YES! what a great post! i couldn’t agree more with what helen has just said! i just want to say thank you so much to helen for swapping blogs for today! i am so glad that i have a wonderful friend like her to help me through those tough times! you all need to read some of the posts on her blog and feel how motivated they make you feel!

don’t forget to read my post on helen’s blog!!

which tip is the one that made you go “hmmm” i need to do that more? let me know in a comment!



DAY TWENTY-TWO: blogs you need to read.

introduce us to 5 blogs you read on the regular, and tell us why!

i’m gonna give you six:

pearls & scissors: this has been my favorite blog to read lately. hanna just got married, so she’s showing off all her wedding things! plus she has great DIY tutorials that are always something new and interesting!

the alison show: alison knows how to throw a rad party and she tells you some of her greatest tips. she also shows you how to rock a photobooth. she has DIY tutorials. plus her personality is so great! so spunky! so sassy!

the beauty department: so many hair and makeup tutorials! so easy to follow along to! i always learn a new tip or trick from the girls behind TBD.

merrick’s art: love her style and love her sewing tutorials! her photo taking skills are killer.

maskcara: the first blog i came across that made me want to blog! she has great tips for makeup and hair. she is so sweet!

marie forleo: i’ve talked about marie before. she has great advice for your business and life and it’s actually doable! she is so sassy and funny!

what blogs do you regularly read? tell me so i can read them too!


Brave Love Blog

DAY FOURTEEN: why am i blogging?

when did you start blogging and why?

keep calm

i started my blog and made my first post (which you can read here) on the 20th of february. it feels like forever ago but it also feels like yesterday. i had grand plans of posting all the time but didn’t set goals for it…so i didn’t post for a couple months. so i RE-STARTED and my “first” post that kick started my actual consistent blogging was posted on the 3rd of july.(read that one here) i am excited to say that my goal of once a week has been met so far and now exceded with blog-tember and posting everyday!

there are many, many reasons why i started this blog. none of them are more important than the other.

– i started discovering bloggers and their blogs and loved how much inspiration i got from them. i wanted others to look to me and feel about me how i feel about them.

– i want to inspire people! whether that be making something, trying a new makeup/hair style, loving themselves more, getting through something tough in life, laugh at something, etc.

– i want to have my own little slice of internet to do whatever and write whatever i want. and be whoever i want! i’m keepin’ it real, yo.

– i want to make friends! at my age it’s really hard to find people that have time to spend at the same time you have some to spend. everyone is working or in college or both. like my husband. i’m pretty lonely a lot of the time.

– i want to grow this little blog into something amazing. i want people to come here and feel at home and feel just as inspired as they do when they are on pinterest.

– something that i’m adding to my list that wasn’t there when i started is that i realized i really just love to write! i never really liked it growing up but i think that’s because i had specific assignments in school with specific parameter of how long and what format. it didn’t let me be creative!

i am so excited to grow this blog into something and have it be a creative outlet for me!

why did you start blogging? if you don’t have a blog, and you’d like to, then you should do it!!


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DAY FIVE: passion

“i am passionate about __________. “




pas·sion noun \ˈpa-shən\ :

a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something.



i am passionate about…

…learning new things.

…inspiring and teaching others.

…sewing and crafting awesome things.

…changing someones hair drastically.

…fun creative projects.

…watching disney and marvel movies.

…sales and coupons.

…making people feel really beautiful.

…putting things together like lego kits, bookshelves, puzzles.

…spending quality time with my family.

…pretty things.

…new movies at the theater.

…having my nails painted bright and colorful.

…spending forever with my sweet, loving, caring, supportive, handsome, funny husband.

…having a family of my own.

what are you passionate about?



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how to be more productive in a world full of distractions


yesterday while i was going through my closet deciding what to donate and keep, which is incredibly hard i would like to add, i was listening to marie forleo’s youtube channel. kinda weird compared to my normal pandora mix but i’m glad i decided to. i must have listened to over 20 videos and every single one of them i loved! actually, every video she has ever put out into the world i have loved and taken something away from!

if you don’t know who marie forleo is then you need to get your “sweet buns” over to her site and subscribe to her emails so you can get to know her. you won’t be sorry!

to put it in her own words… marie tv is the “the place to be to create a business and life you love”…

and she ain’t kidding. i have been watching her videos for probably about a month and i already know that she has helped me so much in my life. i wouldn’t be sitting here writing this blog post if she didn’t help motivate me. and we all need some motivation!

something that i love about her videos is that she addresses a problem with clear and concise steps to help make the problem better.

while i was listening to the videos yesterday this one really touched me and i knew that i had to share with you!

the video is titled “why smart people underperform”. dr. ned hallowell, who is a leading authority in the field of ADHD, speaks about how in this modern world we live in we can all feel at times like we have ADHD. in this video marie and ned talk about 5 steps we can take to become more focused and how to prioritize to be more productive in this world full of distractions!

1) define clear and specific goals.

ned says that it is critical to define what we want to do because in this modern day we can do so many things and that is a good and bad thing. we should have 3 short term goals every day that we have to accomplish. then have 3 medium goals for ever 1 to 2 weeks. 3 long term goals for every 6 to 12 months. lastly, 3 lifetime goals.

when we sit down and write down our goals it forces us to prioritize and only focus on things that work towards our goals. writing down goals is something i desperately need to do because i will come up with all these things a need to do and because i don’t have them written down (and because i come up with too man things to do) i forget them all and end up doing nothing! or i do the “easy” ones and at the end of the day i realize i didn’t do much of anything.

if we don’t have cut down to only 3 goals then we will try to do too much! if we focus on too many things we don’t really get much done in the long run. reason number one that smart people underperform is because they try to do too much!

2) avoid screen-sucking

screen-sucking is when we get caught up in email/social media and we can’t get away from it and lose all track of time. this happens to me EVERY MORNING. i know you do it too! “ohh i’m just gonna check up on instagram really quick.” “oh i just want to browse pinterest” “i’ve got to go check up on my sims in simsfreeplay, i don’t want them peeing themselves” and then hours later you snap out of it and realize you just wasted half your day.

now, it is perfectly fine to check email and all these things but the key is to have a set amount of time that we reserve for the internet and email and then TURN IT OFF. just like when we are trying to eat better. we can have a treat but we have to go with the recommended serving size and then put it away! otherwise we sit there and eat it til its gone!

3) set your default response to: ” let me get back to you”

change your default response from “sure” to “let me get back to you on that”

most of us right out of the gate will say “yes” to everyone right away and then we over promise to too many people and then “our greatest asset of generosity becomes our great liability”.


and we have a responsibility to ourselves to not say yes to everything people ask us to help with or do for them. if we say yes to too much then we will get stressed out and stretched in too many directions!

the best way to tell people “no thanks” is to say: “i don’t have time to do your excellent project justice”. you are showing them that it really is great and they should appreciate that you aren’t going to half-a$$ their project! then they can find someone that will whole the thang!

4) never worry alone

how ironic that we are super connected electronically and yet we are disconnecting in real life! people surrounded by people but we are really all alone. honestly i feel like this all the time. its so unfortunate! i don’t see my people enough…but the reason i am still sane and alive is because when i worry i can call my peeps up.

we need to always have someone we can worry with whether that be a mom, spouse, friend, or even a professional in that aspect. medical worries we can share with our doctor and financial with an accountant. when we worry by ourselves the worry just grows and grows to a point where we withdraw further and we feel helpless.

after we share our worries with the right people, get the facts! too often are our worries from wrong information or lack of information. getting the correct information can make the worry disappear or lessen into something that isn’t as paralyzing.

lastly, after we have consulted our worry buddies and figured out the facts, make a plan! come up with a plan of attack at how to make that worry go completely away. when we have a plan we feel more in control and less helpless! help those worries fade! (i also think chocolate helps…)

please don’t feel helpless! if you don’t have someone i will be that person for you! i may not answer immediately but i want you to know that i’m here for you! you can talk to me about whatever.

5) cultivating lilies and getting rid of leeches

neds definition of lilies are projects that are worth our time and energy in the long run. they may take up  much of our time and be super hard but in the end they are worth it. like children! children our lilies.

the opposite of lilies are leeches, which are projects that aren’t worth your time. not that they are bad projects, just that they aren’t worth it for us to do them. let someone else who would get more from the project work on it.


but caution! having too many lilies isn’t a good thing either! too many worthwhile projects can overcrowd each other and then they never grow to what they can become! we need to pick the few most important ones for RIGHT NOW and then focus on those wholeheartedly and then when we have more time to work on others we can add them to our list of lilies.

i for one am going to put every tip in action. what tip gave you a little “ah-ha” moment? comment below and tell me! did you like this post? well then like it!

i hope you all have a glorious day/week!