twelve / currently i’m…

The blog-tember challenge is a fun, daily blogging challenge created by the
lovely Bailey Jean of Brave Love blog.
Today is DAY TWELVE: What are you up to currently?

i am currently

Reading… Caroline’s entire blog, Un-Fancystart to finish. She writes about capsule wardrobes and I think I’m going to take the plunge and do it myself!
Playing… a game called 1010 on my phone non-stop.
Watching… football with my husband. Well, he’s watching and I’m sitting with him while he watches haha
Trying… to get caught up on all the days I’m behind on this challenge! And also trying to get ahead!
Eating… dinner with my husband’s family tonight   🙂
Drinking… as much water as I can! I have been slacking recently and trying to get back in the habit of drinking more water
Pinning… all the things! Pinterest is one of my favorite things. I just get so inspired by the things I see on there!
Going… to Disneyland in October for Halloween, and I can’t wait!!!
Loving… Blog-tember this year so far! I haven’t been able to read much of others’ posts yet but I will and I’m excited to connect with more people!
Hating… the heat here in Las Vegas…please just drop to the low 90s!
Discovering… my love for sewing again. I go back and forth between non-stop sewing and not sewing for months…I’m getting obsessed again lol
Thinking… about dessert…always.
Feeling… less stressed about all the things I want/need to do because I somehow magically ended up with a three day weekend!
Hoping… to have another fun day like yesterday with my mom and sister!
Listening… to The Lively Show by Jess Lively. SO GOOD.
Celebrating… my three day weekend! cleaning, blogging, sewing, shopping, brunching, resting…so amazing!
Smelling… like cheesy popcorn…because I just ate some! lol
Thanking… all my lovely blogging friends for reading and interacting with me! It’s the best part of all of this!
Starting… a capsule wardrobe soon…I think lol
Finishing… this post and all the posts I need to catch up on by the end of tomorrow!

What are YOU up to currently?   🙂


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DAY TWENTY-FOUR: bucket list for fall

your fall bucket list. what do you want to do before winter rolls around?


pick a pumpkin. i don’t know why but my family has never really done this! i want to pick a pimpkin and make it into something fabulous. not sure if i want to carve it or it i want to paint/glitter it. but i definitely will be looking on pinterest! come check out my pins and follow me! (not in real life though, ok?)

eat better, workout. let’s get down to business…to defeat the buns.

wear layers without dying. it has barely started cooling off here and it keeps yo-yo-ing back and forth. i just want it to be colder already! i bought a really cute sweater zip up thing and i want to wear it now!

read more books. because it’s been too long.

fully unpack boxes. all of them. and start putting together the craft room! i need this space to be done!

sew something. but first, the craft room.

dinner in a pumpkin. i talked about this the other day and people were very interested! it’s a tradition my husbands family has every year. basically its a casserole that’s cooked inside a pumpkin and then you eat it…and it’s delicious. i have no idea what’s in it but i think when we do it i will document the process and write a post about it. sound good?

drink hot chocolate. with marshmallows. and cuddle in a blanket.

movie night. i don’t know what movies would be fall-ish but i want to watch them. definitely hocus pocus.

figure out what i will wear for halloween. why is it always so difficult? i want to be nothing and everything at the exact same time.

save money. then save more money.

finish blog-tember. write a post for each prompt and (hopefully) keep on time.


what’s on your fall bucket list? i want to know!

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DAY SEVEN: reading list

what’s on your current reading list?
or what have you read that you recommend?


i have such a dilemma friend! help me out! heres my dilemma…

i really, really LOVE reading!…i just never have any idea of what to read. it is so sucky! the only reading i’ve been doing recently is everyone’s blog posts. and while i do love a good blog post…i really miss reading a good book and being lost in a different world. i usually end up reading the books that are being made into movies since obviously that means the books were loved enough to be made into a movie. please, everyone needs to give me their recommendations on what to read! i generally prefer fiction, but if the book is really captivating then i am open to non-fiction.

here are some of th books that i have read and enjoyed:

harry potter series by j. k. rowling: the series my grandma got me hooked on and subsequently sparked my love for reading. it is one of my favorite series i have ever read!

the host by stephenie meyer: if you didn’t like her twilight series…this is SO MUCH BETTER. if you did like her twilight series…this is still SO MUCH BETTER! this is her adult fiction novel and twilight was young adult, so it has a little more substance. i honestly can’t describe the plot to you because then you will think i sounds weird. BUT PLEASE JUST READ IT! (p.s. the book is way better than the movie)

the hunger games series by suzanne collins: i read all three books in about 2 weeks. the world was so great and i love the characters! i really didn’t enjoy how the plot ended in the third book though. i like the movies so far and i love jennifer lawerence! she is my BFF in my head. (don’t laugh)

divergent series by veronica roth: its a nice read not too difficult, except the last book switched back and forth between narrators every chapter and it just really threw me off. i stopped and started it about three time. finally finished it though and though i loved the last one, I AM SO ANGRY! every time i think about it i get sucked back into my book hangover…

matched series by ally codie: i read the first two books pretty quickly and was really loving them and then the last one just wasn’t grabbing my attention…so i stopped. i’ll have to finish that one.

fallen series by lauren kate: i really need to finish this series as well. i read the first two but i never kept track of whether there were more books coming out. i think there are five books now.


what are some books you would recommend? tell em below so i can add them to my list!



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DAY SIX: currently…

“a “currently…” post.
tell us what you’re loving, hating, reading, eating, etc.”

i am currently

…reading nothing. any suggestions?! i never know what to read! i am thinking of reading “the giver” again since i don’t remember much about it and the movie is coming out.
watching a movie marathon on abc family.
trying to keep up with this blog-tember challenge and not post late! its been pretty challenging. its only day six??
eating better. at least trying to!
drinking more water and no soda. it makes such a big difference!
pinning way too many things…hair colors i love, sewing tutorials, style inspiration…check out my pinterest here!
going to the first UNLV football game of the season! i don’t really like football but i like the experience and spending time with my husband.
loving the fact that cooler weather is coming. the change of seasons is my favorite!
obsessing over “once upon a time”.
discovering which kinds of posts i like writing the most. i really enjoyed writing the fashion trends post. i got a little carried away with it maybe…
…starting the process of packing soon. we move on the 20th to a new place!
ignoring the boxes all over the living room. and the fact that we found another scorpion in the apartment.
enjoying a nice relaxing saturday morning.
thinking about turning the extra bedroom into a craft/office/sewing space…hopefully my husband will go for it.
feeling excited for my next few days off and hanging with family!
listening to quiet. sometimes its nice to be in the quiet. its better to focus.
thanking helen from i will bloom for her comment the other day! it made me feel so happy! reminded me why i started blogging in the first place.


what are you currently doing? tell me below! or make your own blog post and link it in a comment below so i can see!


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